The Legend of Bruce Lee - Episode 15

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Bruce Lee joins a Karate tournament to fight the defending champion. The two masters find techniques to exchange and work to develop their art. Bruce is thinking about moving his school to California.Subscribe for more episodes and check out China Hour on Sky UK's Showcase Channel 212!

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Arif Ahmed
Good episode
CFH 420
This is the worst BL story ever!
David Fortin
Total fiction! An entertaining movie on it's own but has virtually nothing to do with Bruce's REAL life. Same thing with Bruce Lee: The Dragon Story. Total BS!
Nice Upload
Good movies ...
Lupe Vaquera
But it is really great either way
Your my master bruce lee 🙏🏻
Manish LEe Manish LeE
master bruce lee is very super fight
Shannon Copeland
This guy looks just like him.
jose Almodóvar
Me gusta este actor sabéis como se llama?
This is atrocious, no disrespect.
rajendra prasad
You can never become Bruce lee
suri chinna
Like a animal