Red Hot Chili Peppers - Naked In The Rain (Bass Cover) (Play Along Tabs In Video)

BECOME A PATRON AND GET THE SONG YOU WANT: Tips And Comments:- Playing Technique: Slap: played next to the end of the neck, high strength. Fingers: played next to the bridge, high strength. Both pickups on, full tone- Gear Sound: Added some low end and treble, just a bit of mid highs raised- About The Song: Transcribed from the studio version with help of live videos and clipsNeed more tips? Just comment!*All the tabs in this channel are created by me, if you have any advice in the transcription feel free to comment!*Gear: Taurus t-24 Washburn 4 String Bass (D'addario .045 Standard Strings or Dunlop .045)/ Ibanez SA 120 Guitar/ Alesis Dm6 Drums - Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Interface - PC (Digital Processing)

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I'd been waiting for this for a long time. Great job! Now if we could have Coffee Shop redone with the current production quality it'd be great!
Adam Irfan
Alee 010
Podrías hacer knock me down por favor!!
Alejo M
Podrías hacer by the way
Neat solo and transition to the riff.
All Lies
Please do New Radicals - you get what you give.
Andrew Pappas
I feel like only the Chilis would write a song called _Naked In the Rain_ - And it's hilarious
Angelo Henrique
snuff - slipknot please!!
Anton Kyrylenko
Primus chili peppers)))
Can you do any other Smiths songs. I would really like to see that.
Captain Chicken
Do some Jethro Tull!
Cj Helms
I thought that this song was in drop d and im pretty sure in the bass solo that there is slap.
Colinleo 53
Please do System of a Down cubert.
Not sure it's the right tuning, but my info told me this was more accurate, i might be wrong. If you decide to go for Drop D just keep the positions for the E String and move all other strings 2 numbers down. Great for practicing slap and all that involves mastering it. The solo wasn't the best recording but i went with this mostly because it was executed in one take. Info about tone in the description. About harmony, the song moves mostly in A Dorian based harmonies and the use of the Blues Scale:\n\nA Dorian (Key Of G) (F's are #)\n\nI Am7 (A C E G)\nII Bm7 (B D F# A)\nIII Cmaj7 (C E G B)\nIV D7 (D F# A C) OR D# dim (D# F# A) for this case (applied into the blues scale)\nV Em7 (E G B D)\nVI F#half dim (F# A C E)\nVII Gmaj7 (G B D F#)
D Ferreira '17
WOW, thank'u for post this.... i'am training
Daniel Josue Reyes Vasquez
Tio coversolutions :v
DavidPach77 Pachêco
Bom de mais RHCP \u003c3
Eli Gildener
Bruh do you have mellowship slinky?
Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits.
Emir Tunalı
I've never thought that the song was in that tuning
Felipe Nobre
Do vermillion by Slipknot (i don't know if you done before)
parece una buena cancion para practicar el slap,que opinas?
Flat Eric
Out In L.A. By RHCP
Gaetano Ielpo
Great job, man!!!Greetings from Italy!!!
Can you do a acoustic guitar cover
Please do Motorhead - I don't believe a word
High Gain Culture
Do Carousel from blink 182
damn that sounds good
I wish my strings sounded like that
Ivan Baez
Please do Coffee shop- RHCP ✌
Ja Krispy
Rhcp knock me down long version please
Jason Wendeln
couldn't find the tabs for this on your link
Jean Paul Cusaria Amaya
Aaaaaaa lml
Joshua Arcilla
Can you do Jaded by Aerosmith on bass please
Justin Wagner
Goodbye angels stuff like that
Can't wait to try this one, great playing! Thanks 👍
Leo Bass Covers
Ah, the one from the livestream! Great job.
Løcal dreamer
Can you please do Paradise by Logic🙏
Marcos Alejandro Valadez
Please god bye angels rhcp
Mario Garrido
The Cure - Fascination Street! pls!!
Mil Dot
I love red hot chili peppers covers!
Tool - Rosetta Stoned
Red hot chili peppers - Hump De Bump!
Naseem Veevers
Rafa Trujillo
(Que no te hagan bobo Jacobo) Molotov cover
Rafael Felipe Piasecki
It covers \
Ralf Spitaler
Rexx ϻσятαl
Red hot és vida!!!!
Ricardo Lima
What about Charlie by the way and hump de bump.
Salvador Allende
Gracias a esta cancion mi bajo se lleno de sangre
Sam Mostowfi
im happy
Shadow Realm Priest
Stay Away from Nirvana
Siddharth Motwani
Great cover man, could you do Square by LITE? I've been trying to teach myself that one.
Hey man! Really appreciate your channel, the only one that really has taught me to play certain songs!\nHere are some suggestions for you in case you run out of ideas or patreons ;)\n\nRHCP - Tear\nRHCP - Coffee Shop\nLimp Bizkit - Take a Look Around\nPapa Roach -- Ricochet\nKorn - Coming Undone\nFalconer - Clarion Call\nPantera - Walk\nSystem of a Down - B.Y.O.B\nMuse - Reapers\nMuse - New Born\nThirty Seconds to Mars - The Kill\nDaughtry - Crawling Back to You\nLed Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven\nPearl Jam - Black\nIron Maiden - Fear of the Dark\n\nStay rocking! \u003c3
Steve Danno
Maxwell murder - Rancid,i know you can!!!!
PLEASE RHCP - Nobody Weird Like Me
Thibaut Chatenet
So fucking good man ! Thanks :)
Tomy Romo
Por fin!!! Geniooooo
Zen Zen Zense by Radwimps.
Vinicyus souza
Amazing slap
Víctor Atienza
Did you really detuned the entire bass for this song???? NO WAY.... Just detune E string into a D and play it real.
Nice job on that solo! Love it
isso diferencia o flea dos outros baixistas
cool quesadilla
OMG i love this song!!! Great cover, you should do more RHCP
creeperoul men
Oh yeah!!
Ese solo de bajo dios
dog boi
What happened to the ghost notes at the start of the song? I remember you making a note about it but I don't see it in the tabs.
Can you do desecration smile or hey RHCP
Never realized how much this bassline sounds more like a RATM line than RHCP
joe rose
quality player but don't get how you can sit so still playing chillis, such good groves
pablo mallea
Good Riddance(Time of Your Life) please!!!
rohmel ligeralde
Commended cover solutions..dude can u cover the bass of GLASGOW KISS of JOHN PETRUCCI
2:46 ahi la vendiste ;)