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A Tơ Ngôl
1:27 he is in meditations with completely attention the power of univer in to human body. As we can see that he has a position like Falun Dafa ( an exercise that has been destroyed by China's govement) which makes him to be stronger and faster than anyone do matiral arts.
Aakash Buttanda
that was great video 👍
Adarsh SB
bgm is realy gud, motivating
Ajay Nayak
I will fulfil Bruce Lee deram
the mighty god rip
Andy Johnson
Your memory Will for ever be in my heart
Anna Vajda
So his quote was pray for the strength to endure a difficult life but he died young from an aspirin?
Beverley Wells
Bruce Lee quotes: Knowledge will give you power, but character respect. If I should die tomorrow I will have no regrets. I did what I wanted to do. You can't expect more from life.
Blackstars 561
The legend can rest in peace.
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee 😢😢😢😢😢
Chhatra Bhatt
Bruce Lee is one of the Greatest of Great , Human Being , born on this Planet .
Cosmopolite cosmopolite Ma Nithya Lokakartananda
With love and gratitude, may he be blessed.
Danijel Jovanovic
Davey Moore-Fraley Jr.
yes, if was go to WWE world wrestling entertainment the theme song like this, that means I would be undefeated in my life never loss my wrestle fight at all. champions-undefeated-master fight. I'll be insane history of all time.💪👈👍👊 that's made me focus alright.
Desi Kalakaar
name of music???
Diane Giovanniello
from the inside out⭐️Bruce Lee🙏
Diarra M. Scott
A man with great wisdom and love he is but do we not forget that to see reality as it is we must learn to accept it and channel our feelings to it through tranqulity with great patience not arrogance just remember one thing he said that is so true be water my friends for it is so pure you have to repeat it a million times to understand it.
Easy Ez
Makes me little sad because he didn't learn all of the principles of Wing Chun. But he is a Legend in his own right. Respect.
Evian Mason
man all the Living Legends die
Francis Lambert
Rather respectful and making a clear understanding in what usually are \
Who disliked this why did they
Harshal Yutkar
Lavde download chalu kr na be..
Henny God
0:52 goat vs goat
Ivy Cheung
Jagan J
he is always inspirational....still after decades passed ....we know him...remember him..all the time...he is only dragon ..forever..RIP
Johnny Gonzalez
The most inspirational video I wish he was my mentor
Jordan Fernandes
2:28 the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life.
Jose K
He lives in our hearts..
Kaali ka Hungama
bruce Lee is my life
Kai Tang
His spirit is still alive
Kevin Nguyen
Bruce Lee will always be in our hearts as the best martial artist and philosopher. R.I.P. Bruce Lee
Komarith Soth
Koray Yildiz
Great video
Marcel Luna
Margaret Batson
I'd rather have an easy life.
Matrix TV
i hate apple
Maurice Winslow
What an incredible story this guy left behind him. he was just getting started wish we had a better glimpse dude was unbelievable just one of those people who led an amazing life so far ahead of his time in so many different aspects wish he was still around
Mr. H
Mystery Man
Thank You Teacher, I try to master your wisdom and insight everyday in my life. Not so much your Martial Arts...You are the Master in that category. True Legends Never Die.
Bruce died cause the dragon needed a master.
Nghi La
What is the background music?
Paul Liu
Bruce Lee philosophy is so profoundly beautiful and meaningful !! His IQ and EQ are exceedingly way above average people !!
Prince Brown
THe leagun
Prince Massey
How sad
Puja Phukan
i wished he was alive
Purnima Patel
King of martial arts rip\n😭😭😭
Rebecca Carman
I always feel God sent him to the world to inspire us.
Ridiculously Gracious
Strenght comes with health, health comes with basic needs fullfilled
Rishan Sarkar
Wonderful... Nothing to say.... He is legend.... Greatest of all time.... Until the World Series
Rob S.
these sayings , regardless if they were his own origionally or not, are the type of things they should teach at an early age in school , etc....instead of some of the other crap that they don't need to teach maybe
Rosa Colon
The greatest!!
Russel Andrew
Never ever remove this video!
Saumitra Gautam
Long live the dragon.
Selaphiel V.
It hurts to see Them in the ground dammit
Serisko Sello
Oss Rest in peace sifu
Shahid Akhtar
The last one quote is amazing👌👌
Shaikh Tabrez
Koi isko Hindi me batayega
Shiva Reddy
Bruce fan from india
beautiful picture at 3:18! he is full of beautiful spirit in that picture.
Star Light
The world lost the great human being\nNo one cannot fill Bruce Lee place
Be water my friend
Every Martial Artist should be respected! We learn grow evolve. I've read a lot of books on science philosophy etc. I'm not a master neither philosopher but understanding yourself comes through great contemplation. Enlightenment is attained through contemplation! Think beyond your imagination and dictate to perfection. I've seen things in my own lightness we all are born different pursue your dreams cos we only live once in this physical realm spirituality is unseen until we reach!
Tc Tc
What is the music
The Rising Soul
Bruce Lee. A Great Actor. A Great Human Being. A Great Martial Artist. A Great Teacher. A Great Dragon. A Great Soul.
Vikash pooja singh Rajput
Perfect 👌🏻 tich nd top ☝️
Vossi Vintage Road Bikes
A true Master and beautiful human being.. He reached a level of consciousness only few will ever reach. His wisdom given by intuition and comes from his ability to be open, pure, and flow with the elements. Bruce Lee is the truth. And the truth is God.
Willie Mendoza
the greatest of all time, the deepest within human thought, the first and last to invent what can't be explained and to explain what cant be reinvented R.I.P. my teacher Bruce Lee.
Xtreme Justice League Xtreme Justice League
abdul basit
one man army
asnaku tadesse
cash ames
Song name please
hamza khan
Work hard in silence.let you success be you niose
himeragi chan
1:26 I think I heard this dialogue on game 🤔🤔🤔🤔but I forget which gamer
iyi guzel
lazix oldu öldü
kalai karuppu
Bruce Lee is my roll model and my captain
First: My mother taught me the same but differently. Aim for the stars and you reach the sky.\nSecond: People die when they are forgotten, learnt that a long time ago and it's good advice to idiots who want the easy way out.\nThird: And yet people are almost taught at birth to fear group pressure and crave social acceptance from others standards. Makes every day people look like the bad guys.\nForth: The fear of the unknown, gaining confidence in ones own strength let's you face problems others quiver at the sight of. People simply lack courage to explore and challenge their perception of reality.\nFifth: Knowing is half the battle, but always be yourself instead of another mirror of a mirror. Just look at the most memorable people and how unique they are compared to others. Nicolas Cage, Jim Carey, Charley Chaplin, Imaqtpie, Spacie. You recognize them for who they are.\nSixth: To put it bluntly in a meme way: DO IT! JUST DO IT!. Do or do not, there is no try.\nI already applied this to myself. I like origami and I find it cool. So I asked for a blank paper, a scissor, sat in front of the computer and followed the tutorial and was left with a paper diamond. I know the feeling of waiting for the moment to do it but it's faster and better to just do it when you're doing nothing. Same with flexibility, drawing, animating and game programming. I like those things so I do them as much as I can every day and I get results, and those small results is more than enough when I think back and realize over and over again that if I hadn't done it then I wouldn't have done anything in the first place.\nps. If you haven't done something yet then do it once and come back later to gain more from something new than less from the same familiar thing another 5 times.\nSeventh: Practice make perfect, slow and steady wins the race,age like fine wine. Simple but effective.\nEighth: To quote the Borderlands Presequel theme: I think with my heart, I move with my head. And another quote: Action is character, if we didn't do anything, we wouldn't be anybody.\nNinth: Butchered by the acronym yolo. Another thing to realize as I said above. If you want to do something but feel like it's wasting time, remember you waste more time each day doing absolutely nothing than you actually do anything. The journey is the destination so stop and smell the damn flowers then plant some on the way.\nTenth: Oh boy do I hate people for that one. I face that fear and hesitation each day. And I feel damn good every day punching it through everything I do because I can and not because I must.\neleventh: Um sorry but people with anxiety or depression can argue about that as happy thoughts and being positive doesn't always lead to them. But I want to get strong so I do everything from physical to mental to challenge myself and that works so I won't stop.\nFyi I think therefor I am :p.\nTwelfth: Quote: Better be hated for who you are than be loved for what you are not.\nWe live and learn and we shape ourselves as we go on. With practice comes refinement and with results comes admiration. Not from what you gained but what you endured to reach it. Oops that was my own at the end sorry.
paper forst
I never looked to a human being and wished to be like them no matter how successful they were , I only want to be my own success but with some of their principles for its a life concepts
pradeep kumar
bruce lee my inspiration
ramanujan Řöb8ñ
The legend is always one
shariq ahmed
excellent\n music
soumadeep khan
No one is ever born to beat this man on earth under the sun.
Easy? Difficult? You're measuring life across the wrong dimensional spectrum. Fulfillment, fun, feelings that exist beyond words capability to describe and most importantly being there for knowing engaging with experiencing and feeling it all. This is the spectrum across which your life should be measured.
Words of wisdom - never hurt nobody -- meditate, pray without ceasing - -- kia ora - for the video
telugu interesting
My Frd Bruce Lee alived in our heart
vidya bhavani
miss you my dear friend.......,
yymjyyob jka
Do not pray for an easy life...........for this or that; but, pray to the right God ! not an atheistic god.
zhead _123
What a great philosofical mind, greatest martial artist of all time.
Background song?