The Naked And Famous - Live: One Temporary Escape

Set List (click times to jump to song):

concert live one temporary escape passive me aggressive you the naked and famous warfield

Young Blood is one of the most perfect songs.
It's sad that people are watching it through their phones instead of enjoying it fully.
A Ukrainetz
Good God -- I love the singer babe.... the things I'd do to her would be (censored).
I love this band but this show looks boring as shit...
Alen Korda
hope I see you in Inmusic festival Zagreb (Cro)
Alex White
One of the best and underrated live bands I've seen. Can't wait for them to tour the UK again
Amanda Leilani
this is perfect
Andrea Maldonado
*Tarea de vida: Ver a The Naked and Famous en vivo. Qué concierto! clap clap
Andy Garcés
Should come to South America!!! Colombia awaits!
Anton Concepcion
saw them live ... was the most awesome time ever
Ben Blackburn
i love how they perform these songs so true to the album recordings, such great showmanship and stage presence in each song as well 
Billy Lannister
wow , coming city monterrey, mexico, music (Y)
Cheeseburger 817
This time next tuesday I'll be there in Belfast! Bring on TNAF!
Connie Lee
they are so beautiful
Excellent, glitchy and textural, Love new fav!!
Dan Pope
So good live
Dave Elzinga
One of the best livegigs i've ever seen..........awesome band!!!!!!!!!!!
David Zeisel
Wow rare, they sound better live than they do in the studio
Elliott Lyngreen
Hey A DRUMMER ! ! jr #cometotoledo
Realm of the mad god? kongregate? Anyone?
Flop Poppy
Better live performance than album. Great band with great character. Awesome ending.
wow. sounds way better than studio version. i hate the voice over electronic voice sound. awesome band but the guys voice is kinda generic. i would rather have kim just play guitar.
Gilbert Brule
i love this band... why didnt know about this great video.... :( lol
Outstanding!\n Hopefully you come soon to Argentina. NEED to see it live :D
Harald Früchtl
Hey there! Since 6 months, I´m a big fan and I watched this concert at least 30 times. In the description they write, that you can download the concert from their homepage. Unfortunately, I can´t find it there. Can somebody help or does anybody know, where I can legally download this concert?Have a nice day!
Harrison Rogers
Absolutely cannot wait to see them in a few days
TNAF, Florence + The Machine, CHVRCHES, Of Monsters And Men ---\u003e true music
Soooo damnnn gooood!
Ivana Trajpidisová
I want to be there
Jahaira Harwood
Jilted Lovers is the best song, in my opinion
James Walker
the new album Simple Forms gives me chills throughout. Can't wait to see them in Raleigh
Jamie Thornhill
Does anybody know the song title that's playing at the end, during the credits?
Joe Justice
So excited to see this band again in the fall on a new 2016 tour! #TNAF
Juan Patricio Apesteguia Uriburu
Amazing!, impresionante! \nSaludos desde argentina!\nPunching!
This is what falling in love feels like
lmao what kind of affected english accent was that before spank, ur from auckland alisa
Laura L. Franks
No matter how far I stray I still manage to gravitate back for a good listen or just another temporary escape! None of it gets old! Aggressive me and passive you, on the next set or album! HaHa
Liquicitizen Fabian
Wow. Wish I was there, you guys are awesome!
Luis Perez
damn! what an incredible band! such energy
This is perfect, because I think this was the exact same setlist they performed as when I first saw them in 2011 \u003c3
Maaer Tayss
90% sure he's rockin a jim root tele? Awweesome, but I could be wrong. Very similar if not
One of my favorite bands ever 👏
Marcelo Pereira
Minha trilha sonora para mjane
Marco Hidalgo
I loved \u003c3  please come  lollapalooza Chile
Mary Crhist
son geniales
Perfectos. Please come to Spain.
please play What We Want and The Mess live ! ): are their best songs
Nathália Caldeira Baptista
come to Brazil again \u003c3
I love your music guys, you have a Mexican fan here :)
grey only have 2 good songs, that all!!!
47:58 the fan girls went nuts!
Nostalgia xx
I should be shocked and standing still if I'd able to see your live show I love you so badly
a stunning performance, glad I eventually got to see them in 2017 in the uk
I'm 60 years old and this music speaks to me!  I was mesmerized by the stage presence and chemistry this band has.  Like so many of today's performers, their music comes across better live than a studio recording.  I can't believe TNAF have been around for as long as they have, and I'm just learning about them.\n\nIt's even more bizarre HOW I discovered them... I'd been hearing Young Blood as bumper music during a local sports talk radio show and was immediately hooked.  I just didn't know who was doing it or what the name of the song was.  I finally got the show's producer to respond to me in e-mail and the rest is history. Yeah, some of their material is a bit too \
Paul Gomez
see you in the Philippines in March.. cant wait :))
Petr Holusa
This is absolutely awesome gig to hear and watch. Beautiful melodies, voices and rhythms. I can very appreciate the drummer precise work, I know how hard job it is. :D
Reza Vai Treznor
Live performance \u003e Album version
Rixxy Colonel
You did a great show, and you have an inspiring tone of music... I hope your band goes far. \nTouring brings in a lot of cash, so keep up the great work. 
Sandro Goncalves
obrigado ...somente
Saul Rodriguez
Can't wait to see them at Coachella!
Scot Fenn
Listen People, Their is a New PEOPLES World Order coming... Not the 911's of the DEEP STATE, NWO---- \n NOt the War Machines of the NWO. And the industrial world Complex. \nThe NEW WORLD OF US and Nature.Together!!! \n'
Sophie Saurer
I always get goosebumps while listening to \
Steven Daniels
Wow, you guys sound so incredible. I have saw a lot of live music. I will not miss the next tour. Be Calgary bound!
Sunday Dreams
nice performance!
Am I the only one who just gets the shivers when Girls Like You starts? I mean Thom just stands there and sings “run.......“ and it's so awesome xD
The future Julio
Like punching in a dream breathing life into my nightmare!!!!!!
I'm pretty embarrassed by how many times I've watched this whole thing.
wow! what a venue
Travis-Colt Gray
I thought they were chill electronica, but they put on a kick ass live show! Definitely have to see them now!
Trews Detroit
Was in front row for this concert Good Friday in 2012 in Pontiac. Heck of a concert, good live act.
Vora Percussion
Damn good...Thanks...
Xiaoyi Liu
omg! just found i was there!!
Zhassik Sagyndykov
love you guys so much)
So they're touring with imagine dragons! Yay!
daniel braga
they also need to film in nyc
Whenever I type in The Naked and Famous on youtube it suggests The Naked eyes and Famous. Can anyone tell me what the hell that's all about?
doug benjamin
Normally I don't listen to a lot of synth-based  music (hell..I grew up with Tangerine Dream), but you're taking it to the next level.I really enjoyed this much energy without the overbearing techno-sound that can cause one to lose interest.Good luck...I hope you come to Summerfest soon!!!!!
elena guarneros
Soy la unica que se quiere montar sobre Thom Powers??? 👀
the girl that started screaming when punching in a dream came on is my aesthetic in life
This is all the reasons I got into music wrapped up in 60 minutes of brilliance !! Thank you !!
hip2U 1138
mikale van beek
another kiwi band doing great things ...!!!!!!!!!!yup
nada de maia
Marziaaaa 3
Live performances like this restore my faith in music whenever it starts to get a little shaky. . \nSimply amazing passion, enthusiasm, feeling and talent.\nTurn it on, turn it up and let it make you happy :-)
always love you guys!!!!!
Heard these guys in the \
ry ebrn
can yall do a \
Coming from a dude who likes rock and country, their music is so honest and refreshing. It's fun. It makes me feel more alive. I see now watching their live shows, unlike many groups today, there is merit to their success. They have their own brand, and it's really good.
wunderbar. gefällt mir gut.
Wow!! I've been stressed Lately. This performance Chilled Me Out; Awsome!
no way, No Way sounds better live!
Артем Ефремов
Великолепный концерт!!! Приезжайте в Россию!