: Shannon Elizabeth (FULL INTERVIEW)

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More from Entertainment Tonight: The 'American Pie' actress -- and 'Big Brother' superfan! -- left her adopted home of South Africa to play the first-ever U.S. version of 'Celebrity Big Brother,' premiering Feb. 7 on CBS.

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Antonio Fernández
Acting, I'll be doing a dramatic reading.
Cee Deli
she looks so good for her age!
Chris Cook
Love her
Cookie Masterson Stifler Indiana Jones
You come to the U.S. for unlimited American Pie movie offers from Devon Tennison and Nayomi Rodriguez because specifically we can transform films from the 1930s to the 1970s that yes regards YDKJ Movies.
she seems like a nice person here.... the show tho. full snake mode
Daring Danielle
The show was pretty damaging for Shannon. She came across a uptight, untrustworthy and manipulative - trying really hard to compensate by being a vegan animal lover.
Dawn Budd
I would really like to meet her. Mostly because my full name is Dawn Elizabeth Budd. So that means my middle name is part of her name.
Francis Azur
Why is her accent different? She's from Czechoslovakia right?
Gobbles69 Turkey
She only gets better with age
Last Comment
she is such a sad story , just another over 40 childless cringe living with an old man and a dog , what a waste of genes, they survived 3.5 billion years just to become a dead end with her
lol....her know it all ass is one of the reasons her ass got evicted
Nick Gagnon
She is gorgeous!
Nicki Minaj
She Was Amazing In Night Of The Demons
Orlando Hernandez
she is still my number 1 gal, mmm...
Robert Few
Still hotter than anything on earth.
Ser Aeo
rooting for her. :)
Sparta JJ
Dam she's still hot
Staedler Staedlerr
scary movie
Tom Steinert
Monster babe.
U.S. of America Management Ltd
Syrian heritage i'd still let her do me
Viantz Pradz
I cannot believe that she 45 years old, she look alike 33,damnn, she got age very well!!!
Knows not to become a target... Wins first HOH and veto. Almost backdoored second. Smh
b my
1st ps was she in Sabrina the teenage witch
Will she eat the slop even if its not vegan? I don't get it it
lil potato babe
What was ever her talent though? Being the hot, dumb girl in some teen movies and some forgettable roles recently? Another C List celebrity
nancy carrillo
She is so charming
pesston wuz
3rd evicted lol
44 years old ? Man, she is a god!