What is it like if everyone in the office get naked

This is the result of Onebestway, a company locates at Newcastle, which set a task asking everyone in the office go to work naked on a Friday to reset the company's momentum. Top UK company psychologist David Taylor help them to do it.

Jj0\n\nInappropriate stuff and be naked
Abdou Ferras
Naked Donald Trump
Akelio / RGP
Alan Ellaway
Also what kind of office administration would endorse this kind of foolishness?   David Taylor should be fired, it's one thing to choose to get naked at a nudist resort or in your own home but to advise his employers that I think we should get the staff naked, is just plain ridiculous.   I admire the woman who kept her bra and pants on and refused to be manipulated.
Alexzandra Gurgis
Their so brave
Alison Durrant
I think this is great
All Around Jo
Hey man don't cover your own Penis 🍆
Anthony Casey
I love you naked
Anthony Macharia
Ariseli-Gabriella Smith
Why so they do this?
Aydin Caudle
Bhupesh Tiwani
not a big deal .every one knows about body
Blue Clouds
They don't behave likeven naked adults; they behave like naked children.
Charles Morgan
sam is mmy hero
Cheyenne Tolley
I love the nakid culb
Chris Tsao
Tsja, hoever kun je gaan
Clara Gilley
+ it's fun u r so funny but I would do it to
Dan Nelligan
I love being naked
Die Melancholie
Wow. Cool social experiment.\nAnd my absolut respect at the courage of the short black haired woman, \nwho came completely naked to the office. Thumbs up.
Dimitris Kalergis
When a woman has more *balls* than most of they guys...
Dion St. Michael
Until I started really thinking about living nude without any sexual context I never really considered how amazing and positive it could impact our culture in so many ways on so many levels. It's almost kind of overwhelming.
Eeswaramohan Gnanasundaram
there is a naked women in this video and she showed herself to a woman wearing a bikini!!
Elaine Deighton
Exploding Tom
Fatou Tunkara
I like girl naked not boy
Favier Wei
Where's the orgy part?
Fluffy Pug22
I like how he black haired woman is just showing her nakedness off and everyone else is hiding their private parts
Sam was amazing. So confident, so comfortable......and bloody gorgeous
Grammar Police Unit A273
Grey Ghost
The woman in the bikini underwear. It's more difficult for women to disrobe because of the standard of beauty they are held to in the textile world
Harley Stubbs
Please let me on this
Good idea yah
Hasan hsn
wow nice
Helen Jubb
it is the way to live. k eep it up.\nmore people should join you.\nwearing clothes, takes. to long to decide, what to wrar. if it looks right. \nwhen all you have to do. is do your daily jobs in the nude
J.c C.j
why are naked day is Friday usually usually there's no making things at all is this you just recording I can watch TV or something because I like do not like do not like naked
Jcombo Richthunder
Same here Taylor Lewis same here
Jeff N.
Spiky is then only one naked. Too bad she had a stoke.
Jeffrey Pearl
I could do this if I was the only guy there.
Jennifer Jordan
I love you
Joanne Koss
John van gestel
Don't know who filmed it, but i am missing something.\nWhere are the towels ??\nIf you say you'r a nudist then you know you need and use one on a chair.\nEven it's your own chair.
Joseph Reyes
I wish I can do it in public also
Josephine Lagarto
Juan Ramos
Damn. Sausage fest.
Juegos Ninos
This video is so weird
Just another account
Imagine if everyone came to high school naked
Kaiden goes bananas
I like being Naked
Kashif Mughal
i am gonna enforce same in ma office
Katherine Flynn
This shouldn't be allowed, it shouldn't have EVER been posted no hate
Liu yaoshan Bingjay
I love naked...
Lynn Fowler
Love it !! Lmao 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🍺🍺🍺😂
MOE Fendi
Describe what that office smells like
Mama Oloyede
Marco Polo
Wish the black bra was off.
Marcos Ordonez
Girl Boys Naked it The Naked it Office
Marque Burton
You gals have some nice booties!!!
Messi Monster
what is rong with being naked
Michael Kaye
The new casual friday?
Paul Fitzpatrick
this is so stupid. It's soft porn masquerading as psychology. It offers no benefits in terms of performance enhancement whatsoever. If you want to break down barriers you get staff to build rafts etc not take their clothes of. Interesting also that the boss didn't remove he clothes and all the focus was on the young woman. It's quite possible that the females felt obliged to take part out of the fear of being retrenched at some future time. In short it's a pointless, voyeuristic exercise.
What if Donald trump see this
Richard A. Gilbert
Nice ways to meet others, without being afraid of nudity, or free their nipples, great choice...Richard
Robert Ransome
Who cares if your naked its the way it was a looooooooooong time ago
Servant of JESUS JESUS leads us Eternal life
Galatians 5:16 King James Version \n\n16 This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.
Sharratt Television
I couldn't do that!
this is where the world has come to
Smokey NYY
that one naked girl is awesome.
Time to delete my history
The Captain
I got naked at work once and got the sack. I was a postman
Tracey Bayoh
Nice 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Wayne Sweeney
Make sure everyone is up to date on the sexual harassment policy at work! LOL!
Willliam Beard
One of the women was most comfortable nude and the other would not get nude.   All the men kept covered with something other than clothes so they were less comfortable than the women.
Wolfy Natures
How tf did I get here from watching fortnite
ballah kpadeh
the world is coming to an end
Is the reason British people speak without moving their jaw much is because of misaligned teeth. I see some where the teeth actually hit can't even close their mouth.
Seeing everybody naked makes the one woman in underwear still look like she's in a suit.
callum storey
I got naked watching this....
gga br
why the other girl with bikkini
gotham goku
i thought to be nudein public areas you should use a towel in chairs
jj hicks
so the orgy starts once the cameras go off right
What a great clip! It's a great way of showing that being naked doesn't have to be anything sexual, but it's just natural and the true you, and it's a lot easier to connect when we better know each other.
I could never completely comprehend white people !!!!
I would like to watch the behaviour of muslim workers in that office, specially women.
nobody kid
bra-bet-tie (farts)
pete Mesa
its a blank video....it says.....this video maybee inappropriate for some users. why?
Okay, so why didn't the women have to cover their crotches while the men did? Why? And no towels or anything on the furniture? Suppose somebody leaks?
s m
I wish if all my friends were naked
sg sfgb
If only they did this every day through my four years of high school... would have been GLORIOUS
Bonerriffic. the driving to work naked was hokey stupid. they should stripped in front of each other to emphasize the eroticism factor. then they could've all been intimate and had nap time after.
son Ya
Why only male nudity?
صوت الشعب
i hope that can happend one day in Morocco 😘