The Untold Truth Of Amy Duggar

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Alisha Mashburn
I am a Christian and I can say not all Christians are like the duggars. I still like the duggars but some of their rules are a little over the top. I believe in waiting till marriage but I don't think you have to wait to kiss or hold hands until marriage. I agree with Amy that you can't just marry the first guy that comes along (there are cases where people will only date one person and that ends up being the person they marry I'm not saying that it can't happen) I dated other guys before I got engaged, that way I knew what I was and wasn't looking for in a husband.
I love Amy. She was my best friend at Shiloh Christian. The only girl who would talk to me.
I 💟🎸Amy, she's the best one of all the Duggers
Annette White
Amy is amazing 😉
Ari SamAlao
the Duggars aren't real representations of Christianity I as a Christian relate more with Amy
Ariel Cortez
i thimk amy is still not mature the dugers domt like her. amy talks to much evem shutting in front of the cameras om her hobby
Ashley Jividen
Good of her
Athena Gonzalez
amy is literally a normal person. a normal. person.
wait.... you mean there's actually a rational person in this family?....
Black Calla Lily
..during the first couple seasons.. with all the kids and the parents.. she was always trying to weasel her way in.. I jokingly referred to her as the \
Brittany Haskell
I love how Amy is a \
Bug Bomb
I have no problem with any skank....
Chantell j
people just waste their lives away because of religion. And by waste I mean end relationships with family because of a made up fairytale.
You go, girl
The Duggars have been disgraceful since at least since they started exploiting their children for fame and fortune. People have the right to have 4 dozen kids and rob the older kids' childhoods by forcing them to care for infants so mom can drop a few more, but we don't need to legitimize the decision by making them rich and famous.
Dayle Blair
SICK!!!! The whole thing is crap!!!!
Delores Nolasco
poor amy the cousins never would just come over to say hi cousin seriously what could she make them do so bad you no its funny how things turn out shes the most honest one its not fair to her to get treated like that from her family she has all kinds of juice on everyone of them she has never said anything bad about them
Denise Arteaga
notice most of yall are siding with sinful and wild Amy...just like the bible..ways of the world..we are in thus world..not of this world..he without sin cast the first stone..
Dorah Shmove
She's such a bad influence and yet, her cousin's the one who should actually be in trouble. \n\nThese people are such trash.
Eliot Brun
street lot out monitor spanish height eat identity.
Elizabeth B
She is also a trump supporter
Elizabeth Mallard
The Duggar's are weird.
Erica Roberts
I live in a Christian household and I am allowed to go on dates without a chaperone, kiss before marriage, and so on I think it might be if you live in a household that strict kids will rebel either that or my sister and I aren't like that.
Fairytail Princess
Amy is ultimately the only Duggar I have respect for
Francesca Hart
Ok so whether or not she felt like the abuse wasn't that bad, Amy, your dad put his hand around your throat. I truly hope you never go through something like that again.
Grace Becomesher
Personally, I had my share of sexual relationships before I was married, but I wouldn't wish that upon anyone. I would tell any young girl or guy to wait and give your virginity to someone who is committing to you for life. Secondly, know that marriage is not just some fairy tale romance story, it is dying to self for the sake of the family unit. It takes patience, sacrifice, and commitment. The two shall become one flesh. It's a beautiful thing and worth waiting for.
Groovy One
🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔\nMaybe, Jim bob was a brother, Amy’s mom is his sister...🤔🤔🤔\n💥💥💥💥💥💥💥
Helga G Pataki
I'm positive on of their sons is gay
I'm a fun gal Xx
The duggers are so weird I'm glad she at least came our sane 😊
Ian McKeone
I love to have an R rated talk with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar about their son Josh and Dugger dating rules. I would to have talk to them about other things too in California. This state is not that liberal at all. I'm an Atheist, a liberal, and proud of it.
Jennifer Grant
Amy didn't touch anyone's breast while they were 😴
Jessica Ponticello
Amy is a godly sweet beautiful smart talented girl! jimbob treated Amy like a bad influence yet it was his \
Joanne Denney
I like her, she was always the Jezzebelle of the Duggars in comparison to her cousins on 19 kids and counting 😂 , just because she was raised differently doesn't mean she's a bad influence
Julia Miss
who is Amy Duggar ?
Katarina Ortiz
I like the cousin,she seems like a normal girl and she shouldn't be dragged through the mud because her cousin is a........creep(I'm trying to be nice,even though I really don't feel like I should be.)
Laureen Connor
Hillarious that she considers herself a \
Linda Adams
I think most of the family is screwed
I'm just glad she was able to get away from the whole Gothard cult... it's so awful.
Liv Spencer
but...aren't they cousins????
Livie Gee
I love how Amy lives her own damn life instead of being held back by her family
Amy and her Mom Deanna ARE sincere, good, REAL people. They're not fake like Jim Boob and his over-\
Maddie Rose
coming from a person who practices the same religion i can definitely say my family does not act this weird. this family is sooooooo strange
Maria Cortez
My u are a smart girl i think your uncles do love you but thwy too got problems lets be good our lotd dont need more fighings when we died we take what we conquered lets love each other forgive repect your enemmys will understand pay no mine i got a daugh in law she is terrible she smokes weed. Tells me desrwpect names her name is sarah coryez. I ignore her i feel sorry for her u do rhe same amy
Maria Herron
Amy isn’t the black sheep is josh but he has been reborn let’s hope for the best
Marie B
Amy is a bad influence and black sheep just because her mom raised her like a lot of mainstream Christians? Meanwhile their sheltered kid is a perv and he is a saint? Those Duggars are CRAZY!
Matt Britton
I've always thought she was the only real one out of the entire bunch. Good for her for breaking free from that cult...
Melissa Haletky
Amy does not need to take a side. Why? Because the young Duggar kids are not allowed in her home because she is not in 100% with Jim Bobs ideals.
Melissa Vasquez
Love it! All true!!
Naima-Jane Harnisch
Natasha Miller
She seems like the most normal one out of that whole family. And while I completely understand and agree with waiting until you've found someone you love who loves you before you dive right into sex, the idea of being a virgin on my wedding night and, on top of all the stress and emotions of that day, having no experience with sex yet being expected to have it anyway sounds terrifying. To each his own, but I'm gonna need more than a side-hug before I marry someone.
Nicki Swift
What did you learn about Amy and her life as the \
Pamela Meadows
ky she was probably using the duggers to get on TV and launch a music career. So she doesn't want to come around unless she gets paid. lol. why was she on a show for reality stars anywar
Pearl the rebel
I think she's awesome
Peter Pringle
I'd love to pound his butt after I worked on hers, but he has AIDS like other members of that cult, and I think I'll just move on and be the healthy guy I am. What's this I hear about a truck crash?
Phyllis Steele
why are the Diggers so quick to want to get their daughters married off?? I mean Jim Bob took Jill all the way to Nepal to meet her is that reality?? NOT..would engines parents take them around the world to meet a person that you had fallen in love with on the internet..seems like they will do anything to get these girls married off..\nI got so tired of hearing the mom's high pitched whinny can not tell me they never tell at those kids either..Look 19 kids ?.come on..1 or 2 will get on your nerves e dry once in a while..but 19, and never yelling or spanking..of course if you have older children to take care of the younger ones guess it is not that tough..they seem all Christians but they don't mind spending\u200b the money they get from the show..that big house, a travel mom,buying a new house for the children when they get married,all the drops they take everywhere..can you imagine how much it must cost to take 21 people to Niagra Falls with everything add in..the show makes J.B look like a sex addict..someone has to be doing something to keep their wife barefoot and pregnant for nearly 30 years..and she has made the comment that \
Robin McFerrin
Does anyone else think she may be a closet lesbian?
Ruth Barr
I Imagine she's the only sane person in the family.
Sandra Dee
oh come on they didn't always side hug! I don't believe that for one second
Sandy Dayoc
Loved you on tje show
Sarah Hume
So basically the untold truth is that Amy is a normal person...
Jim Bob looks like a horse.
Shan McC
I liked her until I realized she'd sell anyone out for a magazine cover.
Simple Swan
Ok so yes the duggars did mess up big time,but they didn't ever say they were perfect
Siren Thomas
ik no one wants to say it but the way Jim Bob and his wife parent is ABUSIVE...but this gets the green light bc it's tucked under \
Star Nunley
She looks like Joy Duggar the most I think.
Tabitha Harrison
Amy, \
Texas Love
I love Amy!
The softest part of a woman's breast is?
..............and 4 was his sisters, llllllolllllll , God is good!
Tina Martin
i find the comment about watching TV funny as theDuggars says there is no tv in their home but yet the appear on a tv show
Tomasina Covell
We would be better off if that entire fambly was liquidated!
Trinidad Villarreal
Amy seemed like the only one who wasn't repressed by the family. Free to have her own personality, dreams, decisions, socializing with people outside her family, and so on. I like her, she was fun and brought life to the show. I do think the Duggar family has the best of intentions, but don't see how sheltering your children to that degree is harmful. I've found that kids who are not exposed (age appropriately) to reality often swing the opposite way. I think Josh's behavior was a good indication of that.
Victoria H
Realeased a song in 2006? Umm get your years straight
Wijaya NKS
Is her mother married to another Duggar? Because she still hold Duggar family name
WorldGirl Alvina
Conservative Christians??? yeah right lol
Yaiz S
Do her cousins really not realize that by law when being over 18 ghey can do whatever they like?? That they don't have to stay under the wing and act if they had broken legs and are not capable of getting a higher education degree?? What these people do to their children should be counted as abuse. You are novody to tell your kids wether they can further their education or dress this or that way they're just crazy to me, poor kids. Live all their life under a a big chicken wing as if they were 5 years old. Jana should pack her bags get start a career and live by herself, she's old enough and she's the only person that should get to decide every aspect of her life. The way that family thinks pisses me off so much. They go over every human right. That's why homeschooling should be regulated by the system.
Amy bummed josh didn't try to do her.
arooba ahsan
Heyy early squad
caitlin crawford
All for AMY 💟💜💙
countessarcadius Ty
She is the bad influence, yet their son is a PREDATOR, HE DIDNT JUST MOLEST HUS SISTERS , BUT MOLESTED ITHER GIRLS AS WELL, and his dad runs out and buys him this massive home, so he could persuade joshed wife not to leave him??? that's real Christian like there buddy BOB, YOUR SON IS A PREDATOR AND DOESNT EVEN COMPARE TO YOUR LIBERAL NEICE, HOW PATHETIC
they can't hug with their chests touching, they call it a 'side hug'.
efrain garcia
I still think shes cute 😍❤️
evelyn y
I like Amy more than any of the other members of the duggar family
fairy tales
who cares
Old Amy is a has been, and a sleepy broad.
hlengiwe Zungu
Amy is one of a kind, I love her. Too bad she's being put in the middle of this disaster
So country music, is only connected to fundamental Christian Conservative, and all country music followers, are fundamental Christian Conservative, way to throw country music under the bus.
Amy is the best one
lil potato babe
When your faith comes to the point that it takes on cult qualities, you ARE in a cult. You are no longer religious. You are sick.
Side hugs ☹️
She is normal
sandy smith
יהודה שמחה ולדמן
Why does the whole world have to know about this crap?