Bruce Lee real fight

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The legend

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This is beyond surnatural 😨 Great artist
The ping pong match is fake!
Adri Dagata
Its fake? I dont belive come on!
Ben Chud
Sigung Bruce was and still is a legend. Not only in his Martial Arts but his philosophy too. I always draw strength from him still today and his premise his metaphors were unique..
Colby Hopper
Who would win Bruce lee or Rock lee??
I Busted myself in the nuts trying the table tennis thing.\nI'm just gonna go watch tv. 😩
The master of ultra instinct.
sorry to break it to you, but the table tennis was for a tv ad. it's not even bruce lee, just an actor, and the ball is cgi. all fake.
Daniel Andrews
I knew this was clickbait... you know how... there are NO videos of bruce lee fighting for real... none.
Deepak Goyal
His techniques and skills are still mystery for us... Undoubtedly he was a \
Duc Dang
Bruce Lee is joke. He never challenge famous fighter. This is joke of century
Elvar Snær Ágústsson
Eric David Harris
Se nao tivesse morrido podia ser jogador de ping pong profissional
Ernesto Esquivel
Muy bueno en artes marciales \nYa no hay como el \nAhora puro pendejo \nComo nunca va ver otro como \nMexicsno pedro infante esls si eran artistaz ahorA dan las nalgas los actorez
Eze-gamer 555
is real?
Fabio Bongini
Ping pong fake
Flamer Gamer
It's stupid how people think just cause he was an actor, that he can't fight or anything.\nIf he couldn't then he wouldn't be known as the legend he is today.\n\nbtw, Im pretty sure his attack speed and power is greater than today's fighters who people who seem to compare him to.
Frank Bender
the ping pong game is fake...
Fuad Dumalang
Oh my godddd..
Fun & knowledge
bruce lee was a legend but this clip is edited
Real Fight????
GamerDude_ 0036
One of earths most amazing legends
I need a belt foe the police that jumped on me.
Gavron Gmar
bruce was playing ping pong with nun-chuks. damn. bruce was one bad ass fighter. he speed...
Geferson Felipe
Ele tava indo bem!pena que morreu antes de eu ensina o resto do treinamento!
Gerardo Verdi
Probabilmente c'era qualcosa di vero sulle abilita' incredibili che avesse poi il cinema lo ha sminuito in un certo senso ha fatto sembrare le sue artimarziali un po' una recita invece aveva un dono incredibile
Guna Editz
I love Bruce lee
The fight is at 3:56
bruce lee was a superhuman
This guy is not human. Just wow
Bruce Lee was the first man to completely master karate, or was the first known, I know there are still many masters unknown. But his body can't take the pressure anymore and died, R.I.P Bruce Lee.
I help anytime
A freaking legend.
Iron Z
Bruce Lee es fascinante digno de admirar
FALSO, FALSO, FALSO, desde los 36 segundos hasta el minuto 2 con 50 segundos NO ES BRUCE LEE. Es una publicidad china del teléfono móvil NOKIA poco serio el video...mal!!!
Jack Mehan
Bruce Lee was NOT a real fighter...If anyone thinks that I am wrong PROVE IT!
Jarek Cimrman
Javier Garcon
I have been keeping track of super human beings for awhile now, Bruce Lee was my idol growing up, today I see something that I never seen before. Its because I have witnessed actual demons, rare but true, demons exisist, making a deal with the devil also exist. I think about these no bodies, losers that one day become super famous, no one knows how but quickly dont care, we live in a world where people do not believe they have a soul, they sell there soul for a power that is not there's, Reading about Bruce Lees father and listening to Bruce Lee's I terviews was rumored that his father made a deal with the devil, it might be superstition but only time will show if its raw talent or something else entirely. Nevertheless no one in all of history could come close to an expert fighter as Bruce Lee. Today I believe he had some kind of help and that help had a price, his life and his sons life. We will never know, like I said only time will show a map leading to something.
Jeff Hartwig
Bruce Lee is awesome! but no, impossible to hit a ping pong ball one time with nun-chucks and have the thing survive lol.... it'd be crushed for sure, simple physics.\nBruce Lee is Awesome!
Joe Rock Soul
just immortal in our memory ♥
Joy Division
Commitment , passion, study , love , knowledge and discipline that’s what the guy was as terrific as he was.
João Vítor Prado
O bruce era o cara
Jummo Karbak
haters will disagree...
картонные доски ломает и фейковый настольный теннис, по моему для какого-то фильма эффекты делали, хороший актер но не мастер и тем более не боец, нету не одного реального боя с ним где он бы защищал свой мастерский дан! в наше время все путают реальных бойцов и актеров!
Kevin Wilt
Calling him the greatest ever is total bullshit. Lee never competed ever. I can name 4 contemporaries who would literally kill Lee in a fight. Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, The Iron Sheik and Andre the Giant.
King Manta
Real fight? Yeah ok sure....
Luis Ramirez
I've seen all Bruce Lee movies and honestly is very impressive BUT I still go for ( Ip Man )
Luki Maly
Master super human's lord
Malcolm Mcconner
The original Saiyan!
Manish Gupta
mean great fighter
Marshall Law
This is what 100,000 hours of osu experience looks like
Michael Jordan
why do people still believe it? its fake bruce lee was just good actor of his time no more
Mikael Ahremark
The whole ping pong bit that spans most of this clip is from a commercial for Nokia's N96 mobile phone. It was made in 2008 and is mostly CGI with Bruce's face digitally added on an actor.\nIf you really think anyone can play ping pong like that you need a reality check, Bruce was amazing but not THAT amazing. :)
Mike Robbins
Where's the \
Muostafa التميمي
Naresh thapa
Enyone in the world can not be Bruce Lee in past or present or future....
Nicholas Perkowski
I really have nothing to say about these tricks that he did, he was so much more than these stunts show, he was a million times better at everything that we will never understand, he was and will always be the best
No Pain No Gain
very strong fighter Bruce Lee ❤
Pervy Sama
I ended up hitting myself in the face with nunchucks trying to play table tennis with them. My friend ended up hitting himself in the nuts. In short, playing table tennis with nunchucks is not a good idea.
Raheel Niazi
I miss bruce lee do you
Rahman Rosaidi
That guy was fat compare to Bruce Lee\nHahaha\nFake video\nMade 35 years after Bruce Lee death by nokia
ReNdY east Borneo
Wow bruce lee
Richard Morgan
Bakaaaaahhhhh!!! Whooooooooo!!!
Ping Pong part wasn't actually him. It's also a fake footage that fools a lot of people to believe that was Bruce Lee & his the skills he had to Nunchaku ping pong balls.
Roving Punster
OMG, the segment with bruce playing ping pong using nunchuks instead of a paddle at 0:37 ... jawdropping. And against a skilled opponent too. 🤤\n\n Never saw that before, and i thought id seen all footage of him before. \n\nThanks for some of the rare footage in this vid.
Sasuke Uchiha
Não consigo joga Ping Pong nem com a raquete e ele joga com os bastão duplo
Shalom Mashiah
Be my peace peaceful
Shilparani Dutta
Som Bdr Rai
Spiderman Simbionte
Lean los comentarios se van a cagar de risa con chuck
T Love
Baaaaadasery best ever 👏👏👏👊👊🙇🙇🙇
boards don't hit back.
Tatit Eksana
The man who can control 100% of his body..
Damn thats crazy
Omfg really😱😱😱
William Yancey
dame. he was so fast. he was the best there has ever been. no joke I mean. none of the good fighters of today even if they have a better technic, are better then him. just because he was so fast! like mohamed da li or paquiau.. I am talking about the kick!
ayoub ayoubb
it's not eazy
daniel muñoz
wtf .. pudo prender los fosforos .. con ese palo con cadena .... y jugo pimp pom con ellos ...
freaky manchild
he has the most courageous rape face of all time
gio meqoshvili
legendaruli brusli
goncalves vilanculos
Today not only learned with his technical skill but also with his wise words. Rest in peace
ibrahim 9193
Mass overloaded Bruce lee\n😍😍
jose freire
El q sale en la mesa de ping pong y encendiendo fosforos no es bruce lee
jose gregorio garcia figueroa
si ubiera combate mortal para decidir el destino de la tierra solo bruce lee seria el elegido
The Bruce Lee Ping Pong Video was not Bruce lee it was a Bruce Lee lookalike \nfor an advertising campaign.
mick m
The nunchaku ping pong is not Bruce lee, or the cigarette part. Still impressive though.
momo Caman
he is a alien XD
mustang five.0
Bruce Lee will NEVER be forgotten.
prajwal wadmare
great ..💓
riyan guru
Master of Legend
roger andrean
Rip bruce lee never be forgeten😇
show time br
Não há outro igual Bruce Lee Ele e único imbatível para mim e o melhor de todos sei que tem muitos bons mas Bruce e Bruce Lee.Sua fa Rose Alves.
vivek appu
This is awsome... A rare video
xX Mázin Xx
Las habilidades de Bruce eran increibles. Eate hombre crea una absoluta y total admiracion en mi.
Павел Павленко
Человек Легенда.Не человеческая реакция.