Bruce Lee - Best Fighting Scenes.vol 4

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The Legend of Bruce Lee is a Chinese biographic television series based on the life story of martial artist The Legend of Bruce Lee este un serial de televiziune biografic chinez bazat pe povestea vietii artistului de arte martiale

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Beat2Fresh T
True Bruce Lee fans will appreciate this film, fake or not fake. Its showing respect to his art. 🙏 ... \
Carl Parish
I purchased this on DVD a couple of years ago from Walmart. This movie last over 2 hours. Very good movie. Bruce Lee daughter has an input in this movie, plus the language is in English also.
Ernest Peña
that's not even Bruce Lee. What a joke.
FCMB Phoenix15
Hnmm.mmmmm,....Yip Man!
Howard Moore
He's pretty good with the nunchucks, but that man's jaw should've been broken from the first strike lol!
He Looks like Gary Daniels
Jim Thao
He's that guy from shaolin soccer lol
King TC
For some reason I hate the new Bruce Lee movie
Leo Lotus
How can I learn the ancient secret of making all those wind noises with my chucks? 🤔 I usually just hear the chain...😂
He isn't Bruce. No one is Bruce Lee
Mopa Konyak
He looks like real Bruce Lee
Naruto Way
i have those exact same nunchucks. they are foam, so is his escrima stick
Panisa Muangchan
Gary Daniels
Bruce lee? Jajaajajaa FAKEEEE
RDazzler Motion Pictures
Whats the name of this movie?
Rem ruatsanga
who is bruce lee opponent?
Roudy Ralpher
Good fight seens, excellent fake Bruce
Silent Protagonist
*Puts on Ultra Instinct Music in background*
He luks like soft version of bruce lre
Thomas Gittenberger
Wer ist der Typ mit dem aufgeklebten Bart der sich in Kampfsport versucht?
Tony Flores
So dumb 😁🤣
Trino Ponce
This is stupid.
Vue Xiong
It's a series,of course it's not Bruce Lee morons.
b Cole
Stupid video this is not Bruce lee
Nothing I hate more than fake Bruce Lee!
Common people some one is trying to remind us of Bruce and keep him from being forgotten in our memories instead you all go ohhh imposter. Yes I agree it's impossible to replace true master of Kung Foo but at least let's appreciate I try by this actor. And by my opinion it's this closest look alike actor I have seen in years
michael harper
Where's Bruce Lee then.?
These fights are joke.
truest honest
This is not bruce lee
trần Thiện
luc danh li tieu long mac do vietnamese
លោកបង វាសនា
He is a fake Bruce Lee. But he try to transform. Respect him to dedicate for Bruce Lee