Amy Winehouse (Full) The Untold Story - Documentary Channel 5

With fans all over the world still struggling to come to terms with her death, a Channel 5 documentary reveals the full shocking truth about Amy Winehouse's tortured private life.Amy Winehouse: The untold story charts the rise and fall of this extraordinarily gifted but tragically flawed individual -- and hears exclusively from her ex-husband Blake Fielder Civil, talking about their massive drug binges and their stormy relationship.We hear from an ex-teacher, Amy's former mum-in-law, reporters and photographers who followed her career, and finally a psychologist who talks about the many demons Amy ultimately failed to conquer.There's also, needless to say, a reminder of her amazing musical talent -- one that catapulted her into a world it seems she just wasn't equipped to cope with.

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2 Girls With Green eyes
She's hauntingly beautiful. She kinda found me, I never paid much attention to her..her voice is captivating. It's too bad she didn't learn that no one saves us, every one lets us down at one point or another. Codependency is a killer, I wish she had known inner strength. If I had the chance I'd tell her what the Buddha said: be a lamp unto yourself. No one walks the path for us, you must be strong for yourself. I hope you are at peace Amy
Alexis Tarantino
She's not dead. Legends don't die.
Amanda Mellott
When Blake admitted he loved crack more than his wife, Amy… I wanted to spit on him. Especially when he claimed that she loved crack more than she loved him. Did the man never listen to Amy's music? She blatantly said that she would have done anything for that man because she was so deeply in love with him. What a loser.
Amber Samantha
Stop blaming Blake , her family doenst even blame Blake , y'all need to stop she's the one that decided to put the vodka bottles to her lips , they BOTH were sick , both addicts , both knew what themselves were doin
Ana Banana
My best friend was attracted to a loser. He ended up killing her just like this clown killed Amy. I could never see what she saw in him. She was obsessed just like Amy was. Go figure. All the reasoning in the world couldn't stop their \
Andrea Elendu Offor
Blake is a looser...but who am I to blame Amy for falling for him...I experienced a relationship very similar to this and it was the most electrifying thing I totally understand her...
Anita Doogan
I still think she was destroyed by the industry because she said \
Her voice is mesmerizing. What an angel. You'll be missed, Queen.
Arnela de Noir
What I find disgusting is, before she died, all media trashing, abusing her image and enjoying fall down, with all people who did same. This world is sadistic place. Instead of helping they sink you then celebrate you.
Belkis Martinez
My goodness, that voice. Gone too soon
Bernadette Bailey
Blake is so full of denial and placing blame, it's pathetic.
Bernie Almanzar
Her ex husband tries to make everything seem like it’s her fault
Billy Hudak 6123101280
How come they all seem to die at the age of 27...Jim Morriron, Jimmi Hendrix, Janice Joplin, Kurt coban, Amy Winehouse,,,,It must be the magic number...
Caleigh Nicole
I don't wanna say it was anyone's fault for Amy's downfall but Blake played a big role in it
Cassandra F
Sam seems like a genuine guy....the only one to show any emotion about her. That is very telling about the other people she surrounded herself with.....
Chick Howardson
This is as much a story of the media's perverse obsession with the private lives of celebrities as it is of Amy Winehouse.
Blake was sent by satan to derail amy even more.
Crooked Smile
D Dai
Did i hear it right? Conservative America? Ok...
Donna di coppa
Conservative America? No such thing @29.24 America have made trillions on exploitation of women to line their pockets so deep... They have the audacity to say Amy was too much for \
Doped again
blake should be dead instead of many, shit of human being.
E Jazzy
Looking back now, Blake was her destructive handler. He was used to break her down, since she boasted of being anti-drugs. I believe he was sent as her demise. He knew exactly what to expose her to, to get hooked. End of story. And I have to wonder what she suffered in her childhood (with her father) that caused such young adult weakness that lured her to someone like Blake. And his ass obviously didn’t tell her to stop because all he cared about was himself in the end.\n\nFurthermore her father knew she was done and knew she’d become more popular and worth more dead than alive. They all knew the 3rd album would never happen, because her addiction numbered her days.
Edna Red
There is something very very very wrong with her father, with her family. The middle finger doesn't describe it.
Elizabeth M
Blake never makes eye contact.
Emily Alcantara
I had no idea what that blake dude was saying. \
Fati Ma
Blake looks like he's lying. His stories are so vague. I wish Amy could tell her truth.
Gabriela Walsh
The stupid husband she had that's why she is gone. A very talented lady good voice .
George David
27:20 ha ha.. the drug expert of my ass... \
Gina Hesham
i dont understand anything when this blake dude talks
Hasija Terzic
I wish he died instead of her, I just discovered Amy Winehouse a couple days ago. God I wish she was alive. R.I.P
She was not welcomed in USA but they voted Trump .. Okayyyy
When her family, especially her father, sees that she can not handle it , her father had to shut her to heal, but they forcing her to go on concerts and recording albums. When I watched the film about Amy, I abhorred mostly from her father and how he use her only for money. This is disgusting and pathetic.\nI hope she has found peace!\n\nP.S Sorry for my bad English!
Joann Brisson
Blake treated Amy like Bobbi brown treated Whitney. Abusive controlling and jealous men who brought those megastar a down.
John Allen
I had heard Amy and I told my daughter about it. Amy quickly became her favorite and she got a laugh out of the rehab song. Now that I look back at it, my daughter did need therapy just like Amy. My daughter died later of an OD and I wonder if I had anything to do with it but we had many good talks about it and she had the experience. So when I hear Amy I think of my daughter and it all seems to come together.
John Doe
Not a Amy fan but it is interesting that her x can't ever look straight into the camera which is a sign of guilt and deception. He can say he isn't responsible for contributing greatly to her drug use but deep down he seems to show that he knows that he is. His inability to look into the camera demonstrates this. I greatly doubt that he loved her at all, I completely believe she was a cash cow that could pay for his drug habit and that is why I think he latched onto her so quickly. I believe he had seen a golden opportunity, nothing more nothing less. \n\nI totally believe he manipulated her as it was to his advantage as a drug addict that she became one as well in order for her to subsidize his addiction. This is how drug addicts work, through a co dependency .I believe he totally used her and he seems to demonstrate this in the way he acts during the interview. Again, this is what drug addicts do. They suck a person dry then move on, rinse and repeat. They will do anything to get their fix...lie, cheat , steal, manipulate , rob, prostitute themselves, sell their very souls all for that high no matter the cost. All they care about is the next high. I've seen this first hand. This is why I've never associated with these \
Jonathan K.
She actually did go to rehab, a lot of times, but her story is much deeper than drugs and alcohol. 😞😔
Josee Bisson
Can anybody even understand that that a-hole Blake is saying? He's so mush mouthed, I can't understand a word he's saying.
June Viarruel
Amy was killed because she flat out turn down the illuminati
That Blake guy is sooo full of shit. Can't even look at the camera for more than 2 seconds.
Kevin Tha DJ
This story reminds me of the Joker and Harley Quinn
Kilgore Trout
Ummm, it should be pointed out that the \
La Serpenta Canta
Her visa being revoked was beyond pathetic, was the US going to implode if Amy Winehouse attended the grammys?? That was mean, and she really fucked them up because she gave the best performance of her career, so take that.
Lana Howard
It's obvious that she was never even into drugs until she met Blake.
Lila X
and you all are missing the other point which is, the music industry must be a pretty f'ed up place if more than half of its 'celebrities' either have a mental breakdown or become addicted to drugs. if you want to get psychological with it.
Luna Noon
You have to create a monster in order to have a hero in the end. Blake is the monster because people find it hard to believe that a willing , able, adult could spiral into addiction alone. Amy set the tune for her own demise while struggling with mental health issues she drowned in alcohol. And because she had body image issues, crack was like speed to her to keep her from gaining weight. You people have to stop blaming Blake.
Sam Shaker seems like the real deal. He seems like he was a real positive & productive influence on her life. Rest Easy Amy.
She looked exactly like her mother...
Marian Blair
am I the only person who thinks she was much more intelligent than her shag? Bloody hell he really got her addicted to drugs and he ahsn't paid the price for corrupting her
Another Bobby and Whitney
Blake needs subtitles.
Pablo Escobar's Search Block
I also suffer from drug addiction, I come from a good hard working family. I know how much it hurts when people look a That very specific way when they can see you’ve used 😢😢😢 everybody has circumstances and trauma that no one even knows about!!!😡😠
I don't believe a thing this Blake guy says.
Portia Matthews
It seems to me that Sam, the owner of the jazz club , showed more love for Amy than her father. The father an attention-seeker and that ex-husband need a kick swift kick in the ass. Amy was an amazing artist is so missed by people all over the world.
Ruby Tuesday
Thanks for the music Amy.
She wasn't addicted to drugs, she was addicted to Blake. She wanted to be his ride or die and she died.
Sadie Blue
This Blake guy is such a loser. Amy had the ability to be with any man she wanted and she chose this guy. Amy looked good in the beginning and when she started hanging around with Blake she started to look and act skanky. She had so much talent that was just wasted. so sad
Sara Mahamood
Amy face looks like Gaga or Gaga looks like Amy
Sarah Pimentel
She should have nvr became famous, the lifestyle and pressures from media made her mental health deteriorate. :( such a lovely girl rip dear
Sea BelowMe
you can't blame the dude, she made her choices, the dude seems like a real dick, but she must have been seeking it and he provided.\nShe had a great voice though and was very beautiful, I wish her well in the afterlife.
Steven Johnson
Blake is the white Bobby Brown and it get me every time that he tries to put all the responsibility on Amy saying she was buying all the drugs sounds to me he was using her to get a fix that man never loved her he wasn't even emotional talking about her all he did was talk down about her that son of a b**** is going to burn in hell
Steven King
This needs English subtitles bad. Y'all can't speak properly. Damn.
Poor Amy :/
Sam was so incredibly heartbroken. He truly loved her. She needed more of that love as opposed to the users that chewed her up and spit her back out.
Talia Price
Every comment is about how Blake needs subtitles and he is to blame for Amy's demise. But no one is saying anything about Mitch who is making a fortune now that Amy is dead.
what the hell is Blake saying
Testos Tyrone
Very sad. But you people blaming the Blake guy for Whinehouse's addictions are way out of line. It's as if she was an Angel or something. THEY WERE BAD FOR EACH OTHER. The relationship was toxic. Not just him or her.
Theresa Champagne
Why don't I believe this guy?
My favorite female artist ever...
Ty Cobb
it's a shame the authorities don't have the tools to go after the drug dealers who cause so much addiction & misery.
When somebody ups and does drugs, the first people I always look at is the parents, because people who do drugs always come from screwed up homes - they do it because they're self medicating, because having messed up parents is very painful. Her dad cheated on her mom and that was dragging on for 8 or 9 years before he finally upped and left the family for the chick he was cheating with. \n\nMost people with selfish and/or toxic parents do not make it pass 30. Michael Jackson was pretty strong in that he made it to 50. Nobody makes it out of that kind of horror alive and if they do (i.e Eminem), they ain't coming out unscathed - that's the truth, and they'll never fully recover. People need to be way more aware of child abuse and selfish parents. If you're selfish and can't think of other people or understand another person's feelings, DO NOT become a parent.
The only celebrity death that I'll *never* get over
they should've put some subtitles on that Blake guy, can't understand what the hell he's saying '-'
beno jojo
blake's accent is hard to understand. damn, i cant understand it comprehensively
caesar brighton
Lol everyone on here blaming Blake for what happened to Amy. So apparently she is the only person in London who was allowed to have drug problems and mental health issues. And yes, that may have been the result of fame. But go back to the source... she got the problems from Blake, but Blake got the problems from somewhere too. Obviously he was just as troubled as Amy, or he wouldn't have started doing drugs and drinking heavily just like Amy did.
cynthia caldwell
at 27:00 they need booze to bring down the herion high? wrong its the cocaine high,wrong,i wonder what other wrong information was said,yeah,and her ex,was a total sumbag jerk,not only is he in denial,he was a sponge
frances D
I understand Amy starting the drugs at 20. I also started doing drugs when I was twenty. I was very insecure at that age and needed confidence. I found that when I was high I feared nothing and felt powerful and in total control. This was false confidence of course but at the time I thought I needed the drugs to live. I can't say for sure that she was feeling the same but her actions seems to corroborate what I say. I would love to have been able to talk to her at this time. She needed help so badly and she didn't get it.\nRIP Amy
Her boyfriend was/is a sociopatic drughead that only took advantage of her because of her money.
AMY was a Superstar and she picked a guy who looked good is a photo,... but his only skills were getting high on drugs and doing drugs with others, he was undeveloped as an individual-- He could only give her what he understood-- DRUGS. It killed her.
Blake is a lying twat .... he can't even look straight at the camera or the interviewer ..... he introduced her to that dark seedy life!!!
I think Blake is scum, he obviously manipulated her and used her, and like many of you are saying, influenced her addiction. But he is not entirely to blame. Amy had her own problems, she was very self destructive and codependent, so of course she was drawn to an unhealthy, passionate relationship. She made it her entire life. What's tragic is she was obviously strong and could do much much better than him. Her \
Its  very common that addicts get seperated from hard drugs only to think they can drink, then slip into grave alcoholism and the original problem, drink, kills em dead.\nBlake was her higher power, being fallible as all humans are, he failed her.\nSo she turned to her other Higher Power, alcohol, as her form of sedation from the pain of life.\n\nAll the rehab programs instruct patients to attend AA, they are exposed to AA meetings in rehab, they acquire a sponsor while still in rehab and are encouraged strongly, very strongly if they want to live, to stay close to their sponsor and complete the 12 step program when they get out. Theres nothing unique about her story, the graveyards are full of Amy's. They had a constitutional inability to be honest with themself. They are not weak, they ain't stupid,... they are very sick souls.\n\nAA isn't tried and found wanting, its found difficult and not tried.
josselyn pacheco
I don't think blake didn't force her but maybe influenced her dunno
leilani dupree
If she never became famous she might still be alive.
Alcohol to come down from heroin? Lady has zero idea what she is talking about.
lynda henderson
Blake was not responsible for Amy's drug problems.When people need to relieve their emotional pain , they seek each other out.
I feel they connected on a soul level which none of us will ever understand. Their relationship was like a natural drug/addiction for each of them before the \
Drugs are bad...noted
father: complete trash\nboyfriend: absoulte trash\nher music: wonderful\n\na tragic formula
Listening to her songs it is clear as day that she was utterly heartbroken and in pain. Such a talented artist, and such a shame she self-destructed so young :(
palmero rivera
amy will never be forgotten even thought i'm only 14 she was and always will be one of my favorite artist. this documentary actually made me burst in tears and i'm a guy, I was so surprised I've never cried like that over a person especially one I've never even met not even at a funeral.. those were a real man's tears
Talented but wrong choices
Did her boyfriend force drugs on her ? Was she made to grovel and forced to snore cocaine ? So why does he have to take the blame. Yes he wasn't really much of a talent. But this is sad story of two disintegrating souls. And indictment of society at large
sarah s.
oh blake shut up. you loved her fame & fortune.... you loved the paparazzi flash lights. you drugged her to handle her unconsciousness. you treated her like a puppet and used her shyness.
she was a class A artist. what a shame :( RIP
I don't get why people need subtitles I can understand them fine and I'm from Ireland but I do suppose I understand what junkies sound like everyday
whitney toms
feel like Blake's lying
Özün '
her father.. what a fake and pitiless man