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A Loret
Your editing skills are just amazing, but men, your writing is as good if not even better.
Akhil Varma
As a fan of Aki Kaurismaki, thank you for doing this!
than kyou for your videos and analysis. Its nice that you want to go so deep. I think maibe if its going to be so long you could let moments without word longer.
I remember seeing Leningrad Cowboys Go America! in the cinemas. It left a lasting impression... 😍
Andreas 90hp
Aki sounds like my kind of director. Does anyone have any suggesstions what Kaursmäki movies you should look at ?
Andrew Morris
God, these video analyses have all become so pretentious. They're almost parodies of themselves at this point.
t o r i l l a\na\nv\na\nt\na\na\nn
Before The Credits
Beautiful episode.
from what I can see it reminds me quite a bit of the work of roy andersson
Bukowski und ich demolieren Cabrios
I really like the clips. Which one of his films would you recommend as a starting point?
Chemtrail Dreams
I'm guessing Karuismaki is a Guy Debord fan
Chloe Peres
you're the only channel i can watch video's of over and over. Great content :)
Coraline TheGunslinger
love your videos! thanks for making them!
Daniel Moreno
Amazing video. You're just getting better. Congratulations.\nWhat you guys think is the best Kaurismaki film? I've only watched Leningrad Cowboys and The Man Without a Past and I loved them.
Daniel Tim
I'd love to see one review that would concentrate on Aki's presentation of Europe (especially in later films) rather than comedy element in his films. Particularly how his characters evolved and how Europe evolved with them, in director's eyes. In fact none of his films are comedies, they are just Finnish. Finns live their life with a bit of black humour and sarcasm in everyday life, but underneath this mask there is quite naive, gentle and sentimental nation. The core of his films is humanism and human condition as seen by a heavy drinking social-democrat pessimist Finnish guy. \n\nThe main theme in his last two movies is a refugee phenomenon in Europe - Aki sees refugees as modern \
Diego Suárez Balleza
Oh my god thank you so much for makind this video.\nI looooove Kaurismäki and many of my friends do as well here in mexico. It's so nice to se an idol be appreciated by someone that can make it be know by a wider audience ♥
Director Curt Soul
Your back!!!!
Dorian McCormick
How about another anime... perhaps samurai champloo? If I think of a deeper anime I'll comment
Dragon Skunk
There is a spectrum of comedy at each end you'll find:\npedantic fart jokes-------------------|--------------------set the dog on fire \nI don't want to be told either is funny.
Please do something on kelly Reinhardt! Possibly the most underrated filmmaker working today.
Edith Ottilia
its honestly kinda bizarre to me to see a Finnish director brought up in a analysis like this but great video as always. Hearing you pronounce it \
Ellie Mäkelä
nice video except for the times you said kaurismäki wrong. like seriously, finnish is the world's most phonetic language, and how difficult is it to pronounce this stuff?
Emmanuel D
You probably deliver the best content on this website honestly. I'm in awe and admirative at the same time. You're the kind of analyst that makes every work he touches doubly more exciting
Estryus Flemming
So it is like if Albert Camus made a comedy
Felix ten Haaf
I think you should make an essay about Roy Andersson. Could be very interesting!
Franco Isa
so glad that someone acctually cares about aki
Gabriel Lemay
We're going to need Spielberg, Allen, and Nolan pretty soon.
Helsinki Renaissance
Jack Lemmon said in a documentary about Billy Wilder that most people don't get what having a sense of humor is all about or why Billy had it to such a rare degree. Lemmon said that having a sense of humor is NOT having an appreciation of humor, but that it's an ability to look at situations that others also saw and see the secret comedy in it that not everyone can see.\n\nIt doesn't surprise me to see some finnish people bragging about how they can't see any comedy in Kaurismäki, but when contrasted to the above mentioned anecdote that would just mean that they are the other guy in that set up, not that Kaurismäki is the person who has to go on without Billy's gift.\n\nI've said it before that I think Kaurismäki, whilst being a finnish man, is a french filmmaker (with all his influences, seemingly none of them finnish) so finnish people aren't necessarily those in the most optimal position to either appreciate or understand him. Can the average finnish person tell you alot about Bresson, Prevert, Melville, Godard, Becker, Langlois or all the rest?
Ian Paul
Yesssss! I loved La Vie De Boheme! Nice to see a video essay about this totally underrated director!
so, it's always sunny In Philadelphia.
Love this guy. When you watch Wes Anderson's films, you can really see the influence from Kaurismaki.
thank you for the video and all your hard work! I always look forward to your videos.
Jack's Movie Reviews
Absolutely incredible! Your work is so inspiring and though provoking. And this video is no exception! \nAs someone who makes similar content, it is easy to see how hard you work! Keep it up and I can't wait to see what's next!
Jasper Manning
As a Finn, it feels weird that you consider Aki Kaurismäki's films as comedies.. I mean yeah, they're full of funny bits, but apart from the few of his early black and white films, few here would think of them as comedies.
Jay Bridal
I haven't seen any of these films, but what you describe seems like they're... boring on purpose. Which is probably unfair to both you and the films, but honestly I'm not any more compelled to see them than I was before I knew about them.
Jessica Triana
he's just being Finnish
John Gleeson
The best film criticism channel on YouTube without doubt. Superb work. This is my favourite piece.
John Stromboly
Channel Criswell please do Emir Kusturica one day
João Biscaia
I love your videos. I'd also love to see your take on Roy Andersson, if you find it useful.
Kel M. Hill
Great video on a filmmaker I don't yet know. Thanks! Can anyone tell me which movie the scene with the two men sitting on narrow beds and reading a newspaper is from?
Kevin Vaffler
ayy back with another classic ayy
I didn't laugh once throughout this whole video. You sure this is comedy?
Lester Freeman
whats the song at the end?
Lukas Plevokas
this amazing
Marek Homsi Andráši
So, basically, you are saying Kurismaki would be the best choice for directing Dark Souls movie.
Marie Medevielle
I'm amazed at your razor-sharp analysis of Kaurismäki's humour and vision. As a screenwriter myself I find your video essays greatly useful. Thanks for all the work you put in it and for sharing it!
Matteo Ricci
This is a good documentary about the Finns.
Michael Garmonsway
how did you get those bits from The Other Side of Hope? Are they press clips or do you somehow have a copy?
Miguel Solano J
beautiful, thank you
When I watch analyses like this, or the Cowboy Bebop one, I can't help but think how nice it'd have been if you'd do a breakdown like this of Nana (TV) ...
Nick Oberg
his movies are so great! and Matti was a genus actor, wish he was still alive!
Nils Skogman
So basically all his characters are caricatures of what Finns are like.
I think Wes Anderson also uses this method of downplaying drama to enhance comedy very masterfully. Great analysis as always!
Otto Laakso
Otto Von Stirlitz
Kaurismäki is like Andrei Tarkovsky and Jean-Pierre Melville in same person.
Pancho :v
do a video on Miloš Forman
Paul Sidhu
I appreciate all of the work you put in
It's nice to see a lesser-known filmmaker like Kaurismäki get some attention on this website. Kubrick, Kurosawa, Tarkovsky, and the like are all incredibly talented and interesting but they've been talked to death by video essayists. It's people like Kaurismäki that really grab my attention nowadays. Hope this trend continues.
Pramit Chatterjee
Does Shane Black use this style of humor?
Rafael Rezende
Take a shot every time he says kaurismaki.
Rashid Kadura
Long Live Criswell, the Louis
Rodrigo Rabello
haven't seen the video\nno idea who the dude in the title is\nand i already LOVE IT!
Roosa Ylönen
I've been waiting for ages for one good Kaurismäki essay, and here it is. And it's f---ing amazing. He's an incredible filmmaker and shamefully neglected. Great job, love the effort you always put in your videos! \u003c3
Sammo fidel
Aki Kaurismaki is the man
Sergio Baez
I'd enjoy hearing your thoughts on Orson Welles/his work. I think you'd be able to analyze it as good as you did Taxi Driver. Cheers
Shamdowi Films
Is Kaurismäki famous outside of Finland or how did you find his films?
Are you familiar with the works of Roy Andersson? I see many similarities between him and Kaurismäki.
Is he like Coen brothers or smth?
Sudev Sen
Are you ever going to do more movie analysis like Taxi Driver and Apocalypse Now?
Sundae Kid
Could you do some videos on Mexican filmmakers like Alfonso Cuaron And Alejandro Iñaritu 😀
Techno Viking
First. And without watching it, I can say it´s going to be great again. Keep up the good work, Criswell Lives!
I didnt laugh at a single clip... do I just not get the comedy or something?
My mom made me watch Leningrad Cowboys Go America when I was a stupid teenager. I don't remember much, I don't think I even finished it. It was just boring and depressing to me.\nOver the years my taste in movies (hopefully) developed. I find his unique take on comedy and portrayal of the human condition, as explained in this video, intruiging. I will definitely ask my mother if she wants to rewatch some Aki Kaurismäki movies :)
Thanks! \nThe rare times I stumble over a Karusmaki film it´s always a strangely satisfying experience. Now it is more clear why.\nTotally recommend to see his films in small cinemas. They are much more cinematic than it seems.
Tony D
Chris: could you do an expose on Mexican films/directors please?\nMany great directors like Cuaron, Del Toro and others have incredible lesser know filmes and also Mexico has a thriving scene for film as well. \nThanks!
Topias Nätynki
Its nice to see my country represented. You pronounce his name like he was Japanese lmao.
Really nice to see something here from my country! Those are the streets I live in
Twist Visuals
another great video. havent heard about this director till now.
Very Fast
Please do Na hong jin's wailing. I think most people here would be more than interested to hear your thoughts about it.
Walter W
Would be interesting to see a video about Roy Andersson.
I feel like Kaurismaki managed to bottle the finnish spirit. My experience is they're generally like this.
Zoran Lisinac
Love Aki!! Great essay!
franni ferrari
Very good video! It remembers me of the works of Bukowski and Juan Pedro Gutierrez in literature
ihan sama
I didn't konw that Kaurismäki's films were comedies.
james ray
If your still interested in doing essays on music, one about Swans would be Awesome.
Thanks for this! Also almost perfect pronunciation, but it's COW-rismäki, not CAH-rismäki.
lauri finlandia
thank you so much for this video. kaurismäki is my favourite director, and i find it very intriguing how non-finnish viewers approach his style and narrative. keep up the great work!
mana potion
torilla tavataan jne...
Kaurismaki is such a breath of fresh air
Every video just adds so much more for me to watch! This is gonna be a busy, enjoyable summer
Just came back from a trip to Europe and stayed in Finland for 3 weeks. Saw The Other Side of Hope inside a theater in Helsinki. Great film. Great director. His interview from 1991 with Jonathan Ross is so good.
You should read Stranger in a strange land
this looks like an european Always Sunny, might check it out, but I'm afraid the pacing might be too much for me. \nCan you do Yorgos Lanthimos at some point (before or after Sacred Deer)?
shyam kumar
dude your voice is more sweet than vanilla ice cream
wulan tsabita
the first 5 minutes don't quite intrigue me, when it's finished I'm in love.
I love your work but you sound overly dramatic all the time in every one of your videos. I think it would help your channel to be just a little bit more lively.
Kinda reminds me of Edgar Wright's movies, without the complete deadpan performance, of course.