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Welcome to Shark Cage - a brand new poker show where poker pros, celebrities and an online qualifier fight it out for $1,000,000!And there's a twist: players must make sure they don't get bluffed/their bluffs get through - otherwise they do time in the cage...Heat 4 of 8 features: ElkY, Isaac Haxton, Antonio Esfandiari, Bill Perkins, actress Shannon Elizabeth and online qualifier Fredrik KeitelDon't miss the next episode or any of our videos. Subscribe here: PokerStars operates the world's most popular online poker sites, serving a global poker community of more than 63 million registered members. Since it launched in 2001, PokerStars has become the first choice of the world's top players, with more daily tournaments than anywhere else and with the best security online. More than 110 billion hands have been dealt on PokerStars, which is more than any other site.

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Lol, plays a game worth $1 million. Doesn't understand the rules of said game.
Adam Youdell
Keep betting like Biff with the sports almanac
Alysha Bolden
Instead of saying how much I dislike Shannon, I'll just say I love Tilly.
How in the shit did nobody start singing \
Bibby Roboso
For a D list celeb, she's a self obsessed little pansy
Bob Mob
Perkins is so fun :)
6:42 \
Byron Goerz
Should be a dunk tank. While you are in there if anyone gets a Full house or better you get dunked.
Chris Alexander
I rewatched for the Hug since antonio said it. Then I think it looks like Bill Perkins attempted to Kiss Ike.
Chris Chester
What a B and POOR sport Shannon is. Doesn't she hang around with Tiffany Michelle? Also acts like a B at the tables
Chris Keer
Nothing more disgusting then an old man with braces
Chris Manning
I didn't know that Rivers Cuomo was so good at poker.
Daan Schalkwijk
Wow, Shannon is really stupid. The rules aren't that complicated ....
Darren Wong.
bill perkins is luckbox n donk 
David Gaylard
Shannon is hot, but a terrible sport
oh god, i love antonio :D
Digital Rocker
48:27 Dumb blonde that's not where you put those LOL
Finally! The wait for this seems like eternity! :-)
Dino shark
I knew Mr. Perkins played poker but I didn't expect to see him on this. I got sooo hyped when I saw him cause he went to the same high school as i am in rn 😂
It's like Fredrick wanted out because Shannon said he was good looking? wtf. 
Elin B
I love IKE accent!
awesome video game references by the commentator
I hope there will be Shark Cage season 3. Great series.
Going South Videos
Epic spewage by Perkins. Btw, Shannon looks sooo good for her age
Herman Helmich
32.35 HE FOLDS????
It is I
this show is just pure joy to watch and Antonio makes it x10000000000000000 more fun :D
James Stevens
Why can't I view in England please?
Janny Le
Jay Kay
Best episode ive seen so far. Perky and Co had fantastic social connection which made for excellent viewing. Shannon was possibly the poorest sportsman ive ever seen
Joe 'Give Us Your Thoughts' Rogan
She should just stay home and babysit or make sammiches or something...Stupido
Joe Kwong
Im sorry i cant take an adult with braces serious
Joel Itzcovitz
i always had a huge crush on her and after seeing how she acted on this show that crush intensified ten fold!
John Doe
bill perkins is a hedge fund manager? haha
Jonathan Rossignol
Does anyone else think there should be a \
Karolis Latakas
Epic laugh:D 19:14
Best episode of Shark Cage so far without annoying people.
I know that Antonio probably doesn't care, but that 85s hand was a total shipwreck from start to finish.
Pause at 19:09 - the qualifiers facial expression describes this episode perfectly!
good pros and fun amateurs, nice episode
Shannon is totally paranoid.
bill looks like key from key and peele
Best Shark Cage episode so far, a lot of good laughs.  Shannon was great, really heartfelt frustration.
No Ital
It's like Shannon thinks she deserves to win or at least have everyone play soft against her. She has pretty girl syndrome. Ran into a situation where the men there thought winning ( it is only one million dollars after all!) outweighed kissing her \
The only thing that makes this PAINFUL to watch is listening yo that IDIOT commentator...
Ah; so we can blame Isaac Haxton for this mess!!
Philipp Ludwig von Seidel
32:57 CLASSIC Elky\nnever lucky in his life actually
Gonna skip this one. Perkins and the American Pie girl are absolutely vile human beings--hope neither of them wins!
Rico K
Pathetic acting by Shannon when she was in the cage. What a cry baby.
Roman Donabauer
its hard to win if you think the world is against you!
Shawn Tooney
I feel like there are a lot more good hands than in real life
Shannon is such a cry baby...
Stefan Alvetjärn
Why using cards now instead of the buttons ?
Stefan Holbek
Reeeeally love this format! Everybody seems relaxed ... having a great time ... despite the price pool!
Strange W A V E
A high five from Bill Perkins is probably worth a few grand.
Stu Stu
Grow up Shazza
26:09 yeah, it was your theatrics that \
Why isn't this available in the UK where poker stars is based
This is why there are so few female players, emotions aren't good for poker.
Bill and Antonio made the only reason to watch this
Wow tough table this time. Nice.
William Hesser
Good lord bill is the worst.... and he telegraphs his big hands about as obvious as can be, should play face up.
Xristos Tsias
for sure perkins hit on her and she rejected him
She should lighten up.
Ymir Ho
Shannon, emotional animal prepared for building up stacks for professionals~
Wtf shannon is so negative. Shannon vs hellmuth soon lol?
finally a good episode
you chose Shannon being in the cage as your thumbnail. no that's not a spoiler at all.
bring back The Big Game.
hate bill, everyone else is good, though and shannon is hot
Why would Ike fold at 32:34 with a high full house? Even I would've raised on that.
i love me some nadia
harry sendall
Billionaire Bill is down to earth nice guy, hollywood actress is a spoilt brat
indra putra
Elky just basically play 1 hand and eliminated.
j emblem
bill perkins the ladies man
james b
shes so hot
Antonio needeling Perkins. Love the chemistry with those two.
kendra anne
Shannon is not that bad she is just probably very competitive an annoyed that they are trying to annoy her
The best lineup so far
Shannon is still same pretty lady as she was in the scary movie, sweet :-D
I wonder if Antonio knew that was Observer84. Think if he doesn't and just thinks he's a random qualifier that makes the Q10 hand a fold.
not active
bill playing like an idiot.
Why can't uk viewers watch this?
If Perkins was selling patheticness, he'd be a gazzilionnaire by now.
I hope Bill Perkins gets the cancer that he distributes to the rest of the table.
rita miller
I have seen Shannan Elizabeth play many times and she is always a sore loser. I am glad she is out, it was fun to watch her act like a 2 year old
rupert weet ikveel
Dont wanna sound weird but were in worldcrisis and yet a miljonair gets a noteer Milion....
Thats Nadia from American Pie!!!!
god she sucks
Shannon is similar to Helmuth as a spoiled brat, but less entertaining ...
Whiny and a poor sport... but I'd still throw her a bone.
I like Antonio