A True Cocaine Story By Amy Winehouse

Soundtrack name: Requiem for a dream

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it's a lie. She ate everything...but cocain never do this with you. Try it before you talk lies.
Alex Lofberg Nilsson
You are a horrible person for submitting a video like this. She had talent as opposed to you.
Alex Tynas
Amy Bukouras
She was a beautiful lady, I hope she's in heaven now
Andrea Espinosa
Anna Henkens
life is hard that was scary but people are like that sometimes they need help.
Antonio de Pasquale
Cocaine or not, she's just a Queen. Judge her for what she do in the music business and not for the choices she takes for her life. Love her for what she transmit when she sing. Her voice can't never die.
Ariana Grande
I love Amy
Baz Leach
it was probably both heroin and crack she took and probably anything else she could get her hands on. she was such a talented and good looking girl, but dam she let the drugs destroy her such a shame. I think and it is only my opinion that her partner had a big influence on her drug taking and with the unlimited amount of money she had mixed with a very bad partner it was never going end well. I have dabbled with both brown and white for over 20 years.Sometimes going years without touching anything and yet it has never got a grip on me. I have always worked and I am currently a manager of a large retail company and have a family and have a 'normal' life. And yet no one has ever noticed my drug habit. \nwhat I'm trying to get at is that it is possible to have so called normal life and still have so called class A drugs. I'm not out robbing people or attacking old ladys. yet if people knew me really I would be labelled a smack/crack head. like any drug be it heroin, cocaine or alcohol they will always be people who will abuse these and end up fucked up like Amy it's just a shame that because of these few all the rest of us are tarred with the same brush.
Belieber, mixer, and mahomie💜💚💛💎💘
She was beautiful before drugs
Beyza Aydın
Sonumuz böyle olmasın da
we will never know only she does.. amazing waste of talentx
So sad, rest in peace Amy, gone but never forgotten x
Catherine Vaz
She doesn't deserve to be disrespected like this after death...\nEven if she was on drugs, like many artists, btw, I want to keep a good image of her: the amazing singer that she was. It's ugly to show her as an example, like, YouTube has become a giant circus or something? RIP Amy, love from France...
Courtney Gray
give her a break and remove the negative she was a prodigy and a new voice , remember her for that.
Craig Negrey
Man that girl went hard and it went hard right baxk on her its a pity with all the management she hadband herballedged dad not one person could convince orndrag her to a safe drug facilities maybe it was just her destinynyes its a bad path but amy made her choice rip amy
David Carrascosa
Que Amy repose en paix, maintenant finit les souffrances, c'est démons ect. RIP 🌹🌹🌹
Dina Bonilla
Insome of these pictures she was about to say something and someone took it right then so...
all of you will die, certainly,.. living your lives as dead individuals...Amy lives still, & take her post as rightful superior being ......
Eda Kurt
Ne yaptın kendine Amy :'(
Elpida Souv
Why she did that to herself?????
Grey Wolfe Reese
Very sad.If there's one thing that can tear you down..its drugs. My x-husband passed Feb 14 of this year.
I do Cokee
But that's just the body. I mean she had a pure soul and that's all you need. She's safe in heaven now. Didn't deserve to survive in such a cruel world.
Jimmy Hendrix , Janis Joplin , Jim Morrison , Brian Jones . Grandes artistas que murieron antes de cumplir 30 años , por abusar de las drogas duras .
Jessica.Smith Smith
So very sad. I loved her as a performer. She was probably a great person before the drugs. Such a Wonderful talent gone To soon.
Joanne Herriott
Her talent and her addiction are two separate issues . What an absolute talent ........... A real shame she had to throw it all away . I never cut Kate Moss with the same generous opinion when she was with Pete Docherty . Being extremely anti any drugs myself I never thought I would cut Amy Winehouse any slack . 'Valerie' is one of the best tracks ever produced in this century ! You have to hand it to her .
Johnny Knoxville
I'll die the same way jus from all alcohol and stress
Lena Bovan
:-( :'(
M. Sinclair
it wasn't cocaine it was heroin
every time i listen to this song i get scared, so, im sure that tonight i will have a nightmare
Marijana Prebeg
She was a great singer, and it's so sad what is hapen with her, is that somting what is she need in her life? \nI'm so sad about her life story😔😞😪😩
Marina and the diamonds Club
Rip 😭😭
Marstrand R.
I used to do blow and copious amounts of alcohol when I was in my 20's and nobody ever knew it 'cause I maintained and didn't ''go over the line'' so to speak. I could've but I didn't, I had responsibilities in life and I had to fulfill them, so I did.\n\n I think the opiates are what finished off Ms. Winehouse, actually, the combination of the three, smack, blow and alcohol.\n\nWord to the wise though, stay away from the opiates and coca because it's a high maintenance high, you end up having to refill too often to get back to the state of mind you were in when you started, it's a vicious circle.
Meryem Yaman
she was so beautiful ♥ im missing amy winehouse
Muddy Lester
How depressing, she was so beautiful...
Nadine Simpson
I will always love her music that voice was 1 in a million 🎤💕 so sad and such a waste of great talent R.I.P baby girl 😇❤
Poor Amy worked so hard to be clean and she was for 3 years before she died. She gave the world beautiful music and I am sorry she didn't get to give us more.
Nancy Sungen
amy miss you...
People think That AMy Winehouse was in a club called the 27 club.\nYour probarly Wondering: What the 27 club?\nIt is people that have made a deal with sathan that they will be rich and famous and live ther own dream life but in 27 years old sathan gets their Soul
Party hard
Pranks With A L F G
Some people say it was her boy friend fault because he was doing drug and then go her to do them but I could be wrong \nRip 😰😰
Purple Sunflower
Why didn't Amy s Mother HELP !
Rebecca M
That's heroin aftermath
Rob Rock
They said she died of Alcohol (vodka) But looking at her body towards the end I can cleary tell you that is the body of a Heroin Dependent with Crystal Meth use... She lost her teeth towards the end too... Clear signs.. I see this look often in people right before the end... Heroin, Meth eats away at your body..Those legions on her face too... She probably didn't have much of a chance... and the vodka that may have killed her probably would not have if her body was healthy...She was on a death bed regardless...
life story movie out soon, THEN whoever made this horrible, misinformed video can gain FACTS! she was bulemic, her heart stopped many times over the years. there was always someone there to help. the last time, no one was there. added to that were different drugs down the dark path. she sabotaged a tour, she wanted a break. she started getting better, drinking was further n further apart, etc. they put her back on stage n she broke. many stars or models are or have used! their handlers usually get them anything they want! trust me.
Sam Roberts
and if you want to continue being a straight laced flower arranging bible reading prayer group organiser, subscribe to this channel!
Sara Firas
respect her soul .. this shit is so rude to me .
Sarah Alshawaf
I feel very sorry for her
Era una bellissima e bravissima cantante, si è rovinata con le sue stesse mani. Rip
Sokony Christie
vous devriez enlevé cette vidéo
Solange Destouche
She was gorgeous when she was not into drugs and when she was she looked totally different R.I.P we all love u
Spam Sandwich
she was never pretty\nShe gave her life to demons at a very young age
Spirit in the Sky
I dont think this is disrespectful. I think it is to show people on drugs what can happen to them. Had she lived, she could have been such an inspiration. But maybe her greater purpose was to show how wasteful drugs are. So, you haters of this video apparently dont do drugs and thats great. More power to you but you are totally missing the point of this video.
Susan Les
Svetlana Grut
А чего эти журналисты- террористы наснимали?? Падение звезды..\nНу довольны они теперь?
Tiffany Varela
Sad she was so talented and pretty before all the drugs now she's dead
Trinity Ramirez
she was also bulimic
This is more METH than coke....
Tygga Lordd
this is not drug, this is a violence of humans life.
Umut Unlu
amy winehouse bir efsanedir bu dunyada herkesin bie zaafi vardir onunkide uyusturucu ve alkoldu sarkilarini hala dinliyorum ve asigim bu kadina mekani cannet olsun dicem de olmicak smdi cok duygusal olucak :D
Virginia Neil
I love Amy Winehouse, but no one stood with a gun at her back and told her to drink or take drugs, she must've knew they were going to kill her eventually , tragic waste of a young talented woman x R.I.P. AMY XXX .
West coast ToNy E.
She had talent.she had looks\nShe had success. She had a drug problem, and now she's dead.just because we liked her, doesn't mean she wasn't a hard core druggie. More people should show videos like this . remember her for what she was,and not what you want her to be.what a waste...
YourDaily Mood
Remove this now I cannot believe you would upload something like this she is in a safe place now
Amy is sooo pretty even drugs and alcoohol hurted her..
Zoizoi Gdbo
Drug use is not a choise,if you start using them the only saviour is death
We come into this world not knowing our purpose maybe Amy's was to show human fragility and how easy it is to slip away. No one is immune, everyone needs help. Take care of yourselves.
angela lasorsa
Wow she was so gorgeous that’s so sad
bening putriutia
say no to drugs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
er uh, ya think heroin mighta had something to do with it too??
dania dounia
rabi yarahmak
darryl castles
In reply to dave burrows no you will probably not od on it but I know first hand it can cause schitzo.
edwin wong
elijah pink
There was a lot more going on than just drugs. She had mental health issues and low self esteem. Showing you that even someone with such amazing talent can have depression and crushing self doubt. Mental illness is indiscriminate in who it effects. It doesn't mean your weak, it means you're Ill. ! The real killer here. She deserves more respect than to just write her off as a junkie. She died from drinking after years of bulimia weakening her body. The abuse she put her body through reflected her state of mind. he was an amazing talent and that is ALL she should be judged on.
The End was Alcohol and Bulimia. RIP.
More than drugs did that to her.
john volta
She was even farting Cocaine out of her BUTT
Prepared to be sued. We will find you \u003e
khadijah dicko
So sad
damn that last picture. but it doesn't change the way i look up to her when it comes to music.
Why the hell dif you put this song its like for horror stuff
olga v
she was still buteful in side
pauliina ylisirniö
she didnt want to live, is that so hard to understand??
avec Photoshop on fait ce qu'on veut ...
pour un monde meilleur
she was talented ... she was set up ... someone like her with her talent had to be put down because she did not submit to their conspiracy if i can say that so they had to put her down by dragging her in this dirty world of drugs and addiction some how they succeeded ... but she still alive never what
raymond elrick
Do you honestly think she wanted to end up looking like this, nobody intends for their life to turn out this way!! No wonder she died she could not leave her home without people taking photos like these of her. You must be a very misunderstanding person to make a video like this, especially about someone who is not here to defend herself!!! your sick, try having some empathy. Gill
rosario l
she was bullimic too
Drug use is a serious issue and if you choose to start, you can become addicted. Once they take over your body it is hard to stop. Why take that risk? You only have one life an to throw it away on a senseless drug is horrific. Just not worth it. So many people need mental health it's tragic
sisi 78
Cette destruction est l œuvre du diable
What became obvious to Me, [no way a fan] was where She often came up on the news.attacking people,verbally, or violently, because of the booze,or drugs. Even on stage,falling over,unable to sing,supposed to be a professional, Ray Charles,had addiction problem,never disrespected the audience[who paid,or Himself].Winehouse,got away with this,if She did'nt,may have helped bring Her to get help, [when the money stopped rolling in] do not think Her behaviour would have been tolerated in America[a much more competitive scene for any performer[earning a living]Then on a program about Dinah Washington,expressing Her awe,and respect, on a superb singer.Next, Her efforts to cover Her work,and other great singers.A program just recently, about Her death,She had all types of troubles, from the age of ten[when the Father left for another Woman] self harming[cuts] tattoo's,same thing for Her,Also,possibly,personality problem,refused any help,path of self destruction assured.
stephanie williams
tag sakallılar
its not cocaine. Its meth.
your soundtrack sucks
The got to her she sold her soul and she knew she was going to die by the age of 27 so she got stressed
Екатерина Удовиченко
не надо иметь никаких зависимостей!