Amy - The Amy Winehouse Story (Full Music Documentary Movie) [2015]

Amy is a 2015 British documentary film about the life and death of British singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse. Directed by Asif Kapadia and produced by James Gay-Rees, George Pank, and Paul Bell and co-produced by Krishwerkz Entertainment, On The Corner Films, Playmaker Films, and Universal Music, in association with Film 4. The film covers Winehouse's life and her struggle with substance abuse, both before and after her career blossomed, and which eventually caused her death.In February 2015, a teaser trailer based on the life of Winehouse debuted at the pre-Grammy event in the build-up to the 2015 Grammy Awards. David Joseph, CEO of Universal Music UK, announced that the documentary entitled simply Amy would be released later that year. He further stated: "About two years ago we decided to make a movie about her—her career and her life. It's a very complicated and tender movie. It tackles lots of things about family and media, fame, addiction, but most importantly, it captures the very heart of what she was about, which is an amazing person and a true musical genius.

It's so dense I had to wtach 2 times completely and several parts again to underdtand all. What to say ? This is the saddest story on hearth, maybe. She was so brillant. RIP.
Abby Young
Blake mocking her when at Rehab makes my skin crawl...and shame on Mitch, not bothered about his daughters wellbeing just bothered about keeping her famous and making money
Addie Encarnacion
She has such a resemblance to Freddie Mercury. Legends.
Aleksandra Todorovic
R.I.P Amy❤😭🙏🙏
America Lopez
What an amazing documentary... Amy I will forever love you 🖤
Amz Here
Beautifully put together. RIP Amy 😥
Andrea Espinosa
She got a breast augmentation procedure ...But never erased the Blake shirt pocket from her chest .... that really stands out to me
Does anyone else hear her say “if I got famous, I would probably go mad....”
Black Sparrow
I love you Amy!!\nFrom the bottom of my heart, thanks for everything ❤
Bobby Paluga
Her father is so pathetic using his daughter as a cash cow. He threw a tantrum because Drs didn’t want her doing a US tour. Blake is a dickless talentless druggie crawling out of the sewer. No, Blake if you love somebody you don’t get them and keep them hooked on crack and. Heroin
Buff tuna
love you babes
Chet youbetya
Something happened in this woman's past for her to willingly destroy herself.I think it was much more then her mum and dad divorcing or her grandmother dying.An eating disorder,drug use and cutting herself are things that stem from childhood sexual abuse.
Chris Hansen
The press. The fame. The expectations. That's what killed her. People think she just did drugs just to do them. There's always a reason behind a drug addict. We don't really know what her reason was. It must have been a number of things. But instead of everybody seeing her in such a negative light, let's focus on how beautiful she truly was. Her voice her body, her smile, her eyes, her style, her jokes. She was truly a special person. Rest now Amy... rest.. it's all over
Coletha Albert
EVERY one is responsible for the decisions that they make or don't make. It can be wrenching but you have to be your own saviour, Redeemer and hero. Rest in peace Amy 🕯️ next life be brave, stay sober.
Desiree Yacko
Wow. Amy I am so sorry u didn't have anybody , someone to truly trust, of all the ppl that surrounded you , you still felt alone. I could feel it. It's totally ashame and bullshit that ppl only wanted to talk about your personal life and not that amazing voice, and soul of yours. Your father, I have no words. No u can't force treatment but he should of been by your side but was to selfish and narsasist fool. As a addict/ recovering addict the support means so much. Maybe no one can make us do recovery but just having family , a friend by ur side means the world. This documentary really tugs on my heart and your voice is still reaching ppl souls , even this very second. RIP beautiful soul. You will be young and beautiful forever in eternal life wherever you are. Fly high and may u finally feel piece knowing u left a mark in this world forever with that amazing voice. There will never be anybody like you again. You still rockin it♡☆
Diana Spry
this girl was fa9iled by her parents in every way. what mum or dad hears their daughter is throwin her meals up afterwards and shrugs it off.
Ohhh.. Amy... I love you very very much, you're my darling, why are you died???!!! I like you.... We remember you every day, you are our favorite singer.....
Eli Cassidy
Eloise Morris
So tragic. Now I'm crying. She was too good for this world.
Ethan Hall
This woman dominated my life from when I was eight to when I was ten
Fabiana Reis
Muito muito muito muito mesmo triste
FarM M
I think Amy wasnt amazing. Amy was extraordinary, she was fantastic. Such a talent with such a goddest voice born once in a century and so young, beautiful and so mature at twenty - incredible ... Amy could have everything but she wanted only one she never had, love. Everyone she loved betrayed her. They betrayed her from selfishness, from desire for money (father, Blake, ...). Her death is a huge loss. I❤️Amy
This makes me so mad...comedians making jokes about her mental health issues. Oh, haha, real funny. Let's make fun of people going through chemotherapy next.
Holly Love
Ms.. Winehouse beyond underrated in her years on this 🌎 .. Voice is life!! Beautiful soul 😥 rest in paradise mama🙏
a lof of the blame goes to blake for introducing her to hard drugs, big time.
Jamie Dragoo
Beautifully done documentary...Amy was a quasar that regretfully burned out way way to soon...
Jamie Priestley
Toxic Blake...
Jared Lowey
No amount of fame or money can buy happiness.
Jazmin Zhinin
I love you Mama , I'm in tears. I miss you everyday and i love you from here till the world and back.
Jeff Mattel
She was adorable.
Jennifer Scott
Jules - this is so boring without drugs...can totally empathise; addiction never leaves you
Such a beautiful young women. She was a sheep without a Shepard. Whoever is claiming to be her friend or family should be ashamed. She needed Jesus but sadly chose the wrong path next to the wrong ppl. Accept Jesus Christ before it is too late. You cannot go to heaven without having a relationship with God.
Johnny Knoxville
I'll die jus like amy but it will be alcohol
We live in a very cruel world, Amy had so much talent, it’s upsetting to watch this, and I didn’t know her personally. My heart goes out to her family and friends, I’m sure there is a huge void without her! RIP Amy 🥀
Ken Ebacher
Such a terrible tragic story about an incredibly gifted young lady!
Her dad should be ashamed
Leo Allam
The world caused Amy's death... She didn't want any of this, she just wanted to sing! RIP Angel.
Linda Huggins
A priceless treasure was murdered by those the closest to her. We should be very angry, but I can only find tears for this precious soul.
M. M.
The 6 months later clip after she met Blake is so sad. You can see she had already started to deteriorate so fast in such a short amount of time and the old Amy had gone. I was only 8/9 when her career really started to pick up so never really understand how sad her life was or how her behaviour wasn’t because she was a crazy lady but because she was so drugged up. The people around her failed this poor girl, the public treated her like a zoo animal and just observed her self destruct. Her father was nothing but a leech, her mother stood back and did nothing, her friends and security were the only ones who truly cared for her.
Why? Why? She was the rael deal. RIP , U R FREE NOW! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING, LOVE.
Madeline Cane
Mitch is massively to blame. He had total mental control over her because he knew she was terrified of losing him and that she’d do anything he said. I’m sure he loved her but the odd relationship between them meant her future relationships would always break her heart, in a very very deep way. Ultimately, he behaved selfishly when it came to Amy as she had the success he’d never been able to achieve. That’s why he kept her out of rehab and let her continue to drink in St Lucia - he wanted to continue to propel her fame (and in turn, his) and he knew rehab would delay future albums. He now runs a foundation in her name to help other addicts which is ironic since he was an enabler for his own daughter. He just wants to cover the fact he was a terrible father and save his reputation, while remaining in the spotlight. I’m sorry but I truly believe a father that could use his daughter in an ultimately fatal way is a despicable person.
Madison Neave
37:10 wild thoughts???
Marcella Dreith
So god damn heartbreaking RIP Amy. 💔
Just because you are famous doesn’t make you talented.
Matthew Griffiths
Feel like things could've been different in terms of the the business side of things and released some pressure of her so she could get back on track and not just a small break😞
Melissa Wright
We love you Amy x
Michaels Left foot
Heartbreaking in every sense of the word ... hang your heads in shame those who should have took responsibility of the situation to keep Amy alive today... what type of dad takes a camera crew with him to meet his daughter abroad when she’s in desperate need of support . . .? \nOh that’s right a scum bag low life like Amy’s dad..
Molly Jones
can we talk about what a seriously genuine friend Jules was likeee wow
Suddenly all of her songs have a true meaning... Narrating a part of her traumatic life.
Oρμlεɳ૮ε Pɦσεɳเא
She was an old soul, an Indigo. They don't make it too long on this earth. They must transcend.
P.T. X.
She's so young. I can't believe this. I don't understand this....what happened to her......why happened to her. :(
Paola Garcia
Her Dad is trash ....
Reminds me of lady gaga
Peanut butta Shimma
Like 👍 if you are here from hearing about this documentary on The Real??? Such a beautiful sweet soul. This world was too cruel for such a pure spirit. RIP
Ross' girl R
Dear Mitch, I hope God in his infinite wisdom will judge your greedy arse up there!
Sara Porter
So many people can relate to her. Heartbreaking
Sepp Dietrich
A beautifully made Doco.
They tried to make her go\nTo rehab but she said no no no
Squidward tentacles
Shame on those people saying boo like you should know that she was in a bad place
Talita M.
1:18:02 😢\nHer dad and her husband have been awful to her. True poisons. Especially her dad.
The Badass Potato
Her face when she saw tony bennet😂🖤
She didn't want help she wanted to live her life the way she wanted and she did. She may have died young but it was her life.
So young. Her skin looked so nice even after all the drugs and booze...that's how young she was. Seems like she was always needing a daddy to look after her and never had the care she needed. Or maybe she finally found it but by then she was in the grips of addiction and it was too late. Sad.
Tracy Cregg
Truly tragic. RIP Amy ♡
Her attitude killed her.
Wide Awake
I miss her still\n\nGirls need their fathers Mitch. She wasn’t an angel before him but Blake was poisonous
Yo Mom
And at 23:40 is she talking about her dads affair?
Zilber Eva
73 questions with Amy Winehouse - 35:36
Zωή Lympe
The end is heartbreaking😔\nWhat a beautiful soul...
This is such an inspirational and truthful documentary. Simply overwhelmingly honest and heartbreaking.
bai shariff mamadra
bebe e
she was awesome and her voice is still amazing, she has nice soul and smile. \nLove you Amy ❤😢
i think with the little i know about Amy Winehouse,i know one thing by her own words,she never regrets the tings she did ,sometimes but that a girl who was veru headstronge,no one was going to tell her how to live her life ,so no blame ,i just feel a great sadness that parents and brother lost a daughter,sister,we wouldnt even know or care if she was not famous im sure unless you are a family member going threough the same thing she did or her parents and friends and brother can you understand the enourmous situation the parent shad on there hands when you find you child addict to chemical drugs ,most people dont notice the booze problem till someone does something real stupid while drunk,so ni blame,rest in lovely heavaen Amy ,sing it good with those angels like you!
bennet gordon
37:0? \
dylan gaming. vlogs
Was that weed she was sniffing?
j j
Can you believe her father is now the one in charge of her upcoming holographic tour...
After watching the \
i feel her in a way of the heartbreak and the bulimia, i feel that deep down
luisa nomikou
Exactly how bustard and insensitive a father like Winehouse's was,in order to tell and convince himself that his daughter was absolutely fine and didn't need a rehab? \nThe girl was in pain physical and psychological and was drinking whole bootles of alcohol and drugs everyday and still her father was in his own world neglecting her! \nHe was a monster profiting from her and didn't do anything to save her.He wasn't capable of being a real father!
Stay of skinny guys lady's!
her father needs a good smack or two (thousand)
Her Dad was a culture. Poor girl :(
Looks like a lot of people wanted to keep the gravy train running at the expense of her health. Typical story.
sara Jalal
Is sad that People was only after making money on her instead of listen to her signs of help😞 that she really showing, sad to say but she finally Got the peace that she should had get long Tine before, \n\nr.i.p Amy❤️🙏 we Will always remember the good in you.
sophiarae eckstein
Im crying 💔
That moment where Amy wins the Grammy made me cry. Her reaction was just everything.
is it okay that this movie uploaded on youtube for free?