Falsely Accused of Rape, Former High School Football Star Finally Cleared

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LONG BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- After a decade, it was the judgment that Brian Banks and his lawyers from the California Innocence Project fought for: Case dismissed."My only dream in the world was to just be free and to have the same opportunity as everybody here," said Banks following Thursday's hearing.At age 16, Brian Banks had been a popular student at Polytechnic High in Long Beach, an athlete being scouted by eight colleges.He verbally accepted an offer to attend the University of Southern California on a four-year scholarship when a serious accusation came from a fellow classmate and childhood friend.Wanetta Gibson, then 15 years old, claimed Banks had raped her at school. With a case of he said she said, Banks did as his lawyers urged -- to plead no contest and accept a short prison term rather than risk a long one.Gibson collected $1.5 million after suing the school. Banks spent five years in prison and five years on parole, finally reaching out to California Project Innocence. But the case turned when the alleged victim contacted him through Facebook asking to be his friend. LINK:

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Abhishek Dwivedula
Abraham Anand
This is why we have to destroy feminism. Destroy it with all the anger u have!
Andrew John
A falsely accused person who has been in prison should be paid millions upon millions by the government...destroying an innocent man's reputation is unforgivable and will always have rippling consequences. #BelieveAllWomen ?????? No way, innocent until proven GUILTY.
Andriani Batam
That's why Law should have no flaws, every single second of someone life is important, u can't get it back!
Andy Dang
Put they accuser, her parents and da in prison
Brian Kunkel
Who thinks women should go to jail for false rape accusations
Calvin Pete
How do u adjust to prison life knowing u didnt do it thats nuts
Chase Listorti
Rape cases are just going against word most the time so that's why it's so hard to know when people aren't lying or telling the truth
Chris Oneil S
Let me break down to you how this happened. A lot of black women are self-hating monsters. In high school if you don't pay them any attention, they will get you assaulted or make up false accusations. In this case the Star football player wasn't paying her any attention so she accused him of rape. The self-hating monster didn't care if she destroyed his life. Assuring herself that she is beautiful and how dare he not pay her any attention.
All it takes for a woman to ruin a man's life is one false accusation. #equality
Eventhough, he has been exonerated he still lost 5 years of his life. How do you restore all those year's lost?
Part of the reason this bull crap happens is the sexist the news organizations engage in. \n\nIf the suspect is a man they'll parade his face all over the news before it's determined whether he's guilty or innocent. \n\nBut not the female accuser. She can stand behind a wall and continue to throw rocks. \n\nEither you show no victim or accuser before trial or you show both. Enough with the misandry.
Curtistine Miller
Dakota Smith
that sickening woman let that man suffer for 10 years she and her parents need to be punished
David Archer
Silence from the feminists who were outraged about Brock Turner.Gibson didn't something far worse but like most false rape accusers she was never punished.
De Factio
His life is ruined regardless. Wrong, but fact.
Derrick Collins
Yeah false accusers should go to prison and get a minimum of 10 years because this type of lie destroys families, marriages and political careers. Because this guy was black they wanted him locked up anyway. If it would have been a white guy imprisoned that long on a lie or technicality he would have gotten paid in any state and that woman would be in prison now.
DingDong Godd
If this lady has a husband I hope her husband is a wife beater
Dr Gong Shank Tha Chef
This is the worst scenario ever. Disturbing injustice. Hell on earth.\n\nAs an innocent man, I would know that I am not getting out alive...my only option would be to fight against evil and die a martyr, making the world safer for wrongfully convicted innocent men (by teaching prison rapists a lesson).\n\nIf it happened, I'd rather fight to death and get murdered. No way am I getting raped. I don't care about the pain of being severely beaten or tortured.\n\nThe first predator who tries to rape, I'd try my best to slit his nuts with a shank and then either do the same to his throat (pre-decapitation) or rip open his anus with the shank.\n\nIf you get piled on by 10 coward prison rapist scums, well there is nothing you can do sadly. You tried your best fighting against the evil in this world.\n\nPrison rapists are the scum of the earth. They would torture an innocent man to death. I would try to kill and torture as many of them as possible before I eventually get killed.
Dylan Bell
So how tf was he ever actually sentenced in the first place? Clearly it didn't happen therefore they're couldn't have been any evidence. Smh if you're a woman all you need is your word as \
The United States of America, the land of opportunity. Lol
Edward N. Hartman
I am happy to see that he is free. Congratulations I hope for the best for you.
Eric Fortune Jr.
Another lying ass hoodrat, not only did she take away a huge part of this man’s life but those like her make it harder for real assault victims to come forward.
Everett Vick
As a man who was falsely accused of rape (but subsequently acquitted), I suffered so much. I lost a lot of friends, family, and people in my life. I was kicked out of Virginia Tech. After all the torment that I faced, this video saddens me. I could never imagine being found guilty. That would be the worst thing any truly innocent person could go through.\n\nThe police won't charge women for lying because they want women to come forward. They fear charging a women for making a false report will deter other women from coming forward.\n\nHowever, police and prosecutors don't realize people like Brian and I are victims.
Frankie Lucky
He was already a \
This man went on to actually get in the NFL, what a inspiring story.
G Melford
When a woman cries rape, the man is assumed guilty.\nCongrats to this guy for getting his life back and staying strong throughout!
Garvin Bowen
the potential for so much...shattered by a lie....
Heather Mefford
How is this woman not behind bars?!? This is such a frightening story and I'm so happy he was exonerated.
Ioakim Antonis
this is the result of feminism..
Ivan Castellino
That woman who falsely accused him should be jailed and a criminal charge filed against her.\n\n10 years of this dudes life were spent in jail for a crime he never committed that’s sad 😞
Jaime Zamora
They should make her sit in jail for the time he spent there.
James Richardson
All this over a lie. I'm sure I'm not the only one who says this but, this has got to stop. Time and Time again men have been falsely accused of rape. Then sometime later you find him cleared of the charge. Here's the problem,,,, the ripple effect of the damage (s) it causes. The man's life is ruined. Possibly loses his family and friends. I hear parents die due to a broken heart and disappointment. I can go on and on. Not to mention, if there's an actual rape and assault, it becomes harder to prove because men have been victims themselves of false accusations that the system is not going to be as proactive about it because it's starting to become a patterned behavior.
Jen Lynne
Lately men have been thrown into the fire because of accusations of women, losing everything. I'm not saying all accusations are false because they aren't, but to ruin someone's life because of personal reasons is unacceptable. I saw something like this happen in my own school growing up, the person lost everything only to have it come out that they were falsely accused and were innocent. All of this stuff going on in Hollywood and Washington DC makes we wonder a lot. Innocent until proven guilty not guilty until proven innocent
Jesus Christ is God and He is coming soon again
This judge will be in prision soon. I will be in charge of that. This is my country
John Chun
Feminism at its best.
Johny boy
hope the girl that acused him actually get rape foreal LOL
Jonathan Fernandez
So many hoes lie about rape.
Joshua Thomas
He has one hell of a law suit on his hands
Josie Jem
Another random video in my feed... After watching this, as a woman I feel sick to my stomach and I really don't understand why a woman would do this to a man knowing the severe consequences that he will have to face. No man should go through this and at such an innocent time in his life where his career and life would have been blossoming.
This is what's wrong with Society people need to be treated equally and fairly it doesn't matter what's between the legs.\nI'm glad he's cleared I wish nothing but success as for her or the parents I'll just pray for them.
Imagine If a man came crying and accusing a woman of raping him. They would probably laugh.
Kanguesso Kang
You falsely accuse someone of a crime they didn’t commit, especially rape, you should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and required to spend the same amount of time in jail the accused spent!
Kati Bartlett
Just remember ladies and gents, this guy got 5 years of falsely being accused of rape and Brock Turner got three months for actual rape...😐😐😐😐
Kent Reed
Like mike said, scandalous hoes!
They did the same thing to 2Pac 👌🏻💯
Kloc Vader
For false Rape accusation woman should be sentenced prison time for MAXIMUM time that accused man could recive.
Luc Desprets
I see the Ghanaian wrist band you're wearing bro. They should bring the girl to Ghana let's flog the shit out of her. She deserves to be thrown in jail for her lies.
“There is light at the tunnel.” HaHaaa
Why don’t the famales go to jail for lying
Madison Gibson
This brings up so much with all the current drama with women coming out and accusing (famous) men with rape, yes I truly believe that a lot of them are telling the truth but whenever someone questions one of the alleged victims, everyone comes back at them and tells them that's horrible to think that. But you can imagine there are some sick fucks out there who want attention so they accuse famous men of rape and then that ruins their careers. It's a hard situation and it's so sad.
Hope the girl who accused him got time in jail for taking precious years of his life away
Mark Price
And they say \
Matthew Ritter
If women WERE convicted for false rape accusations, would Wonetta even have admitted to lying?
Michael Craig
What i want too know is what happened to her. Probably nothing.... so much for equality
Michael Smith
Women are so manipulative. They will do anything in order to get what they want from us men. That woman should be locked away for the same amount of years that he did. He should be holding the 1 million dollars that she had in order to get his life back on track. What a world we live in. No wonder women can't be trusted these days. They're phsycho.
Mustafa C
oh American men in particular wake up.\nwomen are now controlling in the west.\nWomen can get away with anything.\nPolice are under extreme pressure from the satanic powers that be who decide policies one of which is the crushing of the man \nWomen can do what they want.\nThe evil powers that be want to replace the authority of men in familt relationships and give it to women.\nThis is why religions such as christianity and islam are under attack from the media because they give authority to the man.\nThis poor guy suffered due to lies and the secret pressure on police from these feminist/ atheist / gay and lesbian pressure groups
Nelson King
In 2018 with all this feminism by liberals, this has become acceptable. Any woman can anonymously accuse any man of sexual assault and we are all supposed to \
Opotiki Information Centre
at least charge her and her family with defrauding the system of the million dollars they got. that's the least they can do
Pat L
Now think about all the false rape convicts who are still in prison
Patrick Talbot
I'm white but that white dude clearly using banks to prop himself up pissed me off. Like let the man speak for himself you can do some interview another time saying how you got him exonerated
Peace ,love & Sophia
I hope that the entire family goes to jail for awhile for lying because this is bullshit ,I hope he gets paid ,he better get paid because what they did was horrible and unbelievable.Im sure this guy has a really bright future.
Stuff like that happens if you life in a matriarchly men hating women worshipper society.
Rene Acevedo
So she should need to be required to pay back the 1.5 million. Also, at minimum 15 years in prison.\n\nAlso, a few million dollars for this gentleman.
Robert Tomko
Men, it is time to go your own way. Relationships are unsafe territory. Not one more innocent victim.
I definitely feel like the woman should get some sort of punishment, this guy was going to become an nfl player as his dreams were then crushed by a mere lie. Moreover this girl should have known what she was doing and didn’t own up until 6 years after?! If I had the choice to give a punishment or not, I definitely would.
Ryan Morgan
This guy deserves 1 million for each year he did at the very least.
SS-50-CAL 3232
There need to be a 10 year minimum sentence for a woman that lyes about rape. This is terrible what happened to this man.
And feminists say we live in a rape culture
SW Productions
At least he’s a millionaire now
Samuel Alswell
When people are to quick to take action on whatever their kids are saying they tend to do things that is not acceptable....if i where the one i would definitely press charges against her which would cost over $5million.....and she most definitely pay or she would spend most of her life (ass) in prison.\n I hope he gets compensated.....smh...😞😞😞
Sandra Lopez
I really hope the accuser is charged and serves time for this awful crime against this young man. This happens far too often and lives and careers are ruined. I pray this young man can follow his dreams and have the good life that he deserves.
Selvyn Quijada
so what happens to the accuser?
Shaynel Ahmed
Thank God truth prevailed...this man has transcended so much...amazing man....Mike Tyson went thru the same...don't they give these women lie detector tests???
Sourav Dutta
3 feminists disliked this video...
Steven Noble
Women need to be charged when proven falsly accusing and lying about men of this crime
Street Justice
That Hoe needs to do as many years as him.
T Harmon
I hope she got plenty of jail time for this and I hope he sued the crap out of her.
Tamara Weber
Love his positive outlook. Anyone can lie and file papers to have someone incarcerated and destroy their life. Where are the laws to incarcerate the lying accuser. Justice is served if they give her the minimum of 5 years for falsifying a police report!!!
Tanner Roth
Sue her family for damages
The Joker
so they didnt say shit about how they made someone spend 10 years in prison for something they didnt do?
The Swirl Bunnies
The girl should be in jail
No one even said how the law approved such allegations?!! Wtf, i mean its that easy to believe words of a person which in return could destroy someones life!
Townie 7177
Woman likethat should be arrested
Trap Soul
How disgusting of a person do you have to be to falsely accuse someone of rape. Can't imagine the amount of pain this man went through.
Vikito Sumi
I am so glad that this wrongful accusation didn't ruin or destroy him ! infact it made him stronger !!!! I wish him all the happiness and success in the coming future
Warren Chamberlain
No money can pay back the time she took from him
Xenia Adaya
Wow...poor guy...that is nothing to play around with.. She ruined someone's life....\nIs she getting anything in return for lying and doing this to him?
This is why actual rape victims don't get justice bc of dumbasses lie about it. Smh glad he is now free and can finally live a great life he truly deserves 🏈
americunt will do anything to get a few pennies...as well inspired by your pissedent tsumpsf
billy watkins
Brother, I KNOW how you feel. I too was falsely accused. The difference is, I spent 20 years of my life in a prison where I had to fight every day. I could have plead guilty, but I didn't do it and I stood on that I've been out for nearly eight years. And I'm homeless. Can't keep a job. I do odd jobs for people who hate me. Or would If they knew. I am not free. Never will be. I'm happy for you. God bless you and your family.
cindy lopez
This b..better be in jail 😤
Sexism against males at its finests
1.5 million. So she just keeps that? That should go to him
That girl deserves 5yrs in prison and 5yrs on parole , this is absolutely unacceptable. That women ruined the best years of that mans life. If she gets let of how many will do the same.
manic hairdo
Now, in the UK, it's a criminal offence when there is evidence a woman has made a false accusation of rape. Those liars are being sent to prison and the man is publicly exhonerated.
moe dog
how many men are in prison over fake rape charges
if false rape allegations were punished with the same sentence the accused would receive had the allegation been true, youd see a fast drop in false rape allegations
victoria brown
How could she do this. 10 years out of his life. What happens to her for lying. I am mad for his family. Smh