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[DANCE WAR(댄스워)] FINAL ROUND: RESULT*English subtitles are now available. :D(Please click on 'CC' button or activate 'Interactive Transcript' function)Find the Idol Dance King behind a mask!The FINAL ROUND is hotter than ever!Who is the winner of this fierce competition, DANCE WAR!*FINAL ROUND Judges' Commentary :

1theK DANCE WAR FIN... Kpop MV Teaser hallyu idol loen new song アイドル ケーポップ ミュージック ミュージックビデオ ロエン 韓国 韓国の歌 韓流 댄스워 로엔 뮤비 신곡 아이돌 원더케이 티져 한류

ARMY -garnet
Samuel ☺😍😍😘👏👏💕💖💗💕
ASTRO_ Rocky
Rocky you're still the winner in our hearts -Aroha 💖\nCongrats rocky our dance king machine!! We love you 😊😊😊 and also congrats samuel for winning 🤗
Congratulations to baby Samuel!! I’m so incredibly proud of Minhyuk as well, they both did a phenomenal job & deserve all the praise! I hope they become very good friends after this!
Ali M
i can't believe i didn't recognise Samuel from the beginning... I'm so proud!!! It's so amazing to see him get the recognition he deserves! Samuel fighting!
Rocky should have won. he had the highest judge scores every round. ah well. season two please with girl group members!
Amaya Ito
Сongratulations Samuel, you deserve to win ❤️
Amina Haris
Proud of u both Samuel and Rocky
Amy Nguyen
Congratulations Samuel for the win!👏 But seriously, all 8 dancers were wonderful, congratulations all of you! And PURPLE23! PARK MIN-HYUK!!!!! *SCREAMS AND TACKLES IN A HUG AND THROWS A THOUSAND HUGS AND KISSES* I’m so proud of you! It gives me relief to finally confirm it’s you. THAT’S MY BOY!💜 ASTRO and AROHAS love you so much, our Dancing Machine, you were wonderful like always💜
Angela N.
i had no idea that it could be samuel. he's so good!
Ashley Hoover
This show didn't turn out the way I hoped it would of. It was a lot about popularity of where the dancers came from and that wasn't the point. They were wearing hair caps and masks for that reason. However 2 dancers who not everyone was sure of made it to the final round, which isn't that bad of an outcome. Like in my last comment, I knew based off the audience and how Korean shows work, that Silver was going to win. However what made me glad is that to the professional judges Purple got their votes. Which tells me that the judges have been doing their honestly 100% on looking at these dancers since round 1. Silver only won because he's an attention grabber at important parts, however it looks like he only excelled with the help of purple, so that is an interesting clip they decided to include. Either way, both dancers won in their own respected ways and I'm glad that 1thek decided to make a show with this concept. As a dance major, a personal preference would of been Purple winning, but we can't all get what we want all the time so oh well ✌
Avegie Batangan
Dont worry rocky u did your best and we love you!!your the winner for our hearts baby boi, 😍😍😘😘😘
Chi Satsumiko
I was so surprised to find out that silver 16 was SAMUEL 😭 he's always looked like an adorable younger brother in my eyes but with the masks on I really couldn't tell at all. I was so amazed and blown away, seriously! Purple and silver have been my favourite dancers throughout the rounds and I'm so happy that they made it this far! Congratulations to Samuel, you've matured so much and I hope that you'll continue to grow and become more and more recognised globally! Congratulations to Rocky as well, you did so well!
Christopher Bang
Corina Yu
ROCKYYY I KNEW IT WAS U😍😍 U were amazing even if u lost❤️
Proud of you samuel❤❤
Dana A.
WE'RE SO PROUD OF OUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD ROCK!!!!! OOH GET IT! also congrats to Samuel ^^\n\nSo everyone since ya'll are here, please continue to support this dancing genius, Rocky of Astro! He's _one of_ the most (in my opinion, atleast) underappreciated dancers in present day kpop and I'm so glad that through this show, he was able to show it to people other than his fans **intense proud sobbing**\n\nFacts about him:\n-He's been dancing since he was 3 and creates his own choreo since he was 12\n-He trained in ballet, tap, jazz, hiphop, contemporary and lots more!\n-He got these genes from his dad (most likely)(His dad's a professional gymnast!)\n-choreographed 5urpise's \
Daria Z.
I'm so proud of Samuel \u003c3 also it's funny because I didn't realize it was him but his dance was the most appealing to me so I voted for him from the start and it turns out that it's my baby! I was destined to stan him I guess\nAlso congratulations to Minhyuk, he's super talented and I think the final match was very even! Good job boys \u003c3
DoBo Jy
#Sliver16 #Samuel
Eriol Loire
See.. Silver16 is Samuel
Ernawati Dewi
Congrats to muela 👏👏😭😭\nyou did well baby 😍😍
Eva A
Congrats Samuel !!💜
Samuel ♥
Fakyre Song
Congratulations Prince Samuel! I knew it was you from the start and cheer you on! Also great job to all of the other dancers! You guys were awesome!
Florefel Umban
omg.....silver 16 won...congratulations....samuel....you deserve it....coz you really are a great dancer...👏👏👏👏👏👏
Gail Anonuevo
SILVER 16 WON! OH MYYY GOD! Congratulations Samuel 😊 And congrats to the people who support him until the end 💕\n\nPuple 23 / Rocky also did a great job! So congrats to Rocky and Aroha 💕
Geneveve Ferolino
Wow so samuel is the winner wow i know it, .\n#only16candyoneteenager💙👏☝
Gina Alcantara
AROHA please don't spread hate comments. Our Rocky is still the winner. And let's appreciate how judges say that Rocky is a good dancer. I also read some comments and Proud too because we still support our ROCKY.
Ivanka Asybel
Rocky has always been the best in the eyes of the judges, and in our eyes\u003c3 Rocky is still the winner for me
J.M. Lee
Congratulations to Samuel and Rocky 💕
I was able to recognize samuel in mask 😭 I was so proud of my self. 😂
Jikook Lover
My baby Samuel!!!\nCongratulations on winning you deserve it!!😭😭😄😄💕💕💕💕
Justin Yến
OMG!!!!!!! SAMUAEL..................................... I LOVE YOU^^!
Kaylani Guevarra
I’m so proud of everyone that competed in this. But I just can’t get over the fact that I had a gut feeling that it was rocky from the first video of this series😂. This takes me back to when Rocky was on hit the stage. But oh my god Samuel I legit am so proud of you too. I knew you were a great dancer but geez you are just so amazing.
Khairul Iqbal
Its okay Muel . Just ignore the stupid haters
KpopCpopUtaites multifandom
Yes Rocky, get that recognition. Please support Astro guys. They are all extremely talented and all deserve so much. Arohas love you\u003c3
Legendary Samuel
Congrats to my baby Samuel! You did so well and deserved the #1 spot! 😍 Congrats to all Garnets too who voted all day and all night for Samuel! Cheers! 🍻
Lifli Lucas
Rocky, I knew it was you from the beginning. I want you to know that you did your best and showed everyone how passionate you are about dancing. In my heart (and the other Arohas) you are still a winner. This is just the beginning and I know they've seen your potential as a dancer. I love you so much! 💜💜💜\n\nTo Samuel, congratulations! 😊
Mariane marangão
I'm a bit sad that even tho Rocky nailed the professional votes we couldn't give him the victory he deserved. But I'll just consider it a victory, because he was the best on the eyes of the judges every time! I'm proud of you, Purple23. \u003c3 And congratulations also to Samuel, he did great.
Meg Mojares
Mel Freya
I'm so proud of my baby.. SAMUEL u did it!! They're both amazing.. Rocky ur awesome too 💗 I hope 1thek will release unmasked version of each rounds and spin off too.. it'll be damn legit!! 😍😍\n♥S♥A♥M♥U♥E♥L♥
MiMieyy Kimmy
I knew purple 23 was rocky cause his dances moves are so obvious ahh i love him but ever since the 3rd round, silver 16 had been attracting me with his dance moves and i legit never knew who is he. I NEVER KNEW IT WAS SAMUEL OMG SUCH A BB OMG. I WAS SO SURPRISED WHEN SIXTEEN CAME UP I CANNOT \n\nCONGRATS TO ALL CONTESTANTS OF DANCE WAR💜💜💜
Ms. Ayen
Where still proud of you ROCKY 😭😭😭💜💜💜💜
Nohemi Perez
OH MY GOOODDD... I'm so happy for Rocky and for Samuel, I love both and I'm sooo proud of them to get to here♥
Occul Tatum
I'm shocked PURPLE 23 didn't win. He had such passion and the emotions he showed in his dances were the best. Rocky, you gained a new fan who will support you and Astro for life. \nP.S. I can't believe how cute he is as well. 😶😶
Pauline Javellana
5:54 haha Rocky impulsively doing the Astro \
I literally screamed and got up when I saw it was Kim Samuel. Omg I would've never guessed. He is so talented.
ROCKY swaggg
Yes finally we can see our dancing king face.ASTRO and Aroha proud of you even you didn't win.We love you very much and work hard in the future for you and always support Astro 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜\nFor me and Aroha Purple 23,ROCKY (Park Minhyuk) main dancer of ASTRO is the winner 👑\nR❕O❕C❕K❕Y❕\nPut Your Hands Up \n\n\nCongrats Silver 16 for the final win👏
Riley aroha
I'm sad rocky didn't win but I love Samuel and he's such a good dancer I couldn't be upset even if I wanted too
Rocky Swag Minhyukie
To our dearest Park Minhyuk aka Rocky aka Purple23,,,we still Congratulate you coz you made it until here,,i really can't moved on w/ the result,,but we still have to accept it,you may not won this battle but for us ,,in our heart,,YOU WILL ALWAYS BE AND FOREVER WILL BE OUR CHARISMATIC DANCE WAR KING,,,,coz we all knew that you really gave your best from the very beginning up to the end,but maybe it's not yet the time…and this is not yet the end..let's just have this as a stepping stone,for you and for the group,we are hoping and looking forward for more opportunities to come,,,and if that time comes,,we are just here,,,we will always fight together with you our dear dorks,,,Saranghae Astro,,,#AstroFighting🔯🔯 #Aroha Fighting💪💪
Well done my son👏👏👏 both are amazing dancers with different styles✔ congratulation to our 💎 and only ☝ GARNETS PRIDE 👑 SAMUEL🎇🎆🎊👏👏👏 \n\nHoping Ithek will broadcast all the 8th members of dance war dancing unmasked since round one😘😇 and a collaborations this coming awards night ( MAMA..MMA.. AAA..GOLDEN DISCS.. GAON CHART ETC) PLEASE thank you in advance😇
Sabina Hung
17000 : 13000\nYou r the winner in our hearts Rockyyyyyyyy!!!!!!\nNot only AROHA's but also Judges' ^^\n\nand congrats silver 16 for the result!
Samuel 16
congratulatinons Samuel 🎉🎉 16
Samuel Tik Tok
SPECIAL THANKS to everyone of you for liking SILVER16 dance moves and giving vote for SILVER16 !!! \nThanks Dance War / 1theK for this opportunity to Samuel so that more people can know about him and his amazing dance ❤️
Sapunxh_ Vietnam
proud of u muel ah (Silver 16)
Sarah Brown
Oh again and again purple23 NAILED IT with the profesional judges' score!!! They're know ur talent boy, absolutely knew! And wait, the dance in the final round was made by purple23 (rocky from Astro)???🤤Am I wrong?
Sheena Aergia
As expected! Rocky ✡️ ranked higher according to professional score! Yeyey! 💟\n\nGreat job to Samuel for winning! 🕺🏻👍🏼
I KNEW IT WAS ROCKY!!! (aroha instinct) I WAS SAD TO KNOW THAT ROCKY DIDN'T WIN BUT CONGRATS TO SAMUEL!!! (i was surprised that silver 16 was samuel)
Siu ching
congratulation for silver 16 samuel 😘😘,n fighting for purple 23 💪💪
Sofia Sapam
I knew it..!! 16 was Samuel... 👍😘
Stray CT
YESSSSSS SAMUEL SILVER 16😍😍😍😍and OMG my bias rocky😍😍I dun know it was u but yeahhhhhh!! Congrats to samuel hoho love ya both😘❤❤❤💕🔥
I knew it was Rocky from round 1 I’m sad you didn’t win but I will always support you
Congratulation my boy 🎉🎉🎉❤❤❤
Virgo 15
Congratulations to Samuel👏👏👏\n\n\nAnd you did the great job Our Rocky💜💜💜 Arohas love you forever 😘
Vivica Martin
I can’t believe he’s from ASTRO!! I have voted for him every week this show has come out. I kinda have to be an ASTRO stan now 🤷🏾\u200d♀️ otherwise what am I doing with my life. I can’t believe I’ve been sleeping on talent. 🤦🏾\u200d♀️
Who says uwu
Dance War didn’t end up as what I wanted it to be. I don’t want it to be based on popularity but it ended up that way~ But I will just look on the judges votes who knows who really is the BEST since ROUND 1! You are the best Rocky and you’ll make it big with that skill!
YanaEmily / Snapchat Stories
OMG congrats to Samuel!! Finally you got some recognition! You deserve the world, babe ~\nCongrats to Rocky too, you did such a great job!\nTbh I couldn't choose between 2 of my underrated faves kkk Fighting Samuel and Astro!
Yuki Sama
Thank you for your hard work rocky~ya.....\nAlways you the winner in my heart..\nStill waiting for astro comeback..\nAstro fighting..!!\nAroha fighting..!!
Yuki Yuki
I started crying when the song \
asti pane
congrats Muel !! proud of you
Congratulations Samuel!!! I’m glad the contenders of Dance War had the opportunity to showcase their talent and skills through this program, well done to all dancers, you’ve worked hard ❤️
candy candy.
Whether silver was Samuel again ❤ ❤ ❤ Although I was supporting the silver, I think both of them were a good dance! ! Thank you!!
Yas my bae samuel won!! Greatest congrats 🎉🎉🎉
i can jump
WOWOWOW I never thought he was Samuel OMG. I’m happy for both. I was waiting for Rocky to win but I don’t even feel bad because they’re both amazing and look at their beautiful smiles enjoying what they did AGHH LOVE YOU💜💜💜THANK YOU DANCE WAR!
ika kusmiyati
Congrats for you both. Especially our Samuel 💗 💗 you deserve it 👍👍
ini olaf
Samuel! Firstly, i didn't expected that he will win, but he's potential enough. Really, i proud of him. From ranked last in Get Ugly team even if he choreographed the dance, to the winner of Dance War! The glow up that matters! \n\nAnd Rocky, we knew that you already did your best. Good job for worked until this far. We'll remember you as the ace of Dance War! And i so excited for see some Rocky and Samuel interactions in the future! ❤️❤️
jermuel kim
congratulations my boi silver 16. Samuel, you're really out there winning every shows! keep on nailing and soar high! \ngood job garnets and great performance to both! ❤
minhyuk, you did so well! you are really amazing, arohas love you so so much!! you didn't win, but at least you didn't cheat, so it's okay, honesty is worth more than winning ^^ i love you rocky ♡ (i love you too samuel, but i'm still mad about what you did, it was not fair :( but it's fine, i hope you don't do it again ^^ congrats! ♡)
just an average aroha
I am so proud of Rocky! He did the absolute best he could, and it really showed 💜 unfortunately you didn't win, but that's okay. Hopefully in the future there will be more chance for you to shine your light, and aroha's will always be here to support you 😌✨ good job! \n\nalso, just wanted to say congratulations to silver 16! You also did a fantastic job! ☺✨
koko nene
it's unchangeable that Rocky is the best TT .. unbeatable dancing king my rocky!! i ♡ you
liv pas
maria natalia
Im rooting for silver16 but purple23 is really a good dancer..... Cant deny it....
me lisa
Rocky dapat point 17.000 dari judges 🎉 , you did well Rocky 💜💜💜
congrats samuel and rocky for being the finalists 😭 baby samuel you did it!! so proud of you ❤💗
nadhirah -
Rocky will always be the winner in aroha's heart. You already big and talented for us rocky, thankyou for all the hardworks you gave 💜😊✨ don't be sad, guys! rocky came all this way up because all arohas support rocky no matter what💜👏🏻 ..... BUT IM SAD THO😭
nhi phuong
Congratulations to Kim Samuel ❤️❤️\n#loveusomuch ❤️❤️ #16
nurdiana safiah
Samuelll yaa you did it💕💕💕 You show them what you have OH MAH GOD IM PROUD OF YOUU❤️ And to Rocky,you done well 오빠😘 Both of you are a good dancer and I hope the fandom won’t fight between each other because they both have different vibes of dancing✨ Let’s us keep on support our idol should we💕
Congrarts to Silver 16! Ive always had my eye on those smooth moves. All 8 dancers were absolutely amazing and i really hope that they do a promo Dance break together because that would be bomb. Everyone has worked so hard and im proud of you!. I wish you all the best in your Careers. FIGHTING!
Rocky, you did amazing. Even though you didn't win, you are a winner to all of us Arohas. We are so proud of you and so happy to see you be able to show the world how amazing you are at dancing. No doubt you are one of the best (the best in my option). I realized it was you just by your walk, your thighs 😎 and the way you moved your hands. We Arohas can always tell hehe. We love you and hope to see you participate in other dance shows. Rocky Swag. ♡♡
reza rosyida
Congratz to samuel:) i really like silver 16 since round 1, as a carat i think my insting is really strong, i feel that his dance movements and his figure was somewhat familiar, especially when he danced to clap, he's really look like seventeen member (samuel used to be in seventeen back then before they were debut), his movements was accurate n he got the feel. i'm so surprised that he was actually samuel, so that's why from the start i really like him even i didn't know yet that he was samuel.
ri na
Samuel congrats 👏👏 and thank you everyone for your support
stephanie dockery
Congrats Samuel ...and congrats rocky. You both are amazing. Keep shining boys . We love you very much. Y'all so talented . All other boys who were on here were amazing as well. Never giving on yourself or worry y'all amazing dancing period better then me 💛💞
everyone..lets just be happy..both of them did well..its a friendly competition.. they look good together😍😍😂 congrats sammy🥂
Rocky you done so well!!! Arohas are so proud of you:) Samuel too !
Silver16 사무엘💖 축하해🎉🎉🎉
Samuel is the best. You did it❤❤❤❤❤You are really dancing king❤❤❤❤❤❤❤