Justin Timberlake Mila Kunis on Being Nude!

In their new movie, Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis have quite a few nude scenes. Today they told Ellen what they actually wore during filming -- and shared the hilarious details!

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How many people watch this show? ... I'm watching this 5 years later and totally having a blast
Alyssa :P
”We don't have to talk about it\
Alyssa Resendez
I love Justin Timberlake
Amanda Whittaker
whats the joke about Sheila E/ No Sheila E's were harmed, I'm clearly missing the reference...
Andrea Gonzalez
the way Mila says \
Anonymous Ninja
Who's watching in 2017?
Anxious & Awkward
Awkward justin is so cute
Anyela Jauregui
Amo a Mila Kunis...y a Justin ni hablar !! ♥
Apollo GJB
Wow thats a great color on Mila!
At 1:10 - 1:14, Mila looks at him, and gets hot and flustered. You can HEAR her get wet!
I just waited for the moment when Justin goes like \
Bellatrix Lestrange
Belu_ 13
I love how mila looks JUSTIN AT THE 4:39
Buffy Summers
god Mila is GORGEOUS
I love the way Mila Kunis says \
Chad Richard
Justin's butt is positively adorable 
Chloe Tiptucci
Thats gonna be great if that sex was real
Corrion Lewis
he is trying so hard to hold it together and she's being funny moaning and everything 😂😂😂😂
Crazyk9 AJ
Who is meg?
Dania Trujillo
damnnn Jackie!
Daniel Gao
Justin Timberlake is like AWWWW SHIIITTTT
Delein G.
its funny that ashton did no strings attached, the same year mila did Friends with benefits, and then them both ignored those movies and their relationahip started just as its shown in this movies, by being friends with benefits....longs story short they are married with kids now😂😂😂😂
Destiny Dacosta
Filming, on set, justin and mila have a great connection. It was really good chemistry. It made me believe that they were really together, but sitting here being interviewed they seem uncomfortable together. Maybe it's because the questions Ellen is asking, idk..
Dora T.
his face on \
Erxiao Wang
JT is just sexy asf! ! !
Gabriel Sen
Meg, naked. nop
Gingerbread Girl
To everyone: fall in love when you’re ready, not when you’re lonely.
GsPilotXR skurr skurr
Shut up Meg
i wish my boyfriend had that but and by boyfriend i mean air or nothing
Indy Scarr
Shut up meg
JG Morgan
In general Mila wants Justin's DICK!!!
Jan Jacobsen
Justin seems bored
This is the type of Ellen interviews I like. One that doesn't get interrupted by a long and loud \
Jay Mckinney
Lmao!!! JT. A sock?
Jess Parker
Has that ever happened to you...friends with benefits ? \nCue 2016 where Milan says her and Ashton started like that
Jon Snow
i never knew my mother
Joonha Shcal
Justin is so awkward in this interview.
Justine Zamora
Lol bless, Justin's so embarrassed.. hahaha! Great movie though, both great actors!
K Cornben
Shut up meg.
Lauren Kim
only ellen has these types of interviews 😂
Legion Ivory
I've had a friends with benefits before, and it was pretty sweet.\n\nThe one thing that kept it from getting weird was the fact that the sex was never intimate, only fun. I say it is indeed possible.
Like My comment
i was watching this right after i watched friends with benefits
Lisa Lightz
haha ...they are hilarious ;D
4:21 Is it possible Mila laughed cause of the unintentional double meaning? XD
M. Wade
Magy 88
Friend with benefits relationship only works for a while. Sooner or later someone or both of them are gonna fell in love with the other person. If they both want to have an official relationship then ok. If no...it is over.
Maria De Los Angeles
Mila Kunis is so pretty!
Mat xo321
Mila kunis is a babe
Michael Moore
bear butt??:))) bare but ok...
Miles Mchugh
justins mom must be in the audience
Miranda Monday
Can people really be friends with benefits ? Me and my boyfriend were for I think under a week and finally admitted we loved each other and now we've been together almost a year
Its so nice what Justin said about Mila.
Mohey Saleh
as soon as Mila started talking I felt like Peter is gonna pop out of nowhere and say \
Objective Ninja
Shut up Meg!
Whenever I hear Mila Kunis I hear Meg. 
Justin is acting awkward probably because I'm assuming Jessica Biel might have been watching the interview. Male actors are required to wear a synthetic sock during nude scenes. I don't think it was his personal choice.
Many people watch it, Justin. Many people.
Pradeep S
flesh colored sock 😵😵hes so awkward explaining i can understand 😥😥
this is such an awkward conversation for justin
I love the way Mila says yea.
Revanth Boom Boom
J : \
Riley Karamchandani
I know why he is crossing his legs
Ryhan Uddin
Ellen is the best interviewer, its like shes in cruise control,its a conversation to her, not a Q&A
Who tf is Meg lmao
Samantha Rose
It's just like Ellen's his mother and she's interrogating him!
Smartypants Screwdriver
Shut up, Meg.
Stella Livadioti
I bet they're doing it.
Ellen no filter 😂😂❤️
Tboooy A
4:42 There is more to that look than meets the eye😂😂👀
The Concise Statement
What's with all the questions, Ellen? If you're confused about the protocol, just cast your mind back to when you screwed Sharon Stone.
TheKing Olaf
Tiffany Onwudinanti
Still can't believe that this is the same Justin that came out with the 20/20 album. He's sooooo talented !!
Vintage Vinny
Mila Kunis!! Absolutely Gorgeous
Young King
I need to move to Russia to see more chicks like Mila lol
Shut up Meg...
alana terrel
one of my fav movies
Mila is so hot!
Justtin looks so fukin sexy omg! He so baby faced looking again with that hair!
I've been putting off watching this movie on Netflix, but I had no idea it was so explicit... Hell yes. [Goes to watch it right now]
blopa kijda
Shut up Meg
It's funny when JT talks about how a FWB situation can go wrong when Mila and Ashton started out like that hahaha
eX Calm
i want a friend to bang.
emerald creeper
When he said lady first i thought he sais lady spears
Isn't it funny that this movie came out the same year Ashton and Natalie Portman starred in No Strings Attached, which was the exact same premise?
helen d
2:54 Justin: Still a feeling!I CAN'T STOP THE FEEELING!
i am grill
they definetely had a crush towards each other
He is MK ultramind-controlled. The big stars are serving the devil.
Hahaha Ellen asks this & then Mila does exactly that with Ashton (almost same movie around this time lol) after if not during this time. Should've listened to Justin, Mila!! (but I'm glad y'all didn't lol & ended up in love w/ a family and all that too...)
sarah s.
very strange conversation. justin timberlake is talking to ellen about mila like she is not sitting next to him and milas body language speaks for herself. they both weren't comfortable talking about the intim scenes in this movie. they definitely had sex/ an affaire with each other. :D
Justin talks like he has dimentia
Americans have an exaggerated definition of nudity.
I could seriously listen (for hours) to Mila describing her bowel movements in graphic detail! It just happens that she is just as easy to look at! ;)
they have definitely banged once or twice off camera
In my head Justin Timberlake's heart is broken because Mila is not with him and he plans to leave Jess and steal this Ukrainian Goddess from Ashton and they would live awesomely ever after..... Ya that's what's in my head i know it's not real but.... Leave me alone
Justin looks so awkward lol I love him!!
Meg Griffin