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7 Dayz
*_R.I.P ....2PAC_*
This is just so heart breaking. I felt sad while watching. I'm sure I'll cry while I'm watching when it comes out. I miss her so much. RIP Amy
Adriana Gomolová
Does anybody know what was the name of the instrumental song that was playing in the end of the movie? It was in the last scenes after her death. Thank you :)
Alex Sanchez
I am a 10 year old girl i a have listening to her my hole life i wish she was here
Amelie amelie
I wonder what blake the as*hole is doing today..HOW DO YOU FEEL BASTARD
Amy Jade Winehouse
Amy, we love you...💕💖
Ashley Garcia
she's sooo beautiful
Baka Senpai
One of few that i actually liked.
People don't understand she was confused and lost. They judge her but they don't know she went through so much:( She was an amazing singer and an amazing person! This movie just proves it
Buzzard King51
Just saw \
Charlie Dims
Cheryl Walker
I watched this,,, portrayed her as a vunerable young talent,,, unlike what the cruel media did to her. Her Father used her and is an idiot,, and her mother was afraid. .Amy 's addictions were discussed by those close to her. I am a big fan of Amy's talent and wish there was more of her to listen too,,, so sad. To anyone who is a fan,,, I suggest you watch this documentary. It helped me see Amy in a different light. After all,, the media did portray her as an ugly human being...which I think is disgusting what they do to talented people just to make money.
Christian Araya
I watched this and walked out of the cinema with a broken heart. I feel sad actually because I don't understand how it became normal to make jokes about a troubled and sick person, how people were judgemental about her poor decisions and how the media has learned nothing about respect and human dignity over the years. We are a very sick society :(
Forever my idol; I can still remember the day they broke the news, I think most of Britain stood still I cried for hours, forever an amazing and beautiful person. 💔
Darren Brown
I flew from JFK to SFO on DELTA and watched the AMY documentary. I cried so hard. the Flight Attendants came and brought me more alcohol and I just bawled. She said it was beautiful to see such a handsome young man show true emotion lol. I said I loved Amy Winehouse. She touched my heart and soul in my teen years. & her life story just broke my heart all over that boeing 767 aircraft. at 35,000 feet. through the turbulence and all.
David Jiménez Solano
0:16 The first line of the trailer spoils the whole movie
Dina Clowdy
RIP Amy we miss you \u003c3
I just saw the movie it was amazing. All the haters who post disgusting comments needs to watch it trust me you will change your mind about her. RIP Amy 🌹
Extremely sad documentary, does anyone know the piano music at the end of this trailer please!?
If Amy was still around, it would be like ''Adele who?''
Emily Ash
I feel bad because when she we alive she didn't was criticized harshly, just like many singers now, and as soon she dies, everyone is like \
Est. 1990s
needs to be in Netflix already
Am I the only one who got chills when she was signing \
Femke S
this trailer gave me chills, can't wait to see the full documentary
Giles Evans
It's so great how the film shows-up how talentless people like Graham Norton and The Scottish 'comedian' -- his name escapes me, mock Amy to further their own career. Blood-suckers with no talent whatsoever. Earning a life on the back of a true genius.
India Knipe
I find the most heartbreaking thing about her story is the fact that if she hadn't become famous, as she had predicted, she would have probably have had a completely happy and fulfilling life. Just goes to show how horribly wrong fame can go.
Irma Chavez
So happy when Amys fans stick up for her this brilliant artist has more talent in her and authenticity then any other artist will have in a long time 💜we were lucky to have been able to know her music her great talent
I still miss her so much.
Jamie Howard
Did anyone else cry watching the trailer???
Janet Valle
pobreista sufrio tanto la debeian homenagear hasta ahora es buena chica as us 9 años de artista llego a fama mundia un poco menos famosa q madona deacansa en paz simpatica amy
She made such wonderful and emotional music! She wrote all of her songs and was indeed a talented and beautiful woman. It's such a shame she was taken away so soon. Her addiction was both her inspiration and her downfall. And for those who don't know, she didn't overdose, she died from alcohol intoxication. Can't wait to see the film. \u003c3
Jazzy Faye
she's a different type of chick she had her own style and was unique
K Russell
She looked so normal and happy and sweet at the beginning...
Karla Alyssa G.
I cried. I'm usually not a cryer but Amy had a lot going for her. It's sad to see that those closest to her, watched her harm herself and didn't do much to help her even though they saw signs of her addiction. It's really sad to see the media and people judging her and making fun of her, all she needed was someone to be there for her. God bless her.
Who else teared up?
Lore L.
Am I the only one crying while watching this? Rip
When is this documentary coming on Netflix
I will so totaly go and see this movie about Amy, I loved& bought& listen to her music loads and her words in her songs where so true, TRUE PAIN, TRUE LOVE, TRUE LIFE ... if u r inteligent that doesn't mean u can't \
She needed to stay longer with us...and make us all even more proud!
MS marmalade
I'm so obsessed with her music and her whole personality but I'm afraid of watching the documentary.. I just cried while watching the trailer and I feel unconfortable to watch a person's complete life as a stranger:/ I mean who am I tho? That's very personal ugh I don't know
Mac Jew
all these salty commenters saying amy was just another crackhead.\neric clapton.\njimi hendrix.\njanis joplin.\nbob dylan.\nleonard cohen.\n\nso i guess drug use means you can't be a musical genius and true artist. \nshe was one of the most intimate, vulnerable and open girls ever to grace music history. the media picked her ill carcass like vultures, you read the papers, i payed, we all killed amy. society and the media need to sit up and realise their effect.
Madison Wong
this gave me goosebumps
Mariana Claire
Watched this last night and it broke my heart. She taught us a lesson \u003c3 gone too soon love and miss you Amy \u003c3
María Florencia
I just finished watching the movie, it's really sad because it's real. She was a troubled person with self-destructive behavior and her body couldn't take it anymore. \nPeople tend to blame the fame for the death of famous artists but I think fame isn't the main cause but lack of self-love. That's what really kills us.
Mia Duncan
Michael Moore
Many talented people have taking the same road amy jimmy hendrix kurt cobaine sam kinison mj chris farley heath ledger just to name a few anyways this film looks legit
cocaine is a hell of a drug
Mystique Topaz
The media & some people are such hypocrites...\nRemember the days back in the years 200__, when her face was being splashed all over the covers of cheap women's magazines, poking fun at how horrible she looks, and how her makeup was terrible, or how her face was so aged and how she was having serious fashion disasters.  It was all a giggle back then for the media, just for the sake of making $$$, and so that superficial little consumers can lie by the pool, reading their favourite mag, having a good laugh about how she looked and just enthusiastically suck up the sordid details of her downward-spiralling life...\nNow the media is like \
N Gra
She says she would die for Blake and in a way she did. She wanted to feel what he was feeling hence why she took drugs in the first place. It is hard loving someone so much and wanted to know how they are feeling. I feel like that. It's hard, it's dangerous and it can really make you go insane.
Neal Small
Amy Whitehouse was a beautiful lady!
Pati H
Drug use does not equate to lower intelligence obviously the people commenting here are not much more evolved than orangutans. Amy was brilliant every word she wrote was what she was feeling and was deep and thoughtful unlike the garbage there is now who call themselves artists. 90% of \
truly missed .young beautiful and talented .she can never be replaced or mocked
Quanasha Baity
It's sad to see the amount of hate and judgement over Amy. It's wrong to talk ill of the dead. Amy Winehouse had talent. She WAS a star. Yet she couldn't handle fame nor was she healthy enough to battle what she was going through. She sang with pain in her voice and you could feel that in every song. She was raw and real. You could tell from her music, but in the footage, she is even more real than what we perceived her to be. Amy was a supernova
Ricardo Ugalde O
This documentary is so sad! she is missed i miss her this made me cry!! RIP Amy!
Rober Kremer
Her face when she won the Grammy.
Rouge Penguin
I'd rather take Tony Bennett's opinion over any of these low-lives in the comment section.
Sabrina R
god I miss her
The first 5 seconds of this video says \
Shane Leeming
Simon Endrenal
Saw this movie yesterday. I shed so many tears for my dear Amy. I still blame Blake Fielder for her downfall. Love you Amy!
Stacey Didcote
one amazing singer, with a smile that could light up any room. you're music will live on you are one of the greatest. r.I.p Amy
Taylor Deveraux
So much hate on her, yes she abused drugs. But you honestly don't know her, what she was about, what she really felt. If you listen to her music, and I mean really listen.. You can hear all the hurt and the pain. Her music was dark, powerful, captivating! She was a musical genius and anyone who disagrees with that have lost touch with what music is really about, I'm going to watch this. I'll most likely cry at this, and I won't be the only person.
TheColdPlayer Android Games
I watched the film. It has to win the Oscar. Before i barely knew about her, now I think i love her xD! She had so much problems, and her dad and Blake didn't help much. RIP
she might of been amazing, she might have had a great voice but that doesn't excuse the fact that she was a crackhead and I don't care how much hate I get for this but no matter how talented you are I don't think a crackhead should be praised. She killed herself so why should we praise her in a movie?\n \nOf course, she probably blamed all the drug taking on her boyfriend(at the time) but I thought everyone had a mind of there own or is that false. I HATE the effects of \
Undead Steve
It's really a shame that all I ever heard of her was her massive drug problem and her song rehab. Then a few years ago after her death I started hearing more of her music too late. She wrote amazing songs and had this incredible voice and all the media could focus on was her drug problem. That's one of the things wrong with the world we live in today, people create such beautiful things but we have to focus on the ugly in them instead.
Walli F.
Amy. You were too good for the common publicity and vulgarity of the press n paparazzi. You hated it. You just wanted your music for yourself because you were a natural. You never cared for fame and all those strings that came along with it. Your vocals will resound upon this earth forever. Your memory and essence will live in my ❤️ forever. 🙏
Zack Valenta
I'd gladly spike Justin Bieber onto a rusty pitch and call forth the remnants of a lost demonic entity so could have this demon de-materialize his soul and bring his soul shards to the gates of the afterlife so I could humbly exchange it for Amy Winehouse's soul and bring her back
This brings back so many memories. Cried like a baby when she died.
i saw this at the cinema and i've never struggled so much to keep my sobbing quiet.
i cried for 10 minutes after watching this movie
I think her father is judged very harshly in this film Yes he is not the perfect dad but I have no doubt he loved his daughter .\nAmy had mental issues from quite a young age and i can only imagine how difficult it must have been for her parents to cope with that.\nShe was not prepared for her Dad's exit when he left her mum she was not prepared for falling in love she was not prepared for fame.\nAmy the way i see her was a fight or flight character and she was constantly fleeing or fighting her inner daemons, add to that her use of drugs and Alcohol from a young age and much heavier use till practically the end of her life and it all adds up, it had nothing to do with her parents break up or Blake or Fame though they may have not been positive experiences for her, and as hard as it may be for her fans to understand the one to blame for her early demise was probably Amy herself.\nNothing can take away from her genius and vocal ability but like many brilliant people there was a fault in her way of thinking and she had an addictive personality that destroyed her much much more than any human being could.\nOne thing is for sure her ability to sing and write brilliant lyrics will be missed.
The first time I saw a video by her I was like \
This film makes me cry every time, she was crying out for help but the only people who could help her didn’t. \n\nBlake makes me sick, what he says about her is disgusting after what he did to her.
This reminds me of the movie Selena. They both died when they were both in th 20s and they made movies of them. Like if you agree with me. Oh and I forgot they are both great singers.
curt wall
alot of people even adele and mitch amy's dad said the film shows her downside in life
So a Movie about Amy Whitehouse and not Whitney Houston who was in the media eyes waaaaaay longer than this chick that got excited over money and OD
emanuel serrano
People are so freaking stupid saying she was just a drug user or a one hit wonder. First off when she came into the scene she wasn't into drugs, i'm sure the pressures of being famous drove her to it. Imagin not having any privacy in your everyday life for years and years. Second she was not a one hit wonder, do your research, \
I'll go and see it. She was so real that it grabbed people including me. She was an original and had a unique and adventurous vocal style. Obviously she was very sweet and beautiful. This looks like it is going to be a good tribute to her and something for us fans to cherish. Thanks guys!
gerald Lawson
just watched this and actually cried at the end. she was super talented. glad she didn't overdose like the media said. it was alcohol poisoning. she was too small for that much alcohol plus she was balemic.
just another drug crackhead
jovana harkhu
She was the best in our generation. #amybaby
loving larry
I'm crying, I miss her so much
It's really sad how many talented artists are just having a bad life. It's also sad how their fans can't help them, because the pain is too much (In this case it was an accidental death, but she still struggled a lot). But what's great about them is leaving us with their work of art that makes them unforgettable. So even though they're \
I'm crying like an idiot.
Not going to miss it all .. Still missing you much ✌️
rick regala
the repeating \
sarah s.
just watched the documentary.\n\ndialogue between Amy and Bodyguard:\nAmy: (on stage) Boy, I can sing!\nBodyguard: Damn right you can sing!\nAmy: If I could give it back.... just to walk down that street ... without hassle....I would.\n\nMay you Rest in Peace without hassle
sweet honey
We want you back Amy...Now the music's no good without you💟💟But I think the Heaven was empty without you,so,you're singing in Heaven💗💗💗
the psywave
Amazing documentary just as Senna! The real problem that I saw here, is that no one really cared for her, no even her mother, father, brother, friends, family... The manager, producers, etc. squeezing her, to get all the possible money regardless of their physical and mental state... Just the bodyguard that really cared for her and try to help her as much as he could, but she was lonely, How is that her last days she was alone, and when the funeral came, everyone appears and \
Masonic sacrifice = 27 club
What a loss to the music industry. She was really good,n so far there isn't anyone quite like her. Rest in peace Amy Winehouse.
who even
The comments on this trailer are disgusting. Addiction is an illness. Who the hell are you to criticise her? Her talent was extraordinary, her story tragic. Considering everything that she suffered, everything that her love ones have suffered, who the hell are you to call her \
zan de wee
blake took her from us
שיר שחר
I was quiet surprised when I saw the movie is about Amy Winehouse..\nI thought people kind of forgot about her. It's nice to see people still remember her
ملاك البلوي
I'm crying\n ): I miss her so much