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i bleached my hair at home for the first time ever and i guess you could say it ended up a little brassy lolinstagram: shannonelizabeth1111twitter: shanna_banana07

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Aiden Sky
You just need to bleach one more time
Alaska MaMa
1. Never use box bleach.. 2. Use a toner.. 3. Get it done professionally if you don’t know what you are doing 🤣\n\nBut hey! You did well 😃
The best tip I can think of is to make sure to over saturate the hair with bleach. It's less damaging when it's hella wet
Andy O'Connor
Has Brad Mondo reacted to this yet?
Angelina Dumas
Antagonist Rival
Literally this bleach went perfectly. It is not at all a fail. Clickbait much. You even say you’re proud of it.
B. Max
It’ll need to be bleached again before toning! The toner won’t bring out the orange tones.
Love the shower curtain!
This isn't a bleach fail. The bleach did exactly what it was supposed to do.
Bebe Bebe
Your SOO Brave !
Brianna Dolley
That looks really good actually
CJ and Auntie Yaya
Ok, can't wait til tomorrow when you burn your hair off with the toner...
Caira Nunez
Box bleach is no lol
Cheyanne Thornton
Sis why?
its not bleach....its a highlift on virgin hair, but you got GOLDEN blonde to lift hair that pulls yellow anyway. (all hair pulls warm)
Omg!! I can't wait!! It does look really even! That's a HUGE PLUS!!! You did a good job!! Yessss Hon-T!
Deanna2005 Kennedy
U should of used white toner
Dezzi wezzi
It might be the lighting but I'm surprised how even it turned out.
Diana Snow
Your hair is brassy but it could have been so much worse. Some of these girls hair breaks off or falls out of they get scalp burns.\nToner! Lol
Elyssa McQuality
I'm sorry but this is hilarious. I'm going to use my mom's BBQ brush hahaha. Not same thing. And it's bleach but not enough to lift dark hair to look like picture
Emma McRury
Evarock 88
Thoughts and prayers!!!
Exie Baxter
All you need is Jocio Purple Shampoo & Conditioner!! That stuff ROCKS💕☺️
FluffyUnicorn WhyNot
Omg i have the same towel
Never bleach your hair. Especially not at home. Talking from experience.
Hannah Sandnes Sørensen
Loving that barbeque brush😂
Holo G
‘Its like totally’
Jenn l\\/l
😐 I don't want to call you an idiot, but that's the first word that comes to mind.
Jonnie Rodriguez
I bleached hella even & nice.
Kathleen Ryan
It’s just a matter of toner. For Pete’s sake all these YouTube people actually think you get beautifully blonde hair after just bleach 🤨 TONER GIRLS. TONER.
Kayla Koala
Honestly you’re a big mood
Kimberley Wood
Bleach will always turn your hair brassy. You need to use a toner or a purple shampoo after bleaching. Your hair wasn’t a fail, the bleach did what it was supposed to do. The model on the box had toner put into her hair.
Kirstin Elizabeth
It’s actually not that bad! Just tone it ❤️❤️
Kitten Snow
Oh my, plz never try and go blonde unless you use the brand LIVE, u gonna be v sad lmao 😂
LA duo
Oh, good she watched a Guy Tang video so she knows EXACTLY what shes doing. Gurl, that bbq brush is WAY better than an actual one. Where Brad at when you need him??
Larkin Skully
First things first, the model on the box probably had her hair professionally done. The marketing is a complete sham. \nSecond the \
Lauren Blake
Lenora Paige
Wow I'm amazed at the lift you got from a BOX omg normally people just go patchy and either no change or so patchy and so many different colours. Well done xx
Lesley Poole
Bleach it again and then leave purple shampoo in for about 30 mins then tone it.
Lil X
You just need toner, it did it's job tho.
Lillian Stylinson
I love her personality! She's like your older sister's cool friend.
Literal Tater Tot
In Germany that brand is like 3€ per box, not 13$ :D!
Nice 👍🏻 good even color \nIt cant become platinum at the first try.
Meg Erick
Your hilarious 😂
This is not a bleach fail. That was a pretty nice result to be honest. You might just tone them and that's it.
I always add argan, or coconut oil to my bleach.
Miss Bleach
I’m sorry 😢
Oh girl.
Missyy Ulu
U have to use bleach and not colour
Montana cork
totally off subject but where did you get that shower curtain?
MysteryMachine 444
Yea, I'm pretty sure you need a toner.
one more bleach and it will be ok.
Natalia Kawecka
this happened to me around 2 weeks ago
Payton Elizabeth
Slightly waiting for you to pass out on camera
Prickly Pickle
She needs to lift more. It took me three bleaches to get it platinum from my dark brown
Punk On Whiskey
Liked so you made the 1k mark.\nYou're welcome. 😘
Queen Dest
I love your turnout I have a video up on my channel I went from black to blonde and I find it cool we have different starting hair but almost the same turn outs great video 💕💕
Ruby Walker
666th like \u003e:)
Sandra Faitel
I. Have. No. Words. 😮
Sequoia Ashby
Honestly stop killing ur hair
Shannen Elizabeth
I like your name
Skylar Frye
I can already see Brad watching this 😂
You have such a pretty face!
Stella SW Chalue
You need a blue based toner girl
Tamina Koyim
Ok it's not THAT bad
Tiago Martins
bleach is with bleaching powder and peroxide, its just a dye
Unicorn Baby
Box dyes have never really worked for me tbh, I just recently went platinum blonde but I had already bleached it to a slightly more golden blonde before. I just get bleach powder from Sally's and a big bottle of 30 vol developer, and a couple of dye combs. It's like 30$ for all the stuff but I love the results lol I've literally always wanted platinum blonde. Hopefully you can tone out the yellows, you might have to bleach it again with 20 vol developer to make it super bright platinum though. (but like don't listen to me too much I'm not a professional smh) 😂
Whit Bianca
First off:\nA) dont buy bleach from drugstores. It doesnt tell you what volume of developer it comes with.\nB) all bleaches lift at least 5 to 7 levels. Use a 30 or 40 Volume developer for high lift but also use olaplex or ion booster for less damage/breakage. Mix that right in with the bleach.\nC) use a good toner such as Wella T18 or T14. Also get a purple shampoo for use 1 to 2x a week.\nD) apply heat such as a blow dryer so it can lift faster. Applying a processing cap helps because it keeps everything in place in keeps in the heat which helps it process. \nE) COCONUT OIL COCONUT OIL COCONUT OIL!!!! use it before and after bleaching. It'll help your hair feel better. Use good treatments. \n\nIf you still want your hair lighter... wait about a month and re bleach. The waiting period allows your hair to get back to health otherwise you end up with chemical haircut.
Yo Mom
I never go to the salon. Last time I did was at Sally’s and I was like 13 and getting a haircut. Didn’t feel it at all and was very boring lol
Yuki Yotsuba
I don’t think you were supposed to use purple shampoo
Zoé Servant
Ok now Brad Mondo will react to you
Girl do some research.... literally on oh, I don't know, YouTube??? Just thirsty for clicks.
alyssa canestrale
I'm a hairstylist and I cringed the whole time because of the application! Honestly tho I'm shocked with how even it looks! So good job lol
baby vapes
It looks good befor the toner
blep blep cat
Brad will be so upset
this is sort of old but ur eyebrows are vvvvvvv nice
darlene cyr
Toners help
emili maisey
haha! can’t wait to see brad react 😂💫 you’re amazing shannon and don’t quit making content 🤪
6:48 I have the exact same towel
All I can think of is Brad's disappointed face as soon as she showed that boxed hair bleach...
toner will help
hot tea
kristy schilperoort
Not gonna lie as a hairdresser I’m pretty impressed
lonely star
Wella t28 and t14 you be good to go (you did better than me mine was so patchy I had baaad roots lol) I used wella colour dye 050 for silver 😁💆\u200d♀️
I did this in 8th grade... I bleached it orange lmao. Thank goodness my school pictures were in black and white
This is why you patch test if you’re unsure.
mikayla ford
Actually not horrible just need toner
oribel marie
It looks honey blonde
how is this a fail lol
With dark hair and bleach you need more than one box
It's is a great lift honestly. It's pretty even. One more bleach and tone and you'd be bangin. \u003c3
Omg. We have the same shower curtain from amazon
You are lucky anyway becauae they have One color. Wait two weeks Bleach again 30 vol 35 min and the use the toner. And usa a ton od Mask for all night