Aki Kaurismäki 2015 interview

Talking with finnish filmmaker Aki Kaurismäki.

... Aki Kaurismäki (Film Director) Ariel Comedy (Film Genre) Exclusive Finland Footage Interview The Man Without A Past (Award-Winning Work) film movie

Ali Sami Ebezâde
what is the name of the song?
Aura Nurmi
Kiitos rehellisistä kysymyksistä rehdiltä mieheltä. Thank you from the honest questions for a honest man.
Thanks from Argentina for this interview subtitled. Thanks.
Dylan O'Brien
Kaurismaki is pure genius. Unfortunately, in present times, I don't think that his movies will find as many eager viewers as they deserve. Our age is very hostile to anything requiring patience. But the winds are shifting, I can feel it!\n\nA fascinating character...
El Wasaberto Perdido
cachan a kaurismaki ? :v
Gin Gui
hope i can meet him in Portugal! Such a cool guy you are ! Aki
John Parker
The Match Factory Girl was his best. The scene with the girl that nobody wanted to dance with will break you in two. Hollywood spends billions to try to evoke one tenth the feeling. There is nothing more incompetent in this world than Hollywood.
AAAHH (the translations are killing me!) He said he is still really into movie making, not that he's anxious... But yeah anyways, you did great job, making the video and the questions were great too
Maurizio Gigli
Olga Saar
that's! why he came later to \
P.W. Shelton
Thank you for uploading this. I'm glad you got to meet him. Such a great talent!
Palloma G.C.
Thank's for this
Rauno Etelävuori
Stefen Eflop
This dude is never sober.
Gotta admit that Ariel is my favorite from him too. I'm also wondering what did he say in Russian?
Oh no, what a pity you got Aki's comment wrong! (after 2:35 in the clip)\n\nHis \
I'd say he was on the old sauce by the cut of him!
É meu vizinho em Areosa, Alto Minho, Portugal! - Lopesdareosa
tirami SOOK
Love his movies and his irony! Thank you for sharing this! If I ever go to Finland, it will be because of his movie and finish designers. (Of course nature too)