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When the killer (Dave Sheridan) appears at Buffy's (Shannon Elizabeth) pageant, her dramatic reading turns out to be no act. For more from Scary Movie:

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Abhi Computer
Abolla De Margretta
Congratulations! Out of my way loser lol
Afraz Amjad
this movie is awesome
Almer Hafiz
Greg is Hal Cooper from Riverdale, i just REALIZED!!
Anthony Di-Perini
Antonio Fernández
Ari Moonlight Mashups
who’s here before 666k views??
Being Hopeful
thats my girlfriend too ..... lol ..... its funny or scary .
Bence Kovács
1:19- loooolllll :'DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Billie Deffenbaugh
I say, turn around. The killer is right behind you.
Brett Faver
That's my girlfriend too!
Brianna Watkins
Miss Felatio lol
Cookie Masterson Stifler Indiana Jones
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Courtney Jordan
this is just like I new did last summer
Dp gamer 123
3:10 bruh you saw him die
Eh See
Who would Smash Miss Thing?
Emre Gültekin
I'd bang number 1
Farhat Haniff
After all these years, just realised the Miss Fellatio part..
Funtime Foxy
In real life, people would notice him because the men's voice can be heard
Gil Terrero
Shannon is such a bad actress
Gum x blue Thomas
Hannah Wilson
That girl who was acting good , there is no blood everywhere because I love that kind of movie because it wasn't scary for me at all times . I am subscribing this and the comment about asking people , which movie something like Surprise Cindy because it was funny movie . That masked killer didn't show-up
Hellena Andrew
I love all these movies. Someone to improve my english? I desperately need help
Helpless Vids
😂😂😂😂 hahahah
Ivan Bolaños
*Hahahahahahahaha LMAO*
Kbitch Kal
Contestant number 2 no hows to make underarm and bush hair 😂
Khaabirr L
It's not \
Marekkrtko Marekkrtko
doggystyle anytime.... I died ;)
Mark Melendez
Miss hag is a old lady
Mark Sapigao
the song always makes me laugh lol \
Martin Mazzie
2:26 is so me whenever I win something, whether it's a game, competition, or heck even Olympic Gold 😂😂😂😂
Mary-Jane Watson
Lol that woman threw a vase at her i would love to see Shannon do more movies like this again
NOKIA 3310
I dont know but in the thumb she look like christiano ronaldo abit or whatever his name
Neil Parker Jr
I’m glad they made a death scene of Greg in this film. That should teach him a lesson not to abuse a girl. Because in my opinion, he deserves it for harming Cindy.
Neoton John Ansag
Miss Fellatio 😂😂😂🤭
Nguyen DucAnh
lol. miss thing.
Nunya Biznes
Pasquale Dorsi
Oscar worthy nomination she killed it
Pause Shiva
full funny movie
Petra Arkanian
Those hair extensions... \nI vote blonde.
Pink Egg
there she comes miss teen shes so fine, such lovely TITSSSS, and a great behind. there she is, doggy style anytime
Pokèmaster 349
1:00 damn Nadia😍
Im here From Celeb Big Brother
Prince Rapunzel lee Gold
Move Loser
Rae Jackson
Rahul Cares
Hahaha funny funny funniest
Rama Drama
Go Shannon ,Im here From Celeb Big Brother
Ravi gautam
Rock Man
Miss Congeniality\nMiss Thing\nMiss Fellatio\nMiss Knocked Up\nMiss Hag
Shahida Faisal
What movie is this scene based on?
Shahida Tabassum
After watching Celebrity Big Brother USA and Shannon's eviction, it's sad and unfortunate for me to say but THIS IS EXACTLY HOW SHANNON ELIZABETH IS IN REAL LIFE she's very selfish
Spirit Valtryek
this seems more like a comedy movie then a scary movie
Super Sinis
Why nobody talking about the braided pubes... Just me. Ok
Suraj Opinion is Never Better
here she comes the beauty queen, doggy style any time
The Late NPC Show
The Pornographer
I think Miss thing is hot
The popo Werdzz
What happened to Alice, HAROLD COOPER?
there are two braids down there😂😂😂
TheirLoveCan'tCutOurKnife !!!
Thomas Doherty
How the Black Hood Aka Hale Cooper Should have ended 😂
Tmanmegaman Burgess
even tho this is a comedy I have to say Shannon did a pretty good job doing the whole he killing him scene.
Toni Abner
“ aye what you wanna piece of me?! “ 😂
When I saw this, I didn't know what fellatio meant because I was so young but now I do...lmfao
1:23 haha the looks are like Haley Joel Osment :D
I lost it when she got hit with the vase when she was walking down the catwalk lmao 😂😂😂😂😂
Yikes Yikes
acnyc 11
It captures American's to a T
baba BZNZ
df yt
Fellatio means blowjob
don wory
what reffrence this svene
Doggy style any time what ? Hahahaha
shannon elizabeth can still suck a garden hose through a golf ball
gede yogamahendra
Miss fellatio....
I never noticed their sashes until now lol
jon bob
cindy, the tvs leaking
mahi verma
Its so typical
paul gib
I wish the first 30 to 45 seconds of this clip was available somewheres
pooria kh
omfg why she called her buffy 😂😂😂??they also mocking buffy Noway,😂
rap pastera
robin mendoza
who's watching now May 3, 2018.
sameer kujur
Ooo... What big teeth you have...
shubham Kumar
2:26 congrats. Out of my way looser
thorat patil
bikari picture
they should do more scary movies and bring shannon back with brenda and anna faris
trip Logan.
Where is ghostface come from in movie I what did saw last summer.
zeb aurang
2:40 red one were more beautiful
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