The Naked And Famous - Higher (Lyric Video)

From the new album ‘Simple Forms’ out now! Get it on iTunes:

girls like you hearts like ours naked ... naked and famous naked and famous live punching in a dream simple forms the naked and famous tnaf young blood

Adam chewy
Xfinity commercial ????? Anyone else ?
Alex Garcia
Nice song and yay a new album on the way!
Alexander R.
I love this more than chocolate
Ally Q
To me at first I thought this song was gonna be slower paced and then it built and i was like wow and it surprised me I recently found higher and I'm already in love
I love this song. Can see this played in a movie. Also a RESIST protest song too. 👌🏼
Amelie Morgenthaler
This makes mega so very happy
Andrew McClenning
I can't wait hear to the studio version of #Runners. Interesting title #SimpleForms is.
this lyrics video is so beautiful ~ \nI am also really stoned xD
OMG i'm so genuinely excited like this song was so great live and I can't wait for this new album!!
Ari Child
Omg I an so happy that I won tickets to this band and not some other one. This is the best band ever!
Bere Joyce Méndez
New album please!!!!!! Love your music, make my day
Carl Reynolds
CenturioN :D
wer ist alles hier wegen der Werbung?
The amount of bliss I feel while hearing this song is truly incredible. That effective sound just invigorates my soul. Always occurs before the lyrics too but once they do hit I'm 100% complete and oh so satisfied.
Xfinity brought me here
Derk Ender
YES. That was dope. So happy they didn't split.
@NakedFamousVEVO \nAwesome song! Sounds just like your guys old songs which is definitely not a bad thing! Keep them coming
came from an xfinity commercial
Drunken Druid
5 Seconds in - Oh Yea, Their Back :)
Edson Maiberg
Young Blood 2.0 ...
Eric Isaac
Damn great song! can you believe that Xfinity brought me here?!?
Erren Elizalde
OMG! After two years!
Essentially Elisa
God Damn!\nThe Naked and Famous are just too good!!!
Evan Christopher
FREAKING OUT! This song is just as good and catchy as Young Blood, Punching In a Dream and Rolling Waves! \u003c3
Flying CBR
wer kommt auch aus Deutschland und ist nur hier wegen der O2 Werbung
Guilermo Fuentes
I listen to this song like 100 times in a day and it's not enough
That #GoPlayOutside add brought me here xD
Isabelle Lawrence
Jacob Weidinger
Adelholzener Werbung irgendjemand? 😂
James Hillhouse
Is this better than youngblood? I can't decide
Janny Mikaelson
I can't get enough of this song \u003c3
Jay Lothbrok
Ixfinity just blew you up
Jesus Molina
definitely made a new fan seeing you guys live at the Blink 182 concert in Las Cruses,NM. Amazing Music!
Jimmy Khann
I know for sure this song will be the late night summer drive song~~
OMG!... I THINK I'VE JUST FOUND A NEW FAVORITE OF ALL TIME GROUP!!... I've never heard of them before today, but I absolutely LOVE their music style and the lead singer's voice!... Absolutely Amazing!!
John Borzini
..While cooking dinner, with the TV on, this song came on, and I thought \
John Holmes
Decent production, shame about the generic lyrics.
Joseph Maclean
OH MY GOD TNAF!! I was just thinking when were they going to release new music yesterday and here it is!! SO EXCITED.
Kishor V
This band always makes dope songs.
Laura Kelly
Most underrated song of 2016. I said it.
Lea Marie
Ok. how am i just now in 2017 finding out about this band and their music?? how are they not blowing up? they are very very very good! nobody else has this sound
Lena X
Yesterday live in Berlin.🤗\nIt was just amazing.👍🏼😍
Liam Kelly
You guys are awesome keep doing New Zealand proud!!
Luís Mora
Absolutely fantastic!
M83 Collective
Man I thought this band was dead
I was so lucky enough to see these guys at a festival, they were so amazing and also Alisa's voice was so cute and she was so nice.
:):):):):):):):):):):\nLOVE T/N/A/F
This video is so aesthetically pleasing its incredible
Maddy S
Who's here from the Xfinity commercial?\n\n(They play this song)
Meb Themes
I saw this song live when The Naked And Famous opened for Blink-182. Good song.
Michael Pacyga
I first heard this song when on vacation in Puerto Rico driving along the beach somewhere on the western part of the island in a rental car......I knew it was TNAF, that voice is unmistakable!
Mikael Sosa Synth
80s in 2016.
Moji Kornkamol
I'm so blessed. Released on the same day as The 1975's Somebody Else MV.\nReal nice vibes for a Friyayyyyyy.
Moon Tribe
This song was played on a Xfinity Comcast commercial when I heard higher higher that beautiful angel voice I knew it was them omg I love their music ❤❤❤❤❤
Will there be a music video? Because this could blow up
Nate Emond
This and The Runners made me buy this cd as soon as I could. Ten bucks on Amazon is a steal. i have their other 2 main stream releases. I am a thirty yr old straight guy who gets strange looks when I crank the volume on TNAF while delivering pizza but IDGAF. Best band in the world with a sound all their own
Yes my favorite band is back! This song is amazing!
Peace Maker
7 years from now this songs gonna be so nostalgic I can already feel it...
Poozen Weez
Her voice is soo beautiful ❤ The Naked and Famous.. Musical Magic ✨ Punching In A Dream...
Rens Louwerse
Someone here from the active O2 commercial?
Love it....exactly what I wanted from TNAF. Can't wait for the new album. Just a shame we have to wait until October for it.
Ricardo Andrade de Campinas
B R A Z I L Nice! \u003c3
Richie Harrison
2017 summer flow🔥🔥🔥
Riss G
Love this song
Rjania 2013
Best song of the album
Roberto García
I dont understand why people dont listen to this group more they do. This group is gorgeous.... It deserves be more famous.... and probably more nacked hahah
Ryan Burch
I know this may sound crazy, but I listen to this song when I hear news about the onslaught of our current disastrous political climate. Despite not seeing any tangible evidence to have it, songs like this give me hope that someday, somehow, things can get better.
Røbin Darkø
Beautiful song and good message.Love it
Gonna listen to this in paradise , good vibes here
this video is pretty A E S T H E T I C
Welcome back TNAF! ♡
Steinfurter Mädchen
Das ist so ein schöner Song. Bin verliebt❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😘😘😘❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Steve O'Donoghue
i know this song
Sushi Banana
I played this song while I was on the bus late at night, traveling to nowhere. And damn it felt good 👏👏👏
Timo Engelvaart
I've waited so long for this. Now it's finally here
That Xfinity commercial brought me here - so glad it did! Found a new song I love, and discovered a new band!
Tommy Tucker
NZ 2016 Olympics theme song!
How does this channel have only 70.000 subs??? These guys have been killing it since day one. If theres one band id put on when I need a positive boost its TNAF. Always fresh always new, cant wait for the new album!
Wil Bogdanoff
*_The only thing I hated about the song was the ending... because it ended. This song needs to keep on rolling._*
Xay Lacen
This song gets me higher 😍🚀
when u here this song on ur tv....
blair hollywood
I found this song from a new series on a new FREEFORM TV show \
eli eli :D
Sounds like Katy Perry xd
Who is here because of the \
ernesto pulido
Marvelous song!!
girly_ Feli
Love this song 😍❤
While this seems similar to Hearts Like Ours but you can tell Alisa found some new sounds.
jacob foulds
Who's seeing TNAF at firefly 2017!!?!
6 months late to this but an amazing tune. Highly addictive. Regards from cold Norway, this lights up dark winter days :-)
mohamed mostafa
anybody +30 Like this band? or it's only me??
reminds me of the old CHVRCHES a little. love both groups :~)
pastel princess
I love this. This song and Rolling Waves were the first two songs that I danced to with my boyfriend. I know that sounds so cliché but the feeling in my chest was so overwhelmingly happy. I can never forget that feeling. \u003c3
heard this playing in forever 21 and wrote down the lyrics so i could look it up later. sooo good
I am liking where TNAF is taking this direction.
witchykitty X
Saw them open up for blink & perform this last night they were phenomenal
Time to start a ring of fire and play this song at high volume! What a strong song!
Ö _
I still really want a collab between TNAF and CHVRCHES...