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AJ Rashawn
Scary Movie 2 sent me here.
Alexandr Boyka
Arion Diggs
Yoo, I do not remember all these people in this commercial, like Dawn Staley, Sheryl Swoops Baron Davis and Paul Pierce. And, isn't the guy in the red shirt Future from the And1 Mixtapes?. Lastly, I never knew Nike made a football commercial synonymous with their basketball commercial. The shit was lit!
Bernice Tam
Scary Movie 2 🏀🏀🏀
Camilo Morales Briceño
jason williams\n\n
Carolyn Walker
Still tha business
Charles Watson
Bro that move at 1:26 sooooo clean
Chiptune Galaxy
I remeber it when I was a child I saw it on TV \n:D
que alucinante los movimiento de basquetball
David Nascimento
Já vi isso em um filme de comédia kkk
Derek Scott
scary movie 2 sent me here
El del Basket estuvo mejor, y algunos buenos movimientos en el Futbol.\n+1
Dragus monster rock
Magia XD
Is it me or is the second one really desynced at parts somehow?
Eduardo Villa
Who is the player that comes in the 0:28???
Wow, not even close\n
Eric Wright
Headache is a legend
Bill Russel, Hakeem Abdul, Kobe... I miss these guys
Why doesn't Nike have any more memorable ads these days....
Girl 101
Lmao..I think of Scary Movie 2 when I watch this.
Google_Knows Me
woh I remember scary movie 2 now
Henry Zhang
favourite basketball commercial ever!!!
I was 3 when this came on TV. Still my favourite commercial.
Izaiah Fulton
Sorry 3:12 and 3:38
Jabed A
Jaila Primm
2018\nScary movie 2
Jayen Shukla
Still watching it in 2018
Jonathan Parker
Which is better known now, this the original or the Scary Movie 2 parody? My votes for the parody
Keef 785
I saw Jason williams Vince Carter Paul Pierce and I think kevin garnett was in here too idk
Kev Verardi
I think this was the best Nike commercial ever! :D
Khristian Diaz Martinez
El que mejor lo hace en el de fútbol...Mendieta xD
LIGHT- -14
todo iba muy bien asta que metieron a los de fútbol 
Vine por scary movie 2
Lalhmingliana Pachuau
Who is watching this in October 2017
Larry Swishamane
Flagrant on Sheed...
Little J In The woods
anyone came here because of scary movie 2???
Lovely Alexus
they are silly to even think of to put this in scary movie
Luis Uriarte
Esto es más famoso por ScaryMovie que el comercial en sí!! jajaja
M Hazzard
I was just so disappointed that year 😂😂
Mahmoud AbuSrea
What is the name of the player appears from min 1:00?
Michael Holmes
Vince Carter got rock at 2:09 but got his revenge at 2:53. I remember this Nike commercial since the 90's & still live til this day.
Michael Leonard
You scary movie 2 bozos is starting to get on my nerves...we get it you're not a big hoops fan so shut up and play your role
Michael Mathers
You could probably apply for any job, and they ask what your qualifications are, you can just ask \
Mikail Ateekh
That was awesome! :D
Mikeman Jordan
Mr. Porter
10+ years later and this video is still dope.
Nasia Anderson
Haha i was 2 when this came out. Still remember it.
They should make a modern day version of this, imagine all the stars that could be in it.
они это украли из фильма очень страшное кино 2)
Nikolaus Ioilev
Niyah Holloway
Scary Movie 2.....anybody remember?
how dare you copy scary movie
Omezzy 1000
🏀 Stephen Curryed it
Lol that scene is used to Scary Movie 2!
Paa Hawkins
1:00 When the sickness begins
Phoenix Archfire
just to let you people know this, but this came out before scary movie 2. and this is still this best commercial nike came out with.
Scary movie?
Rj Diggs
I'm only here because of scary movie 2.😂😂😂
Russy W
lol you gotta love nike :)
Selcuk karakuş
heeyyyy dostum bu reklam bi harika
Shûhei Hisagi
Bruh this shit is awesome can you imagine if they did a remake of this today?? imagine seeing the modern day basketball stars and football (soccer) stars doing this
SoSa King
TJ Miles
Summer 2001!!
The Pornographer
I saw scary movie first soo
Uriah Day
what's the song called??
User Richard
at the end of a Brazilian sambadinha....
Vick Sola
¡Woooooow! 😵😵❤❤❤❤
William Dominguez
scary movie sent me here as well
Willie Taggart
Ad that starts at 1:30 is the one I remember vividly
Willman Alberto Ramos P
el mejor de todos los tiempos
jonathan villarreal
excelentes movimientos de bascketball\njaja con todo!!!
jason williams...
kurod amon
I was 21 when this came on tv.. time flies .😢
moto hellogoto
So this is where scary movie 2 got it from! lol
ms nicole
the soccer scenes looks like cgi....but I'm loving the basketball scenes
I saw this commercial before scary movie 2 but I gotta admit that I was watchin it on netflix and came here because of it
so yeah scary movie 2
payton andrews
Ronaldinho \u003c3
rodrigo avila
quienes son todos los jugadores
where can you find the music ?
I was a Senior when And1 was hot, I bought a pair and in the box came a coupon you had to take to Footaction so you could get these commercials and behind the scenes in VHS tape.
On God when this commercial came on everything in my life was second....I'd rarely even breath. Greatest. Nike. commercial. ever.
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Жалкая пародия, Очень страшное кино 2 Неповторимый оригинал.
Вероон Малёк
Я играю в баскетбол 5 лет
Жирный Мопс
Олег Погребной
красавцы! А вам слабо? :)
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