Lady Georgie (1983) - Episode 01 - English Subs

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The first episode of Lady Georgie with English subtitles!Synopsis:''An Australian farmer returns home from the woods with a baby named Georgie. The girl lives ignoring the terrible secret hidden in the golden bracelet on her hand. Her "Father" and Her "brothers", Abel and Arthur, love her dearly, but her "mother" considers her an intruder and doesn't manage to open her heart to the girl. Georgie grows up into a beautiful young girl, and both her "brothers" are deeply in love with her. Not knowing the truth, Georgie eventually falls in love with the handsome grandson of the British Governor. When Mother finally reveals the truth to her and condemns the girl for being an exile's daughter, Georgie leaves for Britain in search of her real parents - and for her love, who has also left Australia. Abel and Arthur follow her and the three are thrown into the cruel world of London aristocracy, lies and intrigues.''(From MyAnimeList)

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Will you be uploading more? The other account who had them got deleted :(
PLEASE upload all the episodes, I'm begging you!
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upload tagalog version georgi
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Were is the english sub title
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*sees them all playing together naked*\nuuuh... it was an older time. lol
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i've been looking this for so long. thank you!
Lady Georgie English Subs
I'm trying to find some good subtitles., it has been really hard :( If you can find those in Spanish or Portuguese, I'll be able to translate them. I found English subs for the first ~20 episodes. I'll try to be quick with the next episode! :)
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Pede po padownlod amn ng full episode wth english subtitle ng lady georgie plsssss....
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Please, we want all the epiodes in English.😍
Thank you so much for your work, it must be hard ♡\n\nMeanwhile I get killed by nostalgia,I always watched this when I was in Italy.\nI could watch the Italian dub but I want to watch the original,thank you again ♡
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Would appreciate if you can upload more. ❤
I watched this in german and even the dog sounds different in japanese.\nWhy did they dub the dog?
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Where can I find the next episode with english sub?
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old anime style is always making me calm
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I love their dad he is so cute 😂💖
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where can i find all the episodes..
If this ever found its way to be dubbed, would they have Australian, British, or American accents?
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Old but gold💕
thanks for sharing this beautiful cartoon.
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subbed... pls complete all the episodes tnx
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I love this anime
It was broadcasted to Korea in 1985... But it was ceased this year beacuse criticize of Korean parents...