Shannon Elizabeth On All-Female Alliance Failure | CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER

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"Celebrity Big Brother" evictees Shannon Elizabeth and Metta World Peace sit down with ET Canada's Matte Babel to talk all about their time in the house, including where the all-female alliance went wrong.SUBSCRIBE to our channel:

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Meta just has no idea...smh
Amber G
I love Shannon... but news flash, Ross is playing to win not to make friends. (He's a super fan!) Shannon must decipher the two and stop being bitter, she's so much better than that.
Asma J.
But who lied on u boo?
Ava Ortega
Shannon was so damn overrated, lol. There is no way she was even half as good as all these people were claiming. She came into the house committing one of the biggest and most easily avoidable flaws in BB - playing too hard too fast. She is an average player at best.
Chrissy B
Shannon really has no self-awareness, does she? She wasn't even close to winning, but she's acting like she is such a better player than the others. IDK why she keeps saying others don't know how to play. That just makes her seem like an even more of an awful player, to be beaten by people who don't know how to play. Girl just let it go; you're too damn bitter.
Ummm where is ika?
Dasha Jean
Shannon: Girls play too much with emotions\n\nHELLO! All she did was mope and cried when she got nominated. Goodness don't vote for her for AFP.
Deputy Dog
Shannon will get my vote for AFP
Giuseppe Rossi
Shannon saying Brandi is not a stratigic player is a bit delusional. Isn't Brandi one of the people who had the initiative to get you out, Shannon?
I Love Life
James played with EMOTIONS....he got Brandi out and she was NOT a threat! He would have won that HOH!!! That’s what cost him the game!!! Dummy
Shannon is a fan of the show yet is surprised that people lie about people?
Jaime Jeanty
Shannon, girl bye...
Jake Holmes
Matte is so hot!
Jeremie from Puerto Rico
final 2? James and mark ? or marissa and ross?
Jonas Mendes
Where's ika????
Josh Williamson
Aw poor Shannon. I feel so bad that she had a bad experience as she really wanted to be there and she loves the game☹
Love these two!!!
Liev EDP
Who's this interviewer? 😍♥️
omg...Metta is still carrying that stupid owl
Lizzie Martin
Love Yourself
Metta acted like an idiot the entire time.... or maybe he wasn't acting. 🙄
Maven YT
If they keep making Celebrity Big Brother and if they do an all-stars version, they need to invite Shannon!!
NewEarth Son
Matt Babel is zaddy buhhhhh where's Ika?
Ika should’ve done this interview. No offense to ol’ boy though.
Peter Von Blake
So Shannon never saw an episode of B.B. I’m so glad she’s gone.
Rachel DHM
Shannon u broke up girl alliance on week one it was never the other girls who started it
Rane Barbosa
I miss Ika
Sketch McScribbles
No Shannon. You initially said this may be your only chance to get James evicted in the Dairy Room. The alliance turned on you after YOU broke it up. Her thoughts are rewriting the show in her head.
Soccerchic265 jkns
Shannon needs to fix those thin 90s almost spermy brows. Girl maybe you overplucked back in the day but microblading is a thing now. You had enough time to go get some more botox in your forehead because it did wear off in the house.
Sonnix Jackson
Shannon is a GREAT LIAR. She continues to lie even outside the CBB house. Shame on you SHANNON and grow up.
The Wanjiru
shannon is such a victim. she was NOT LOYAL TO HER TEAM AT ALL TIMES. she screwed over omarosa from day 1 then treated her like crap! stfu & foh
Vincent Byrd
James did well, the end of the day he did what shannon what have did for herself. save himslef and keep going for the win
White Emerald_
Shannon wasn't loyal. She didn't tell her team that she made a deal with James. If you are going to hide your side alliances, that isn't being loyal. smh
Xavier Neypes
Shannon, in other words, you are not as good of a bb player as you think you are.
keke F
Shannon was my favorite . She was the only person I liked on the show
“well hopefully no one was paying attention” lmao
¡Te Amo!
Wow!! Shannon knows how the game is played and is surprised she was voted out?!?