My Name is Lady Gaga (2018 Documentary Film)

'My Name is Lady Gaga' is the definitive documentary about Lady Gaga by superfan, Alex Lodge; celebrating the 10th anniversary of Mother Monster's meteoric rise from struggling artist to pop icon.The film uses archive footage, interviews, live performances and music to tell the inspiring story of one of pop's biggest stars; showcasing the impact that Lady Gaga has had on the pop industry and to her legion of Little Monsters over the last decade.Dedicated to the memory of Jake Palfreyman.This film was made for educational and non-profit purposes

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I’m 30 minutes away from this ending and I just truly can’t believe the greatness of this documentary. Seriously. I never want this to end... \nyou deserve an Oscar for your work.
THIS IS AMAZING!! I CRIED SO MANY TIMES! Alex... thank you so much for this film... it was truly amazing 💓 heres to another 10 years! GAGA FOREVER!!
Aerus Ph.D.
Alan Contreras
Crying so hard on the last 5 minutes. I’ve been a Gaga fan since Just Dance came out in the radio in 2008. I’ve been on it for the ride and it’s been such an amazing and unique experience, been to so many of her shows and I simply cannot wait to see what’s next. I’ll forever be a little monster. 💕
This is fan made ???? HOLY COW
‘ I’m not supposed to be appreciated right now . You will all appreciate me in 20 years ‘ we already do 🙏🏻
Amanda Petersen
I love gaga! She puts everything into her music and that is admirable. I absolutely HATE that she suffers from chronic pain. My mom and sister have lupas and fibromyalgia. My mom also has 6 bulging discs. I didn't have a clue as to what kind of pain they were having until i ruptured three discs in my back, flared up with plaque psoriasis over 90% of my body and was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis also. Now i have an inkling of the pain they suffer. I have realized through the years of dealing with severe chronic pain, people look down on you, judge you and assume you are faking. No one will ever know or feel what you feel with your illnesses or pain or life in general, except for you. Don't get discuraged and live life not caring what others have to say.
Anal Del Gay Born To Sigh
Gaga performed before fame as she did after! You can tell that she isn’t as manufactured or as controlled as a lot of other artists! Amazing.
Ananas Von Satan
This made me so proud to be a Gaga fan ❤❤❤
not a fan of gaga,. but she and bowie are responsable of cultural changes in the arena of accepting sexuality, bowie opened doors, gaga did the flooding . hope she read this. i am 60 years old.
Arshpreet singh
She is just more then anything with great personality and extraordinary imagination the achievement she concerned with her hardworking and even in lots of pain she never give up and i so inspired from her story and i pray to god that giver her longer life
Billy Martin
Alex, you edited this so well. Made me cry. This is so powerful and really translates her passion and hard work. Also, her love for us shines though. Thank you.
47:40 why is nobody talking about this
Björn Visser
Gaga needs to see this. xoxo
17:30\nwhen my favorite song got released…\n\n18:13\nwhen my speech teacher became a fan…\n\n18:18-18:36\nmy favorite part…\n\n35:15\nwhen i first found out about lady gaga…\n\n38:14\nwhen you smoke too much…\n\n41:06\nwhen my friend became a fan...\n\n1:07:29\nwhen I became a fan...\n\n1:10:40\nwhen my mommy became a fan…\n\n1:14:35+\nwhen my dog became a fan...
Bradan Domhnull
Cat Hill
Are there even any words to adequately describe this true legend?
Charles Quijano
Omg Gaga should see this. I’m crying
Every time I come back to a Gaga song, something light into my heart and make me feel better
Chris Tucker
That was absolutely the best version of a rise of a contemporary star that I've ever seen and you deserve an award for the complete archival of her medioric rise and continuation of star power and shear Audacity of her career. 10 stars for this.... thank you
Daniel Liu
A true legend.
I came here after watch \
Ellie X.
*Gaga is an Icon.* She wrotes History
Emma Judd
balled my eyes out during this entire thing, lady gaga is my biggest inspiration till this day...
Emma Maezin
Words cannot describe how truly tremendously well done this is. You would never know it’s fan made! It’s pieced together so well and I loved seeing all the different angles from the fan footage to the official music videos and interviews. My favourite was hearing Gaga saying they’d say “Joanne” before a show way back in the beginning. She really is such a huge part of her life and it shows how much that album truly does mean to her. As a Gaga fan from the beginning it was beautiful to see from start to present. My only notable missing piece is perhaps her cameo in Machete Kills but I figure it perhaps didn’t do that well commercially. But again like I say 10/10. Liked & subscribed. Wishing you all the luck, love and success in your work. Paws up! Love, Emma Maezin x
I'm not gonna compare her with other artists but there's no other pop icon like Lady Gaga.
Esteban Quintero
This is my FAVORITE Lady Gaga documentary made by a fan! It's very well done and incredibly edited!
Evah Destruction
What a gift. This made me look back at every moment in my life in regards to where I was when she was growing into who she is now. Thank you, these are quite happy tears. Every Little Monster should take the time to sit down and revel in this film. Again, truly a gift. Great job \u003c3
Fab Fabe
Love it. Super well done. This should be picked by a major network.Thank you.
She is a beacon of light.
I wasn´t living in era of beatles, Queen and it was time when I was crying for it that I missed them . But I realize that we got in our century Lady Gaga and I enjoy her music all of my body . These Legends like Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury , Paul McCartney, Elton John, ... etc. Lady gaga is coming to join them . Being LEGENDARY !!!!
Frank A. Tedesco
Gaga is no doubt one of the greatest talents ever, but she definitely spring boarded off Madonna with the theatric commercial aspects of her career. I actually dig her very simple, like with Tony Bennett better. She is very humble about it all which is very real. She blew me away on the Stevie Wonder benefit, just wailing on vocals and funky keyboard and her Metallica performance. I'm not into the flash and all the flesh but she has given back quite a bit. I do hope her pain situation changes. I can't relate but have family in the same boat. Hopefully she's using CBD oils and not prescription drugs.
Gianni Marino
Wow. I'm not one to comment on videos but this documentary was put together so well and the nostalgia was insane. I feel like I just relived the last ten years and was reminded exactly why I love Gaga so much. Well done.
Gimi Ghore
I feel so proud to exist in the lady gaga era. ... the all time legend of 21st century.
Gloria Lenis
I admire LG for all her hard work and struggle with pain, but there is a price to pay when you become an idol. I pray for her that she continues searching for the complete happiness that she deserves. As she is been growing up more like a woman, I can see that she is becoming for beautiful and more glamorous and I hope her fans do that as well. My youngest sister was her spitting image but she is not with us anymore, that is why I see LG and reminds me of my Francesca. RIP 06/9/18.
Guhan Subramaniam
Still amazed by all that she has achieved in just a decade! Incredible documentary. Brought back so much memories and emotions! 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
Hachim Emir
Gaga dreamt of changing Music and Fashion, and she did that... I love her so much, THANK YOU FOR THIS AMAZING DECADE TOGETHER, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, and I'LL LOVE YOU FOREVER...
Heather Wallis
Hilal Vlogs
That's me growing up this last 10 years \nAm a Moroccan, Muslim, African, human , little monster 🙏🇲🇦
History Kitchen
Did I cry? Of course I did.
House of NHTi
This is so... powerfull and incredible! Thank you so much! Your work will go down in history!
Thank you so much for this documentary. I have been a lady Gaga fan for ten years and this was so well put together and thought out, I am in awe. Lady Gaga is beyond brilliant. She continues to amaze me in innumerable ways. I will always be a fan of this woman who has the most caring heart of gold. There is absolutely nothing that she can’t do. I love her so much. ❤️😭
Isaiah Monaco
This made me love Gaga even more
Ismael Nicanor
Great visual! This is really well made. You touched on every major milestone and it really took me down memory lane. Can't believe it's been 10 years. What a great gift to the fans. Great job!
Jean Alexandre
I loved it so much. I can't believe how perfect it is. Congratulations for the hard work I ended up crying but proud to be a Little Monster. #PawsUp
Jessica Wallace
Its fascinating to see how different she looks depending on what side of herself she is showcasing. She has the chameleon effect of Cher or Madonna and so much talent to back it up. When she is singing pop she looks like a typical pop singer sometimes, sometimes an art piece. When she is singing Jazz she looks like a screwball movie queen of the 20's- beautiful and classy, yet strange. Somehow she always manages to look like herself, no matter how different she looks. Her inner essence always shines through.
Jesus freak
Fibromyalgia, is terrible!!! You get in so much pain, your skin hurts! I can't truly express just how much pain you feel having this.!!!! \nLady gaga is the best person to educate people on this terrible disease! Please, GAGA, talk about this more!!!!! Thank you!!!!
John L
I really want to meet gaga before I die so I can thank her for everything shes done for me and for all of us❤
John Paz
ALEX LODGE you're talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before
Juanita Ayala
Even though I am a rocker at heart, I still love her music, grew up listening to her during my preteen and adult hood now, even my almost 2 year old son bangs his head to her
Junior Myers Design
Holy, this is incredible.\nYou did something that I planned for so long but I never had the opportunity to do and honestly the result was spectacular.\nBy the time I pressed play I've started to cry, as a Little Monster since Gaga came into the industry, this video has a very powerful emotional value to me. I can't thank you enough for showing the world how amazing Gaga's career is, and highlight the how talented she is.\n\nYou nailed it, thank you so much.
Ken Wall
HOW WONDERFUL is this!!! So happy I stumbled upon it!!!!!!! She is the GREATEST!!
Kevin Dale
Very interesting, does seeking stardom mean you have the right to express your opinions on others, or does earning excesses of money give you that ear? gaining one or the other or both is very very hard. However, she is very intelligent and talented and knows exactly what she is doing and more over is very very good at it, she a brilliant talent, in some ways a little under rated? she is brilliant.
I can't believe this is fanmade. I'm so proud of this fandom. U did an amazing work and u would deserve Gaga to see it. ❤
Not enough people talk about her philanthropy. Gaga was talking about immigration policies and LGBTQ+ rights way before any of her contemporaries did. Even now she’s still very politically active even more so than other celebs (despite many celebs now being politically active since it’s common to be now) That’s not even bringing up all the countries she’s visited or how she’s constantly talked about mental illness, sexual assault, and chronic illness. She talks about the things that aren’t very common still you don’t hear Beyoncé or Katy Perry talking about sexual assault, mental illness (Gaga has her own foundation), chronic illness, etc. in 2016 Gaga went to an LGBT housing center and donated tons of goods. She’s an angel.
Lady GaGa Mad Fan
Omg ten years where has the time gone I've been a fan from the begginning and I will always will be I love you loads gaga
Leon Au
I’m so glad that I clicked into this.
Levon M
She's a genius, no question about it.
Lisa Kuhle
This was so amazing!! Had me in tears! Can't wait to see her movie! True talent lives on and on..she is such a fighter and real talent.
Lisa Sironen
This is an amazing documentary for an amazing woman. What an inspiration Gaga is to all of her Monsters. Her grace and kindness will forever guide us toward good. Thank you for sharing your many, many talents with the world. #loveladygaga
Lola M.
Nice revenge to all the haters when you were growing up being bullied...
Mandarins & Moonbeams
I don't think it's possible for me to love another human the way I love Lady. It's hard to explain. It's not romantic, I'm just constantly in a state of awe and love her with my entire being.
Marcelo Espinosa
You’re a genius, this should be in Netflix or Plusdede.. Great job \u003c3 @marcescafati
Mary Lou Roberts
She's pure raw rock N roll
Matheus Matos
Holy shit, this is even better than the Netflix documentary! Alex, you're such tanlented, thank you for making my night with this film, you have inspired me to carry wanting more art during my life! \u003c3
Mc Minvy
Thank you for this amazingly made documentary. I cried a lot. Cause I relate to everything she says.. she is brave, kind, crazy, sweet, energetic, all at the same time... WHAT A WONDERFUL HUMAN BEING \u003c3
Mel smith
Beautiful Documentary. Lady Gaga has been \
Miguel ordu
This documentary is so special to me! Thank you for making me remember all the Gaga's moments and how much means to me 😭😭😭❤
Mike Will Avery
I love your music lady gaga. I Wish I an you have a picture to Gather ok love ya
PashasMom Meezerlover
I'm a senior citizen and have loved this young Lady from the beginning. She is amazing and I really feel so bad for her that she lives everyday in pain. I know what that is like. This was a great mini biopic, really enjoyed watching it and learned a couple of things too.
Absolutely incredible. The first pop song I ever truly heard was Just Dance and it's been a surprising… delightful journey keeping up with her art through the years :)
After seen A star is born, I believe Lady Gaga is one of the most impressive person in the business of entertainment.
This made me wanna go to a Ldy Gaga concert. \nGreat job Alex Lodge!!!
Rachel Zegler
This deserves so much more. Thank you for sharing your talents with us in the form of Gaga.
Rebecca Stivers
At first I wasnt sure about her but as time goes bye..OMG Im 55 and when I think of a true star.. She is the top of the list.. What an awesome woman!! She is a true...Rock Star!! Talent just ooozes out..Love her!!
Ruth Hanrahan
Amazing job. I remember first getting into her in The Fame days. I wasn't really into pop music back then but I fell for her rawness and artistic dramatic shows. Artpop is by far my favourite era, it's a shame it didn't do so well. Artrave is one of the best experiences of my life, that tops even the born this way ball. I love how she can adapt and change every album. I think I'll love her whatever she does. I've always been inspired by her from Paparazzi days onwards. Thank you for making this, each era reminds me of certain times in my life 🖤
REAL artists please,omg who cares about Beyonce opinion? all this woman can do is scream like a cat in labor, very bad and I still remember when I graduated I symtarred working in this amazing corporation but in my office they had this radio station that played only hip hop,omg ,worse it gets worse guys, it was the exact year destinys child came out, WORSE, the song was \
Stay With Lyrics
this fandom is so huge. i love to be apart of this legendary fandom and also this documentary video of Mother Monster is really good. 100x thumbs up!
Stonesinteriors Stonesinteriors
Who's here from a star is born
Tena Jackson
EVERY song gives me goosebumps and I am FAR from a Gaga fan. She really is incredible.
Thin Soul
I didn't dare want to blink
WOW! Wasn't a BIG fan - don't ge tme wrong I love her music, but after watching this and her amazing abilities, inner strength and love for her fans - I'm a recruit to the Little Monsters. Stay strong and get well Lady Ga Ga xxxx
Wallace Wells
Lady Gaga is the best example for what happened to music and its perception the last years. If your music isn't as simple and easy to sell as possible, you are irrelevant. At 36:24 she showed the world she seriously loves music. Immediately she became \
Your Mother
The 459 dislikes are Madonna
Yousra Ghazouani
There are no words to describe how happy I am after seeing this, this is beyond amazing really. I love this documentary, very well executed, so damn captivating, so inspiring. I just love this so much.
She is rly one of the humans where you don`t have to be fan or hater. Just listen to her sometimes and look at her sometimes if its her music or an interview or an performance. Notice her!
arveen lmao
incredibly well executed documentary. love love love this!! brava!!
beautifuljordana 1992
Who els here has the gaga fever!!!
This was perfect! You did an amazing job at creating this tribute to Lady! I also love her for helping the world to keep believing in themselves
david tua
What next for Lady Gaga?!\nI hope...OSCAR!\nshe is addorable..
I cannot believe how well executed this is, all done without any money behind the project. Absolutely mesmerizing. I loved it. Thank you!
ete taka
STAR IS BORN made whole world fall in love with you. Gaga you are beautiful without makeup. Just gorgeus!
fat n ugly
These tears I cry are nothing but joyful. This one beautiful woman has given me hope to keep living on through my life. She showed me I was human. That it was okay to love other girls. I wasn’t a freak. I was still I living, breathing person. She gave me confidence - a little stride in every step, making me proud for once of who I was. I was a fan of hers ever since I was very young. And I’ll never stop loving her.
jenny jones
This was wonderful Gaga
lydia sarrou
She's such a unique and special person, her personality is just pure, and along with her amazing talent, she is probably one of the most beautiful and most talented and amazing artists that have been. She has already become a legend, and in the future, even after she dies, people are going to remember her, and she will never be forgotten. She still continues to make amazing music, so we still have a lot to wait from her. Every time she makes a new album, we're trying to decide, which one is better, as the new one is even better than the previous one, even though the previous one was incredible. She's special. There's no other person like Gaga. She sees the world different than most people. And I love how open minded a person like this is, cause she influences the world to become better. The world becomes better with messages like the ones she gives. She's truly unbelievable, and I feel very lucky to live in her time. She's my second favorite singer (after Rihanna who I will never replace with anyone) and I love her so much. Such an inspiration. Such a talent. I can't wait to see what she will make in the future.
manasasmc50 kuchana
Her voice is soo...sweet yet she's an absolute badass!!!
michelle moore
I saw a star is born at the weekend. Fantastic! That girl has such a vocal range it's insane. Can't wait for what comes next. And as a fibromyalga sufferer with arthritis and osteoporosis I take my hat off to her. Because the pain is unbearable. Didn't realise this was a fan docu..extremely well edited,fast and and kept you hooked all through. well done.
One of the best performers of all time. Nothing she can't do. Astonishing, amazing. To say she is talented just doesn't do her \njustice. The best live performer ever. Always original, innovative, surprising. Never fails to impress. How could anyone not \nlove with what she does.
Her name is Stefani.
I clicked and was prepared to give it 5 minutes and then move on. Here I am reading the credits. Gaga gave millions the ability to express themselves without fear and with a sense of unity. She has the talent to hold her own with anyone in the industry and now that she's breaking into films it could very well define her as the single most influential female performer of all time. 2018 and only 10 years into her career and there's already documentaries about her. Now, pair her abilities and talents with the longevity of Tony Bennett's career and you have a long and amazing story that's about to unfold.