Sex Mountain: Javas Hidden Sex Festival

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Sex Mountain: The ancient sexual ritual bringing prostitutes and politicians together in Java.Inside Germany's Sex Supermarkets: Mount Kemukus in Indonesia is home to an astonishing Islamic ritual. Every year thousands of devout Muslims arrive to have sex at the holy site in the belief it brings wealth and good fortune.Adherents to Islam are often seen as deeply conservative, but at this holy site the faithful congregate to achieve good fortune by having sex with strangers. Many of the pilgrims are married and ready to pay for sex with the site's prostitutes. "I need money and they need me", says one prostitute. But with STDs on the rise, can they be sure the only thing they're leaving with is a shot of good luck?SBS Dateline - Ref no. 6336Journeyman Pictures is your independent source for the world's most powerful films, exploring the burning issues of today. We represent stories from the world's top producers, with brand new content coming in all the time. On our channel you'll find outstanding and controversial journalism covering any global subject you can imagine wanting to know about.

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I hope they die from a tsunami
that's a shame an absolute shame, the government and other community leaders bed to come up with a solution for that, men need to stay with their wives and not abandon them to that poverty and prostitution, and widows should be taken care of not to fall into that and in some cases men need to take more then one wife and the government needs to make it possible for people to take care of their families, give them pieces of land to farm or invite some economic changes to allow business and the outside world needs to help and do it without offering loans that will further impoverish the country, the WORLD bank and IMF are to blame for many impoverished nations and people by giving big loans with so much intrest they can never repay and it does little good as all the economic development goes just to pay the loan off and not help the country. . read confessions of an economic hit man and check out IMRAN HOSEIN lectures and books about riba.
Adrian Abouali
This is not Islam... Islam prohibits having sex with any other person except your wife... Whatever they are doing on that Hill is not Islam... Moreover that lady was praying to the grave not Allah at that specific time... They are practicing some old rituals I guess... Like I said having sex with any other person except your wife is a sin in Islam... And praying to any other person except Allah is shirk (the biggest sin in Islam) and the one who practices shirk doesn't belong to Islam so according to the theory of shirk these guys over there practising it are non Muslims
Afurwan Devine Vlog
its not islam way....\n  ,, its java culture says \
Agung Trianto Widya Nugraha
This is not Moslem beliefs. It's called \
Aj Delta
This is sick is what it is
Andre Silva
Well, it's for our good fortune, so i'm willing to make this \
Arif Aiman
Indonesia the real Munafik.. Syamsul Yusof should make Munafik 3 based on Javanese culture..
Azer Zezer
hi ! look at the quran 17:32 (And do not approach unlawful sexual intercourse. Indeed, it is ever an immorality and is evil as a way.) look at this quran 24:30 (Tell the believing men to reduce [some] of their vision and guard their private parts. That is purer for them. Indeed, Allah is Acquainted with what they do) . stop lies people , that video dont have any connextion with islam . i think who do that video he has a psychological complex . its kind of mental illness he want the other social be like him social . no excuse to who do adultery in islam !
Bolang TheGame
This is not islam. This is real syirik in islam. that people follow wrong tradition just for the money. They maybe never read the quran. Islam its just like they status. I hope allah swt give them hidayah. N please erase that \
Brad Suarez
What is with the title Journeyman Pictures? You feel that if you sneakily put Islamic in inverted commas you can claim this is part of Islam and spread propaganda? This has absolutely nothing to with Islam and everything to do with these people's cultures and traditions and you know it!!
Chalk Cañon del Rosario
Moslems are demons... Pervert demons...
I don't think the creator of this documentary is claiming this is Islamic at all. Anybody with even the slightest knowledge of Islam would know that this is an unorthodox and extremely strange practice, so I don't think we need to keep getting angry and seeing some kind of conspiracy to defame Islam here. The documentary makes clear the hypocrisy and the illicitness of what is happening there according to Islam. I have to say that as a Western Muslim who has been in Indonesia for a few years now, this does not surprise me. The average 'village' form of Islam is always geared towards material reward through invocations and the repetition of mantras (Islamicised) and often mixed with some clearly pre-Islamic practices. God/Allah seems like a much older pagan deity who must be appeased with actions, sometimes completely irrational ones, in order to ward off punishments and gain material and worldly benefits. If I were to make a sweepingly unqualified guess, I would say this seems like the remnant of a very low and decadent form of 'peasant animism' which the 'higher castes' and priests would have had no part in to begin with. Since their authority no longer exists, confusion abounds and this very low form of religion continues with an Islamic veneer. The crisis seems to be one of authority. Without the old strictures of cast and perhaps because Islam doesn't have such an explicitly rigid hierarchy, the flood gates are open to all manner of things coming to the surface from the most uneducated and worldly souls.
Daniel Marinkovich
Dap Account
Dendy Priambodo
Absurd. But it's true. I grew up in Java and watching these people practicing this sort of teaching. Till I learn english and gain much information and knowledge from western media which change my mindset a lot. Now I find it funny seeing them doing rituals that but hey, I don't blame them for that. It's just a part of their culture, not mine.
Denny Hiu
hahahaha I'm Indonesian. For long I have heard about this place, but never see a documentary about this. Really, this is so messed-up. It's so sad but I can't blame them for their hypocrisy, it is mix of Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and ancient rituals. It's very common practices here, minus the sex of course
Diet Coke
Its like an ugly convention
Donny Montang
i'm indonesian, and i'm not agree for the topic/header.
Dragon King
it's these crazy rituals that gives foreigners the wrong understandings about Islam
Astaghfirullah...!\nAll that was forbidden & against the teachings of Islam.\nHope they will find the truth soon.
Dudik hidayah
Erdwi Rahmanto
Many people like to mix up Islamic teaching and their local culture and then claim it as Islamic teaching itself. Just like this ritual. Every biliever know well that adultery is a mayor sin in Islam and deserve capital punishment, yet they still do it and disguise it as cultural habit. Pray to the grave is consider as sirk, even if you mention any surrah, dzikr and so on. Pray to the grave and commite adultery? How come it have anything to do with Islam?
Fara 2796
Well, i'm a javanese muslim but i already knew such these things from ur youtube video and omg i was so surprised because of that. So i think it depends on where the javanese muslims people live and how the way of people thinking. I would say that they might be applying a wrong way of Islamic teaching 😂😂😂
Galih Sekarini
I am a muslim and I am Indonesian, but I'm really surprised when I watch this video because I dont even know this mountain and all the things that are happening there. All the thing I know is that what you are showing in this video and what they are doing in this video DOESNT REPRESENT ISLAM AT ALL. the Indonesian people in this video are wrong and they are not performing islam at all, all they do is talk about Allah without knowing the real islam.\nmany Indonesians muslim only know a little about islam, because at the time when islam was just spreaded in indonesia, we had to fought people who took over our country.\nbut now, i know that indonesian muslim getting know a lot more about islam, but we are still learning.\nthe point I want to tell you is THIS VIDEO DOESNT REPRESENT ISLAM AT ALL.\nand if you dont mind, I want to know the time when you shot this video..
Gowher Ayoub
Thay are not a Muslim . Muslim don't do these think s
Gumo Rabbit
it's not \
Hafiz Rohani
This is not even religion. Such practices are outside the Islamic convention. More like ancient customs that never died out even with the advent of Islam in Indonesia.
Hamid Alsmman
IT DOSENT BELONG TO ISLAM AT ALL !!!!!!!!!!!! \n( وإذا فعلوا فاحشة قالوا وجدنا عليها آباءنا والله أمرنا بها قل إن الله لا يأمر بالفحشاء أتقولون على الله ما لا تعلمون ( 28 ) قل أمر ربي بالقسط وأقيموا وجوهكم عند كل مسجد وادعوه مخلصين له الدين كما بدأكم تعودون ( 29 ) فريقا هدى وفريقا حق عليهم الضلالة إنهم اتخذوا الشياطين أولياء من دون الله ويحسبون أنهم مهتدون ( 30 ) ) . \n\n(And if they did obscene said we found it our fathers and God commanded them, say that God does not order to commit immoral are you say of God what you do not know (28) Say command of my Lord with justice, and keep up your faces at every mosque and call on Him sincerely his religion as he created you, you will return (29) team guidance and a team right on them they have taken misguidance demons parents without God and they think that they are rightly guided (30)).
Hana Hanihana
im indonesian but it isnt islam. they dont know about the true of islam.
Kind of a shitty interview with the hooker, basically putting her on the spot and calling on her to answer for this whole cultural phenomenon when she's just one person trying to make a couple of bucks.
Noujubillah! Pls don’t try to connect this to Islam! This is no where near to Islamic beliefs.
Ikhsan fahri pratama
What a disgrace we still have this kind of people on the loose in Indonesia. I mean, if they want to bring joy to live, having sex is a quick solution. But to bring joy by getting rich, that's not the best solution. As an Indonesian i am proud of my culture, but this one is peculiar for it is a culture i admit i am ashamed of to inherit.
Imron Fajar Kurniawan
I'm indonesian and i will tell you all about this thing..\nThis is not islam festival..\nIt's a one of ceremony of satan and islam curse this.. God not forgive this sin.\nIn indonesia called \
Inda Wati
Don't realy hunderstand Islam this tape of people. Musrik
Jaka Tri Yana
hua ha ha ... ini fakta
Kernel Panic
Indonesia is a very messed-up place. Yesterday I watched about Sharia law in Aceh, now this.
Logic is Power
Why do people judge them!? They live life happy with out all these electronics. I bet if you went there 1 day you would be dead
Someone show this video to his wife he thinks he got away with this
Maurice湯 茂 林
Proof some cultures are better than others.
Mazlan Roy
What is this?
Mohammed Belghaouti
this has nothing to do with Islam, any relationship out of marriage is a sin & illigal & any who does something like this have to be punished.
aww just let these old people get their rocks off, its not often they have some fun.
In the western world, we have an ancient ritual for solving financial problems too. We spend time figuring out how to make more money and reduce costs. Then we take action to do it. Somehow, this magically helps our financial situations.
Nik Fahmi
I never knew about this mountain. It never came on local Indonesian tv as far as I know. Something should be done. Prostitution is illegal no matter for what reason. The shrine should be demolished.\n\nAnd please be noted, as the narrator has said, this practise is not from Islamic teaching but a mix of javanese culture, hinduism etc. Islam doesn't allow such thing. The narrator also said that the old muslim woman prayed to the deceased not to Allah. In is Islam this act is considered as shirk, and that woman is a munafiq. She is not a real muslim.
NonConformist Nour
Hahaha I just love the guy who was like \
Olan Douglas Webb
Great place or perhaps \
Pria mapan 1974
Bukan islam???heemmm trus doa2nya agama apa tuh yg sambil cium2 nisan kuburan?mereka sendiri ngaku islam kok..truuuus???emanglah ga jauh2 dr selangkangan..
Proud Indian Shai Muslim Hyderi
Shame on your country and your government. ..
change the tittle ,this is not muslim tradition
Reza Arman
There is nothing Islamic here.......don't utter a word without knowing anything...poor media
Reza Saini
The Biggest Sin\n\nعن عبد الله قال سألت النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم أي الذنب أعظم عند الله قال أن تجعل لله ندا وهو خلقك قلت إن ذلك لعظيم قلت ثم أي قال وأن تقتل ولدك تخاف أن يطعم معك قلت ثم أي قال أن تزاني حليلة جارك\n\nFrom Abdullah RA he said; I asked the Prophet SAW; O Messenger of Allah, what is the greatest sin in the sight of Allah? He replied; 'When you associate with Allah, it is He Who created you. I said; It is indeed a great sin. ' I asked again; 'After that what? He replied; If you kill your own child for fear he eats with you (causes you to starve). I asked again; after that what? 'replied the king; 'Adultery with your neighbor's wife.' (HR Bukhari No: 4117) Status: Sahih Hadith\n\nTeaching:\n\nThe Prophet explained to his companions about the greatest sin:\n\n1. To associate with Allah (shirk). Shirk is the greatest sin and crime of the faith of God.\n\n2. Killing a child for fear of poverty. Killing other humans is forbidden except by permissible paths, especially killing children because of poverty. God who guarantees and determines sustenance to every non-human beings.\n\n3. Adultery with a neighbor's wife. Zina is a shameful act and its effects are very bad for humans. Moreover, when zina acts on the neighbor's wife should be given protection and respect to them.
Saif Khan
Yes it's true,,,all countries have similar things like that... Indonesia is a country which got too much influence of Hinduism & budism.... Which is mostly in magic form and people still practice in daily routine.yogjakarta , cilacap , is most in magic things on jawanes area.and it's all really true.a lot witnesses from Bandung , dot judge anything to soon.
Rest of the Islamic world has similar ritual, but with goats and camels.
Sebastian Hadi
i'm not a moslem, but it feels so wrong...\nfeel sad for those people...
Shnitzin Vikter
Stupid people. I'm a dolphin!
Sukiman Tongkodu
this is KEJAWEN not ISLAM, missleading subtitle make Islam looks bad
Syed Naseeven
this is not islam
Tansizal Effendi
This is not Islam, is one of many ancestral cultures of Java, not all regions in Java perform the ritual, trust me,  Islam forbids such rituals. This sin, a great sin, it is strictly forbidden
The Malay-American Guy
This is not even allowed in islam wtf
Tukang Channel
The people who claim to Moslem but not execute the commands of Allah and His Messenger , a mixture of Hindus, buddis, kejawen . there is no such rituals in Islam .\nThis clearly forbidden by Islamic law. Wallahu a'lam..
Tunku Badlishah
This is not Islamic more like ISIS way of perverted life. That is why majority of Javanese is not Muslim but called themselves one. What a shamed! I hope they all rot in Hell. No wonder, Allah bombarded Indonesia with so many natural disasters e.g. earthquake, haze, Tsunami etc. because of the people wrongdoings.
Turbong Kro
It's not a religion..It evilish
Seriously? You think they are Muslims \nThey're no way near the Islam or Muslims -_-
Virgo NET
ini perbuatab orang kafir..yg ingin menjelekkan islam...hoaxx
Windi Rahma Dewi
ajaran tradisional ini bukan islam tolong jangan bawa nama islam .orang islam tidak ada yg mau nyembah and doa di kuburan karna syirik syirik adalah dosa yg tak bisa di ampuni
Yuan Pramayuda
change your title. people is bad but not the religion..
adi wijaya
jelas sudah....... pemimpin cina tukang gusur, lumpur lapindo, gempa bumi berulang-ulang, jgn salahkan Tuhan, memang manusia sudah pada GILA....
NOT a Muslim ritual.  shame on you.
big b
Actually this is better than kill men and making women and children their slaves. Some People needs money some needs sex they exchange, it's their life their will their needs. We should mind own business.
boboii XD
astaghfirullah. sesat
by habibi
this not a islamic tradition or devotions\nthey became slaves and toys of the devil\nand they do this perversion in the name of Islam\nsuch perverse people can go to hell and shame on for them
indonesia scary place
don juan de
indahnya gunung kemukus... 😍😍😘
evad wall
very luck to have a camera on that guy at the exact moment she phoned him
farooque ali
This not a ritual of muslims rather u may say it is a bunch of indonesians trying to justify their actions through religion.shame on u for wrong information
fhay FM
hrusnya yg bgini dihancurin...pmerinth daerahnya mna
haffiz syafiq
The true islam never did this..
this is clearly not Islamic teachings nor traditions, the Quran has strictly forbid adultery to Its followers. \n\nand to all Muslims brothers and sisters please take a few step back before blaming the Journeyman or saying this video is allegedly one of the form of media war against Islam, please note that Journeyman in its notes/captions below the video has put a quote symbol (\
irman suriadi
siapa pemerintah nya, di mana penguat kuasaan nya,\nislam tanpa undang2 hukum nya mundur,\nundang2 apa di pakai di sana,\nmmg paraaaaah,~~\n\n: O
jerry adam
It's the most ridiculous things I've ever heard. I know muslim well and I knew that in their religion touching other woman (for man) is strictly prohibited. \n\nIdk why journey people could made this fake story. I expect something better from you.
jiyaa khan
this r not Muslim they r non Muslim totally ...
gotta love the hypocrisy.
That is one of the most strange twists to a religion I have seen. KAFIR would someone please explain the meaning? Have heard the word before, but don't know what it means.
monica geller
you're not even allowed to touch woman in islam unless u're married...just to confirm...this is not islam
rei games
10:14 they leave religion behind.
saidul iskandar
As Indonesian People and as the Java community. we can look your title is great false. This is really conspiracy. You CAN'T bring the Islam \
A brothel in Asia. Not sure why the journalist thinks its a big deal as there are thousands around the world and its the oldest profession.
seransya kebumen
wkwkwkwk.. besok kesitu ah
Yay one man one vote country
waseem Ali
clear .. the man was saying that we believe in one God , but we are doing this for our business bcz with it we can live comfortable ... this has no relation with ISLAM ..
winsyah al mustadjabi
This Is Not from Islam. This is from Javanise Pagan traditional. I am Javanese and I know that tradition its not from Islam
These people make me laugh..
yudhi arsyi
ini tuh bukan islam ini lebih ke kejawen sesat lagian ngapain juga ritual kagak jelas kuburan dicium2 mana jablaynya jelek2 lagi kaya mbak2 warteg pasti ini tempat bnyak setannya mana tadi ada yg disembur idih bau jigong klo yg nyempur gosok gigi aja iuuhh
Interesting how sex trumps religion in all cultures, and something that religion looks to mess with in all cultures. That which is contrary to nature, will not last long.
ياسمين Yasmine
What a terrible culture, these people are committing shirk which is a major sin in islam and zina
ಶಿವ ಶಂಕರ್
these is perfect for Islam long live these
wtf this is not islam ! so please dont like that if not understand about islam !