Wrongfully Convicted of Murder and the Path to Acquittal

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The Illinois Innocence Project hosts David Camm, a former Indiana State Trooper who was wrongfully convicted of murdering his wife and children. We hear .The most anticipated witness in David Camm's third murder trial took the stand Monday.On the evening of Sept. 28, 2000, former Indiana state trooper David Camm came home to find his 35-year-old wife Kim and his five-year-old daughter Jill .Dateline Mystery: Murder on Lockhart Road Part 2 On the evening of Sept. 28, 2000, former Indiana state trooper David Camm came home to find his .

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Bel Mum
I don't think David is innocent, I think he planned it & there is no emotions from him at all.
Fern Ansar
Why is the audio all distorted? I can't hear anything they're saying?
Hairy Neck
He's guilty as hell. You cannot dismiss Child Abuse. He's evil.
Heather Mefford
What is utterly insane is the prosecutor's office ignoring David's alibi ( playing basketball ) until he could come up with another story that would explain how it didn't really matter IF he had been at the gym! That alone, would be reasonable doubt! It's like the prosecutor just started flinging accusations at David hoping it would sway the jury's emotions against him! Sickening...
Ian Battles
It must be wild for A COP to experience the corrupt side of the system!!!!!
James Barnes
So sick of this treasonous habitually lying system of felons and traitors and deceivers...of the STATE, of course....\n\nALL assumptions, presumptions and speculations with no actual evidence whatsoever... and he had 11 witnesses that he never left the gym and absolutely no proof of Boneys lies.......Should have never been tried....\n\nAnd the judge excluded exculpatory evidence.....
Jason Troy
Here we go again tunnel vision . Do your bloody job get the evidence and convict .
I just stumbled across this video and I’m extremely pleased that David Camm has been exonerated. I’ve seen videos of his case but he was at the point of being charged and convicted with killing his family, despite having eleven witnesses saying he was with them at the time of the crime. The T-shirt and placement of the shoes weren’t followed up by the police, which puzzled me greatly, but once I heard this information, everything fell into place for me. Charles Boney is a cold blooded murderer who has no remorse. He can talk the talk alright, but I hope he has a hard time walking the walk in prison.\n\nMy condolences to David Camm for your terrible loss, and the insult of being charged with their murder to add to the injury.
That sweatshirt Ewee,seriously nobody else is gona wear that
Kim McGivern
Did they not do DNA test on jill what was results from that?
Kutta Kyte
This guy is so fookin' guilty it stinks. The fact Camm has been found not guilty after being found guilty TWICE is appalling. He should be still locked up. Who else finds it odd that the other guy's t shirt was draped on the car. The husband put that there to incriminate this guy. It's so fookin' obvious. The father is a paedo who was molesting his daughter. FACT. What reason would the other guy have to kill the kids and a mom? Camm claims who never met this man before. Lying again.
Third trial found innocent.
Mearl Coleman
Can’t hear iPad sound is too low
Mosab Hijazi
They will never admit they are wrong , even after all these wrongful convictions , pathetic the system fails people and claim they are following the rule of the law.
Norman Spurgeon
This program is a lot of spin, and hype. The trooper is guilty.
Paula Chevalier
I'm sickened that this poor man David Camm and his family were put through hell! 11 people were with him he has more alibis then he even should need. Her family I just can't believe they still think he did this. Boney who is a many time convicted felon did this alone. Sadly the justice system allowed him to walk the streets. If he was kept in jail we wouldn't even be her talking.\nTravesty! Scary this could happen to anyone. I do believe they couldn't admit they got it wrong. That beautiful Mom and children killed and a Father put through pure hell. Family ruined.
Rachel E.
It’s just a shame that they acquitted the husband!! In his eyes you can see the guilt!!! The husband is a freaking lier and a stupid coward
Sherry Miller
i COULD NOT convict Mr. Camm on what was presented here.... as for his wife's allegations of molestation, whether or not it actually happened, it would be foolish not to at least question her motives for such a claim as people have been known to falsely accuse someone of wrong doing to get what they want in a divorce.. So judging only the content in this video, there was NO evidence at all that Mr. Camm was involved! And it IS about evidence, not \
Tammy Jordan
They refused to admit they were wrong - it is disgusting
Tony Manero
Innocent !!! His Alibi has 11 people who said he was there when they got murdered. You can't be in two places at the same time.
allen smith
so sad that man spent 13 years in jail.........thank god my kids are grown and I divorced my wife before she could kill me or worse!
boom Vas
I think David was involved in someway. MINUTE 14:00 he said said (IT NEVER HAPPENED THAT WAY) makes me think he knows what happened or had something to do with it
If the police, prosecutors, and all those responsible were required to serve as many years in prison as those they falsely accuse and convict then these erroneous prosecutions would cease.
detroit nelson
it seems to me that they both not guilty in court of law. objective thinking is wat it takes. i wonder who the ''buddy'' was that backbone spoke of to trinidad lady, if she to be believed. and the written statement that was revealed through forensic style specialist. i reckon they did exactly wat the prosecution sais. most who watch this are going to because they believe the ''innocent man in jail'' story. OBJECTIVE evidence sais reasonable doubt for both. dererer you simpletons
No sound
j anv
Stupid criminal doing such horrific things then going to involve innocent man.