Let It Go - Behind The Mic Multi-Language Version (from "Frozen")

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?ник уволен?
2:53 ❤️Russian
lol the german looks very angry and nasty when singing
Akai akabane
1:26 nice voice 💕 the best\nFrom England ✌
Alex- Kirby8
January 2019 ?🤗
All of Jimin's Jams Namjoon stole
the Portuguese girl's facial expressions and hand gestures are GOLD!!!!!! ALONG WITH HER VOICE!!!!!\n\nI love them all though \nI want to memorize it all
Anas Abrar
I think the Japanese language song is better
Anastasia Reshetova
Anderson Fernandes
In my opinion, 4 years later, still lacked in this video, the recording in Brazilian Portuguese. But the Japanese, the Serbian and the Thaïlian were extremely beautiful.
Anja Gvozderac
My favourite are\n1.Serbian😍\n2.English😍\n3.Japanese❤️\n4.Spanish❤️\n5.Portuguesse❤️
Anna Jose
Why is no 1 appreciating how beautiful the Norwegian 1 was
Ary Mochammad Irfansyah
1. Norwegia\n2. Serbian\n3. Korean\n4. Latin American\nDecember 2018 😂
Axel Dell
Latín American Spanish ❤
Ayangtan Mlbb6
I LOVE THE JAPANESE , HUNGARIAN , SERBIAN and MALAYSIAN ^)_____^)\ni'm from Indonesia
Wow they all sound like the same person
Bogi Tőrös
*Language order*\n*English - Idina Menzel **0:26*\n*French - Anaïs Delva **0:33*\n*German - Willemijn Verkaik **0:41*\n*Dutch - Willemijn Verkaik **0:47*\n*Mandarin - HU Wei Na **0:55*\n*Swedish - Annika Herlitz **1:02*\n*Japanese - Takako Matsu **1:11*\n*Español Latinoamericano (Latin American Spanish) - Carmen Sarahí **1:18*\n*Polish - Kasia Łaska **1:26*\n*Hungarian - Füredi Nikolett **1:32*\n*Español Castellano (Castilian Spanish) - Gisela **1:44*\n*Catalan - Gisela **1:50*\n*Italian - Selena Autieri **1:58*\n*Korean - Hye-Na Park **2:05*\n*Serbian - Jelena Gavrilović **2:13*\n*Cantonese - Jobelle Ubalde **2:20*\n*Portuguese - Ana Encarnação **2:27*\n*Bahasa Malaysian - Marsha Milan **2:45*\n*Russian - Anna Buturlina **2:52*\n*Danish - Maria Lucia Heiberg Rosenberg **2:59*\n*Bulgarian - Nadezhda Panayotova **3:06*\n*Norwegian - Lisa Stokke **3:14*\n*Thai - Gam Wichayanee **3:21*\n*Canadian French - Anaïs Delva **3:29*\n*Flemish - Elke Buyle **3:37*\n\nI want my like :D
Microphones used\n\nEnglish : Telefunken Ela-M 251\nFrench : Neumann U87Ai\nGerman : Neuman U47 Fet(?)\nDutch : No idea lol\nMandarin : Neumann M149 (or M150)\nSwedish : Neumann u87\nJapanese : Vintage Neumann U87 (Pretty sure recorded on 1 of 3 Focusrite Forte's in existence but I could be wrong)\nLatin American Spanish : Neumann U87 ai\nPolish : Audio Technica At4060 or Neuman u87\nHungarian : Neumann TLM 193(?)\nCastilian Spanish : Neumann M149 (or M150)\nCatalan : Neumann M149 Tube\nItalian : Neumann U87ai\nKorean : Neumann M149 Tube\nSerbian : Neumann TLM 102\nCantonese : Neumann U87ai\nPortugese : Neumann TLM 103\nBahasa Malaysian : No idea lol\nRussian : Neumann M 149 Tube\nDanish : Neumann U87(or TLM 193)\nBulgarian : Neumann U87ai\nNorwegian : same as Dutch\nThai : Akg 414\nCanadian French : Neumann u87ai\nFlemish : Neumann U87ai(or TLM 193)\n\nAnyone who can fill in the blanks, it's much appreciated, would love to know what im missing\n\nEDIT : if you wish to learn more about the Focusrite Forte' Consoles, this is a very interesting documentary to watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJd8606oNNk&t
Elran Dorado
My faves are Swedish, Japanese, Latin America Spanish, Korean, Serbian, Bahasa malaysian, Danish, Bulgarian, Norwegian, and Canadian french. ❤️💕♥️
Evelyn zahra
Woww so beautiful jepan, mandarin, korea
F-Four Milk
I love Thailand 😍😍
3:08 Bulgarian 🇧🇬
Gustavo Gabriel
Meu top 5:\nPortuguês\nFrancês\nBúlgaro\nJaponês\nAlemão
Ham Sandwich
It's a really big mindf*** when you think that everyone in the earth watching this is hearing the exact same thing but everyone is understanding different parts.
Irene Didi
2018 ??
Julie Camille
i think the Japanese girl sang beautifully! 
ᴀʀɪ ɴᴏ ᴍᴀᴍᴀ ɴᴏ, ѕυgαтα мιѕєяυ иσ уσ
Kawaii Lolipop
I think the inggris and japanesa girl song beautifully !!!
Kelley Zha
I remember it was this version of Let it Go that sparked my interest in learning languages.
Koko Kiko
Japanase is the best
Kulchitt Vilaichitt
1-Japan\n2-Thai\n3-Serbian \n4-Cantonese \n\nStatistically we live Longer. All were great. 🙂LOL
Lady Tristen Ong
The canadian french really caught my attention
Laiska Luumu
Awesome, but where is Finnish?
Leandro Silva
Everyone here saying their language was more beautifull i think everyone was beautifull , but i loved the serbian and japanese one , i speak portuguese btw
Letícia cristina dos santos idalino
1 Korean\n2 Japanese\n3 Mandarim (chinese)\n4 Latim America Spanish\n5 italian\n6 Portuguese\n7 Bahasa Malaysian\n8 Thai\n9 Canadian Fresh
I'm so glad that many ppl in here like the sound of Japanese☺️
Luisa Cabrera
Best voices\n\n1: Japanese\n2: Mandarin\n3: Portuguese\n\nIm in LOVE with them 😍😭\n\nEdit: no Chinese :/\n\nEdit 2: srry I didn't know that I guess Im dumb :(
MaJaHo 1111
Cantonese is my favorite voice
Marcus Braun
The japanese is so cute and the portugese is just ..... what a woman!
Marisa Tamayo
i only understood the English and latin american Spanish part lmao
Melisa Escamilla
Latin American Spanish it's my favorite 😍💚👏
Miraculous Lover
My personal favourites are English,French,Japanese,Korean,Cantonese,Serbian and Portuguese \n\nEdit: Also Bulgarian and Norwegian
Miraculous Tales
Mouriel V.
they are all great by their own language..
English: 10\nFrench: 10\nGerman: 10\nDutch: 10\nMandarin: 10\nSwedish: 10\nJapanese: 10\nL. A. S.: 10\nPolish:10\nHungarian: 10\nCastilian Spanish: 10\nCatalan: 10\nItalian: 10\nKorean: 10\nSerbian: 10\nCantonese: 10\nPortuguese: 10\nBahasa Malaysian: 10\nRussian: 10\nDanish: 10\nBulgarian: 10\nNorweigen:10\nThai: 10\nCanadian French:10\nFlemish: 10\n\nBecause every language is beautiful, don't close your mind.
Je préfère la version French et Japonaise ...
Namita Ganesha Sharma
Amazing! All of them sounded different, which is gr8!\nEnglish- Strong powerful voice\nFrench- Calm and mind-blowing pronunciation\nGerman- Wow!\nDutch- Beautiful\nMandarin- RIP, strong voice tho\nSwedish- Omg!! speechless so good, amazing voice!\nJapanese- Cute! If you didn't know it was Japanese you could probably tell because of the way she said was perfecttt!\nLatin American Spanish- so graceful, powerful and meaningful!\nPolish- super strong voice, it rally came from you like you meant it!\nHungarian- Professional and smiley!\nCastilian spanish- Fancy!!!\nCantalan- very good! amazing voice!\nItalian- sounds so good and professional! Very powerful.\nKorean- I hv no idea how to describe, awesomeeeee!!!\nSerbian- powerful and spectacular!\nCantonese- Looks like my old piano teacher😂, amazing powerful and meaningful!\nPortuguese- probably made everyone's day! Ur voice is rlly good! You rlly meant what you sang!\nMalaysian- Graceful and great voice, words cannot describe it!\nRussian- Woah! Good pronunciation while singing!\nDanish- u looks and sound like Rita ora lol, you have such a strong voice!\nBulgarian- that last note that you sang was like omg! You are very talented! U HV a very strong voice. While singing you change notes so graciously, it's astonishing! Honestly!\nNorwegian- I keep on replaying you and every single time I feel like crying, I strongly believe I will never get bored of your singing! The background music when you sing makes it amazing! Luv u♡♡!\u003c3\nThai- graceful and calm, beautiful voice!\nCanadian french- u killed it! Your were so strong and into the song and music! Ace!\nFlemish- great ending, longer notes were sang amazingly and calmly! Super diction and clam ending\nLuved the calm start and finish\nI hope Ur amazing voices will stay with u for Ur whole entire life\nIdk whether this means anything cos ots coming from an 11 yr old, but I truly meant every word i said or typed😂!\nP.S. I sang let it go in full English and in 25 languages when I was 8 it's on YouTube \nSearch: Namita Sharma singing, and then which ever one u want to hear.\nXx
3:22 the Thai girl is so beautiful :)
NevaehPlayz 4U
2:59 to the end are my favorites \nJapanese was just beautiful too.
Nexzis Gott
1 - Japanese\n2 - Mandarine\n3 - German
Noam Saban
The japanese one turned Frozen into an anime lol
Oscar Jodi
The snow glows white on the mountain tonight\nNot a footprint to be seen\n\nFrench\nUn royaume de solitude\nMa place est là pour toujours\n\nGerman\nDer Wind, er heult so wie der Sturm ganz tief in mir\n\nDutch\nHet werd mij teveel hoe 'k mijn best ook deed\n\nMandarin\n别让他们进来看见,做好女孩,就像妳的从前\nBù ràng biérén jìnlái kànjiàn\nZuò hǎo nǚhái, jiù xiàng nǎi de cóngqián\n\nSwedish\nVisa ingenting, vad du än gör\nAllt är förstört!\n\nJapanese\nありのままの姿見せるのよ\nAri no mama no \nSugata miseru no yo\n\nLatin American Spanish \nLibre soy, libre soy\nLibertad sin vuelta atrás\n\nPolish \nWszystkim wbrew, na ten gest mnie stać!\n\nHungarian \nJöjjön száz orkán\nÉs közben a szívemen ül a jég\n\nCastilian Spanish\nDesde la distancia que pequeño todo es\n\nCatalan \nI les pors que em dominaven \nPer sempre han fugit\n\nItalian\nNon è un diffeto è una virtù\nE non la fermerò mai più\n\nKorean\n내 마음대로 자유롭게 살래\nNae ma-eumdaelo jayulobge sallae\n\nSerbian \nSad je kraj, sad je kraj\nNa krilima vetra sam\n\nCantonese\n誰亦要 全心脏 忘掉就天比高\nShuí yì yào quán xīnzàng \nWàngdiào jiù tiān bǐ gāo\n\nPortuguese\nEstou aqui, e vou ficar\nVenha a tempestade\n\nBahasa Malaysia\nKuasaku buat hidup bercelaru\n\nRussian\nПодвластны мне мороз и лёд, ну что за дивный дар\nPodvlastny mne moroz i lёd,\nNu čto za divnyj dar\n\nDanish\nOg som krystaller står en tanke ganske klar\n\nBulgarian\nЩе спра да бъда аз на миналото в плен\nShte spra da bada az na minaloto v plen\n\nNorwegian\nLa den gå, la den gå\nJeg skal stige lik solen nå\n\nThai\nปล่อยออกมา เลิกซ่อนเร้น\nเด็กดี ไม่เห็นมีค่า\nPl̀xy xxk mā leik s̀xn rên\nDĕk dī mị̀ h̄ĕn mī kh̀ā\n\nCanadian French\nJe suis là,\nComme je l'ai rêvé\n\nFlemish\nEn de storm raast door\nDe vriekou daar zat ik toch lang niet mee
Philix Peng
Don't you think that's it's weird that when u listen to your own languange it's normal but when other people listens to your languange it's the same as other languages? This makes no sense at all XD
Rajeev Buddhiraja
I like Japan & Japanese girl sung beautifully..✌✌👌👌\nFrom India🇮🇳
S1m0 9
Like se lo guardi nel 2019/2020 e se sei italiano
Samsudin Lateka
I love Japanese and Korean
Satikun Sawatna
My favorites is Swedish,Canadian,Serbian,Portuguese,Russian,Danish,Norwegian,Thai and Cannadian French.
Shivangi Priyadarshini
They are all such beautiful powerful singers🙆
The best ones were Japanese, Danish, Korean, Spanish, and Serbian
Slender Boxer
2018 ?? \n\nJapanese girl sang flawlessly. N she’s adorable......
Stephen Bonning
Oh my God the Thai woman is gorgeous! 3:23
Sullivan Pratama
japanese look like ost anime
Súp Heo
I wonder how do you guys get such a persistant voice tone and quality through all different kinds of studio and microphone from different places.
The Korean Disney Princess
English: Idina Menzel (speaking & singing)\nFrench: Anaïs Delva (speaking & singing)\nGerman: Dina Kürten (speaking) & Willemijn Verkaik (singing)\nDutch: Willemijn Verkaik (speaking & singing)\nMandarin: Zhōu Shuài / 周帅 (speaking) & Jalane Hu / Hú Wéi-Nà / 胡维纳 (singing)\nSwedish: Annika Herlitz (speaking & singing)\nJapanese: Matsu Takako / 松たか子 (speaking & singing)\nLatin American Spanish: Carmen Sarahí (speaking & singing)\nPolish: Lidia Sadowa (speaking) & Katarzyna Łaska (singing)\nHungarian: Farkasházi Réka (speaking) & Füredi \u200bNikolett (singing)\nCastilian Spanish: Ana Esther Alborg (speaking) & Gisela Lladó Cánovas (singing)\nCatalan: Mar Nicolás (speaking) & Gisela Lladó Cánovas (singing)\nItalian: Serena Autieri (speaking & singing)\nKorean: Ahn So-Yeon / 안소연 (speaking) & Park Hye-Na / 박혜나 (singing)\nSerbian: Jelena Gavrilović / Јелена Гавриловић (speaking & singing)\nCantonese: Kitty Wong / Wong Ji-Haan / 黃紫嫻 (speaking) & Jobelle Ubalde / Baak Jan-Bo / 白珍寶 (singing)\nPortuguese: Maria Camões (speaking) & Ana Margarida Encarnação (singing)\nBahasa Malaysia: Marsha Milan Londoh (speaking & singing)\nRussian: Anna Buturlina / Анна Бутурлина (speaking & singing)\nDanish: Maria Lucia Heiberg Rosenberg (speaking & singing)\nBulgarian: Nadezhda Panayotova / Надежда Панайотова (speaking & singing)\nNorwegian: Lisa Stokke (speaking & singing)\nThai: Gam the Star / Wichayanee Pia-klin / วิชญาณี เปียกลิ่น (speaking & singing)\nCanadian French: Aurélie Morgane (speaking) & Anaïs Delva (singing - French version)\nFlemish: Elke Buyle (speaking & singing)
Tindras. Liv
I’m half Swedish and Half Thai
Udeme Ebong
I know only English but the Japanese version is my best.
Ulises Navarro
1:18 Oh ,Hermoso México ;)
Victor Lopes
The most beautiful are Portuguese, English, Spanish, Japanese and Serbian
Vukan HD
Jelena Gavrilović najbolja glumica i pevačica bre
Wasem Shurbaji
Japanese was the best
Japanese and Norwegian is so good i like both versions.
Any language is beautiful.
Every language is beautiful.
Yeona Fieder
:28 - 0:31\nThe snow glows white on the mountain tonight, ¶\n0:31 - 0:34\nNot a footprint to be seen.\n0:35 - 0:38\nUn royaume de solitude,\n0:38 - 0:41\nMa place est là pour toujours.\n0:42 - 0:45\nDer Wind, er heult so wie\n0:45 - 0:49\nder Sturm ganz tief in mir.\n0:49 - 0:51\nHet werd mij te veel\n0:51 - 0:55\nhoe ‘k mijn best ook deed.\n0:56 - 1:00\n「Bié ràng tā men jìn lái kàn jiàn,\n1:00 - 1:03\nzuò hǎo nǚ hái jiù xiàng nǐ de cóng qián.」\n1:03 - 1:05\n\
Zalapo Kids
Amazing, I guess the video is playing in front of them, I can see that the singers move hands, bodies and create facial expressions as does Elsa in the video! Great work!
На любом языке эта песня супер.
anna cutis
this is one of those songs that works in all languages
bhupati biswas
Japan is best
emouna sakura
I love japenese 1:17 and italian 1:57😍
patricio estrella
1:19 \n2:13\n1:11 \nLas mejores 😍
poly akther
The best one I Think is ITALIAN
sila nur
The Japanese and mandarin and the korean was the best
My Favs are Dutch and Portuguese. And Norwegian, Thai, Canadian French, Flemisch....and Mandarin, Japanese.....Polish, Hungarian...ahh not to forget...Catalan....Italian.......
yaj eye as hrjsjxn
Arino mama no ,Japanese = let it\ngo
I am Japanese.\nI am glad because there are many opinions that the Japanese version is good, but why?\nI think the singer of other countries is also wonderful.
Евгений Панков
Latin American Spanish, oh, its beautiful!)
دنیا محمد
Japanese 😄👍😘
บาส เยสโด้ว.ว
อาทิตยา ละน่าน
I love THAI #FC Gam Wichavanee
•Happy chan
Japanese is the best♥♥ love Japan♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ and Russia★★★ from Egypt ^ ^ ♡¤♥
しも しも
日本語版 松たか子さんが好評で日本人としてとても嬉しいです。\n\nI am very glad that the Japanese version is popular as a Japanese person.
My favorites are Serbian, Russian, Malay, Italian and Flemish.😍
はむ はむ
世界中でjapanese girlが絶賛されまくって嬉しい
Takako Mastu(Japanese🇯🇵)\n\nHer father and brother are actor of KABUKI(歌舞伎)\n\nこの英語通じてますか!
1.Japan\n2.Portuguese\n3.Serbian\n4.Swedish\nimo, from Japan