The Legend of Bruce Lee - Episode 17

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Bruce opens his school and starts taking students, but masters of the Chinese Kung Fu Association feel disrespected by him. To persuade them to change their ways, Bruce must fight an old foe.Subscribe for more episodes and check out China Hour on Sky UK's Showcase Channel 212!

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Andrew Mangalino
Try using the subtitles kungfu (go foo, come foo) bruce (gross, loose) wtf google?
Gabriel Magogwa
U hav did well boy
Jhanno Ortazon
Still watching 2011'til 2018 \nSo nice story\n...\nI Love Bruce Lee ever .
Mihajlo Djukic
Why is 5:27 translated as \
Rich Rozmarn
I enjoy all the episodes, .
He beat Wong Jack Man in Birth of the dragon