Skid row - Moscow Music Peace Festival 1989

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1wmv Boat Front Jet Jet (Compositio... Lake Moscow Music Peace Festival (Recurring Event) Music (TV Genre) Saints Skid Row (Musical Group) Wake Water

Alejandra Paredes
SKID ROW ❤️ 2016 PRESENT ! 😎🤘🏻
Aleksey Nesterov
Хороший был концерт
I love Skid Row but I don't think Bach should cover punk. His voice is too powerful and Johnny Rotten's voice was rough.
Antti Koivula
Forever awesome. This is my childhood... and actually I am not that young anymore🤣, but still, and forever, I LOVE that band, and 80's. You guys know what I'm trying to say😜🤘🏻
Ba Lor
Bave Drokie
I don’t know why, but Skid Row will always make me remember Calgary..and now Trailer Park Boys 🙃
Bernardo Solano
14:05 jajajajja xd lol
8:34-35 Sab let's off the vocals and ya can still hear meeeeeeee.
Cedericoco Santorini
omg I just realize I wrote this onto the official Skid Row account LMAO
Donovan Castillo
with out Baz. these guys are nothing, voice of a singer matters
Duane Mac
I saw diz video back in 97 my cuzin owns dat DVD,I'm a big fan of sebastian Nd d skidz,I'm wondrin y \
Edson 232922ee
incredible , the begining of comunism fall in the u.r.s.s and the hard rock bands in total entreitment with people !!!!
Eliana Alejandra
Sebastian ponte las pilas gueon , quiere revivir lo de hace 15 o mas años atras ???!!?!?!debete s tu publico guevon, cachay onda ????
Garnet Garnet
So, where s this group now?
Glenn Hertel
Ignacio Chaile
Tanto talento cabe en una banda
James Kim
best ever
Kevin Corredor
Holidays In The Sun - 0:00\nMakin a Mess - 3:31\nPiece of Me - 7:55\nBig Guns - 10:56\n18 And Life - 15:03\nYouth Gone Wild - 18:49
Kirill Maranchuk
18 and live лучшая песня у них
Klaas's Dust
It's great. I've been there.
16:14 Playback?
Luiz Filipe Waz Fonseca
was this show playback?\nunfortunately, it seems be playback.
Milenne emilia Buabsi ferreira
I Love you!
MistyMountain Hop
12:12 Socialism Is Cáncer
Mr. Hans de Cowboy
They were the best! Sebastian is still kicking ass!
the best live performace
Paulo Mendes
É verdade amigo, concordo plenamente contigo. infelizmente não existe mais músicas boas! e o que passou não volta mais
Brezhnev rock n rolling over in his grave......was about time
미쳤다.. 시대를 타고난 보컬\n메탈 최고의 재능
Shawn Bailey
15:13 Poison shirts
Sunil Keshari
ॐ music to help sleep
The idiot who WAITS FOR JESUS!
Sebastian never did a better 18 n life performance.......
Thor Gram
If they had Slave To The Grind in their setlist I think the place would have exploded!
Triple S
Sebastian Bach was simply the best vocalist of that time. Those were a great time in music to be young n pissed
Yngve Skarphedinsson
My relatives were at this concert! Killer
but maybe
Did i just saw SS runes on his sleeve?
Can any Russians tell me, would the Moskvich have known these songs in 1989?
gareth hughes
Now that ladies and gentlemen is proper rock n roll
hinlo nathy
18&life and Piece of me is his best performance here...
Im glad I saw them open for Aerosmith on there Pump tour in 1989!!!
o o
목에 무리가 많이가는 창법이라서 후반으로 갈수록 목이 약해지는게 보인다..
This was when USSR was still closed to the world. Stars and Stripes background, American flags waving in the audience... I haven't seen any good bands come out of Russia in the subsequent decades, and now the cold war is starting back up. WTF is wrong with our politicians? We are what's wrong for allowing them to get away with it.
18 and life best vocal version ever
teresa sparks
I remember this, it was a big deal. I got the album, and I had all this on VHS, which I took over the tv at home to do. Damn, I'm really giving away my age here, I was a young teen, and loved watching it, in the phone with my bestie, who had it on at her house. Skid Row was my first concert, March 3, 1989, Syracuse Carrier Dome. They opened up for Bon Jovi. I FELL IN LOVE WITH SKID ROW, AND I AM GRATEFUL FOR IT!!!!! it shaped the rest of my life.
Александр Дьяченко
А я там был ура!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Никодим Пивоваров
80-th heavy metal at its finest!
Николай Хоменко
Охренительный концерт, группа класс была при Себастьяне, сейчас вокал не тот, спасибо за 22 минуты радости, Skid Row
штат Карелия
русские отзовитесь
Já que, infelizmente, não é possível voltar no tempo, sempre me pergunto se na atualidade ou no futuro teremos bandas tão boas e tão marcantes como Skid Row!
음악대장 목소리라도 저 찰진 목소리에 비주얼 아우라 종합점수로는 안 되는거다\n정말 저런 인생무대 본 소련인들이 부럽다
세바스찬 무대 퍼포먼스를 김경호가 \n다 뺏겨 왔네 ㅎㅎㅎ
이민배 이민배
존나 머시따 ㅆㅂ. .