Moscow Music Peace Festival 89 - Rock n roll

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Skid Row + Motley Crue + Zakk Wylde + Jason Bohnam playing Led Zeppelin's Rock 'n Roll

Moscow crue hard led motley music peace rock roll row skid wylde zakk zeppelin

David Bryan is playing the piano,Sebastian & Vince\r\ndid a great job & haveing Zakk Wylde,Nikki Sixx\r\nDamn thats a Super Group.
Adrian Steel
hey i had a near death experience to this song
Alessio Carnago
Oh..mio dio che figata
Dav Jkns
I LOVE that story! \
David Doherty
he had just punched doc mcghee (his manager) in the face for giving bon jovi a better deal at the peace fest, he wasn't in the mood to rock i'm sure..haha
I remember watching this on TV in 1989....damn I kinda feel old lol. I still have this concert recorded on VHS somewhere lol. Anyways I thought it was cool as hell. They weren't there to make a clean recording of the song, they were just rocking out having fun and that was the point. I had heard Ozzy before this but this concert and seeing Zakk play was what really got me into Ozzy. Cool concert!
Felipe Jones
agora somos três !
Fritz Montales
You are nothing.
Matt Elgazar
motley crue singer sucks
Paz Cancino
Best night eveeeer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Check Van Halen cover of this song. Wayyy beter. Of course nothing is good as the og version.
thats a crappy solo serious , i could of did better, always thought scott hill was a lame player , Zakk forever
zakk should have played the solo here...this one wasn't even decent, IMO
@PoisonJoviRocker \nCheck out Gotthard cover of this song!!
i think this is cool like hell =)
Santiago Safer
hahahaha, that's trueeeeeee
Theresa Z
@gilbet You definitely can if it's in a will. They may have had an agreement before John passed away also.
I thought Jason Bonham's band Bonham played the MPF too. They broke out on the scene when this took place in 1990.
Tom Keifer is there too!\n
Wow, so Jason Bohnam inherited the rights to his dad's music, and so that means he gets to play it?? Awesome! I didn't know you could inherit a copyright!
it's not john bohnam???\r\n
this is better than led zeppelin's version by a mile\n
i am the first to comment so i am the king of this message board all hail me
vince is nothing when sebasitan is on the stage. Bach eats Neil, totally
Вячеслав Простолупов
И я, там был.\r\nмёд пиво пил...
Леонид Тарасевич
Блин...и я там был...как же давно...