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Wedded couples who add spice to their relationship by inviting strangers into their beds. And married Moms, who carry on committed stable relationships with up to four different partners at once!

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we are doomed, literally. WTF is going on with SOCIETY.
Abiyah Rina
As in the days of Noah.
Abu Sami
This is distgusting.
Then what is the point to marriage if you can't be with just one partner? If you want more than one partner, fine, but don't even bother getting married then. Marriage is a sacred covenant, not a joke.
Amber Sweet
I'm bi, me and my bf are poly curious. ^_^ it's crazy that monogamy is expected, but so many ppl in those relationships are unsatisfied. Or they want more. I love my bf more than anything in the world! But I want a gf that I can have fun with too ❤
American Tiger
Sick.. Satanists...
I noticed people that swing have sores on their mouth, probably more diseases too. lol I knew some people that swing start hooking up with the same sex end up leaving their mate for the person they're swinging with or go off and be with someone else, that's when U know your relationship is dead. lol
swinging and polyamory for me are a way to keep your money and assets together with a spouse with whom one would have otherwise long ago parted ways...boring..
Hitler needs to come back to sorts you out, trump is not good enough!
Barbara Schroeder
Why do parents involved in polyamory relationships, involve their young children in their personal bedroom life? Young children that are impressionable and can not yet *or should not yet* understand what sex and romantic love is doesn’t need to explained or taught to them when they’re so young. THEY ARE STILL YOUNG CHILDREN!!! KEEP YOUR SEX LIFE SECRET FROM YOUR BABIES!! Personal bedroom life should be exactly that, Personal. Children don’t need to know what goes on in their parents bedrooms. \n\nNow I can understand telling and explaining your sexual lifestyle to your children when they are at a more appropriate age. Like when you have “the talk” with them. As a parent you should be able to know your child well enough to know if they can handle you opening up about your private life and have it not effect their own romantic lifestyle. Your child’s romantic lifestyle should not be influenced by your own. Teach your children to love and to be smart and use protection. And let them decide for themselves what kind of love life they want to create and have.
Bite The curb
Tearing down family narrative
Bob Miner
What was the story of Sodom and Gomorrah? Jezebel's are only fun for a season!
Bounmy Prasavanh
Haha, Wow... That dude is just going along with what ever his girl wants. I don't think he's completely sold on the idea.
BrownSugar 83
These people are lost souls. 😂
Bud Lorry
I was always a cheater because my wife wouldn't let me bring my girl friends home
Oh no you're just asking to catch an STD smh
What's the problem with staying loyal? Monogamous people are like 10 levels above these people. I would smirk if i ever saw them. Seeing as they are inferior to me, couldn't even take them seriously. I would think they have no discipline, honor, dignity or self-respect. Sorry. These \
CoupleTravel Struggles
LOL they explained so many things while it's just plain and simple.\n\n1st couple - Wife is not into it, only the guy looks so happy to do it so she does it to please her husband.\n2nd couple - The wife is more excited because she is a bossy narcissistic, she thinks everyone wants to be with her.\n3rd couple - The wife is ugly, everyone is ugly. They want to feel wanted and beautiful.\n\nIf you want something more get out of the relationship unless you want to be counted as one of these cockoo people.
Courtney Lee
My mother has only ever been with my father, no one else sexually or emotionally and she’s 69! Pretty impressive!
Cricket USA
19:00 minutes into the video they talk about the rate of STDs and how high it is among swingers. Ummm swinging is not a good idea. Getting some on the side is not worth risking your health over. And when it comes to the poly amorous people... do they even have friends or do they just fuck them too?? These lifestyles are just messed up, hahaha.
Daniel Lewis
It has it's downsides definitely. Speaking as a male that has been the second guy, and was in this lifestyle for years, the good is obvious. I have been with a lot of women that I never would get to be with normally. I really like older women, the attractive professional type, and most women like that are already married. I have been to parties and I have been to clubs. I have done sexually everything I have wanted to do. That's the good side. The bad side is that when I was in my college days, instead of finding a wife, or even girlfriend, I spent all my free time chasing parties, etc. Now I am in a relationship with someone who will never get into this, and I still want it. But I don't pursue it because of that. I am constantly accused of cheating anytime I even have a conversation with someone. I feel like my life has taken a less normal course because of this. So just be forewarned, if you do this, then it will change you. I am not saying that I regret it. I just sometimes think that being in the lifestyle has changed where life would have went.
Daniel Mira
How about repentance and come to Jesus and ask him to forgive you before it is too late !
Daz 008
Her husband seems freaked out. New to swinging
Dean Đermanović
monogamy is here with a lot of practical reason's.. Also there is a reason why sex woth strangers is never a good idea as appealing to many people it can be.. Everybody had in some part of life a bad idea...as you know every bad idea always has a same outcome..disaster..also we humans need boundaries
Delgado smooth
It's crazy how the west can promote the gay lifestyle as normal but has so much issue with a man having more than 1 wife ..
Deplorable Arab
I just couldn't, I'm too damn greedy when it comes to my man.
Derek Borba
I used to live with swingers. That was an interesting few weeks.... Still good friends to this day.
Egy Knight
even the animals don't do this wtf
Ellis X
Eva Davis
what a mess
Not for me. Makes me uncomfortable.....but to each his own.....I guess. I wouldn’t want my daughter hangin at another teens house if her parents were swingers. And Dr. Ruskin is entitled to HER opinion just as all of you. Polyamorous seems more like free love of the 60’s-70s. It’s all going to depend on how open the next generations are to it. Societies change, for better or worse.
Fairy Garden
Why does the female host have a Adam’s apple? 😂
If people want to do this they shouldn't get married. These guys use their wives as bargaining chips to screw different women.
Harry Fokker
33:40 never seen so many nerds at a BBQ.
Dr. Karen Ruskin has a COMPLETE misunderstanding about polyamory. It is not about being indulgent and getting everything you want. Maybe she should get to know some people in successful polyamorous relationships and families.
Hidden in America
Apologies for the Sound Issues! The files are already bounced down an un-editable! Sadly we don't have access to the original source files. (the best we can recommend is to try to watch with headphones)
Love how the Polyamrous couples are all married to Beta Males...
Wait till kids friends find out their buddy's mom is on a swing show
Ian Stamper
These people are sick..sad
Jakub Kopras
that asian guy looked uncomfortable af ahahahah
James Sotack
When the girl swinger went to “play” with the other girl,should’ve she have made sure her husband was ok with it?Or am I missing something?
Jamie Jones
Ya too bad they blow up marriage now anything goes 😒😞
Jason Smedley
Most of these swingers parties are designed to prop up the sleazy straight guy fantasy. The wives are so desperate to keep their husbands, they agree to go along with them. I hope the husbands turn to men - that will really test whether their wives are truly open-minded or not.
Jay Alize
If you're against this sort of thing, why are you watching? LOL 😂
Jdor D
Yeshua / Jesus is the way not this lifestyle
If this is the lifestyle they choose to live then I totally agree with the psychologist ‘don’t have children’ 👎🏼
Julie Anderson
Completely unhealthy. Why did they even get married? It is either an answer to a need to be indulgent, or it's a reflection of dysfunction in relationships or avoidance as to what is at the root. Very weird for kids to witness. It avoids any type of commitment whatsoever.
Kamal Mangaroo
so what happens when your kids do the same thing...?? this will eventually cause a breakdown in the society which will lead to irreligion and low self esteem......
Kelly O'Brien
That woman in the red, like damn girl. clam down
Kelsey Bishop
Dr. Ruskin just has such a punch-able disposition...\n\nOther than that, good episode.
swinger is good for couples who can't be committed to one person sexually and love to explore better than cheating. But The most awkward thing happen to me last week with my husband, couple friend asked us to swap ... I actually was offended when he suggested my husband be with his fiance... and I did not find him sexually attractive and I told my husband, and he said he can't keep a bonner up with her because they are good friends. I don't think our friend will ever be the same now the question is asked LOL.. lesson of the day never ask NORMAL friends to swap ...
Polyamory without cocaine is quite inappropriate!
Marina Abbasi
This is disgusting,if you do not want to be monogamous ...then do not get married.Simple! 🤦\u200d♀️
Megan Frye
I don’t judge , I saw to each their own.... but I could not ! I’d get jealous and I KNOW my man would !
Michaela Simon
This is a terribly inaccurate portrayal.
Mieka Degerness
This is another Sodom and Gomorrah life just in 2017 , Where No one has Good Morals . And Lust after another , Then go sit in churches on sunday, Why get Married then ? When getting Married 1 Man 1 Woman It's called Committed and Loyal to the Person you Claim to Love till Death Do You Part..this is 1 very sick video . and very sick people . This Goes Against God and God's Rules
Nirmal Raj
Problem of having plenty of money...just go poor, these same idiots will be kneeling in prayer
R6 God
They are all going to hell
Ramona Morales
Sick...why even get married?
Rickard Rakkoon
Asian guy looks like a deer in the headlights that just noticed it's stuck and now f*cked
Ron Sinclair
The bottom line is everyone of then with children should be charged with child abuse..
gods wrath is around the corner. remember what happened. sodom and gommarah
The devil is real and he is white.
Safdar Warraich
Samson Sansan
who is this horrible, terribly unprofessional psycho-counselor? she talks a lot of rubbish...(Dr? Ruskin! Sounds more like a church-preacher)
Sarah M
I think as long as there isn't any violence or abuse in a relationship, do whatever works for you.... But why is it that you never see any attractive people that are polyamorous??? That backyard BBQ didn't have one single person that was good looking!!! Ha ha ha!
Nothing to do with love, all is based on being horny and lust
A whole bunch of unhappy people, who have to fill the void. Sad
Tony Tran
YES You actually are cheating, you are cheating with God! You betrayed him for your flesh! This is what happens when you reject the truth which is Christ. We'll pray for you to seek the truth, thats where real happiness lies!
Umesh Sharma
My wife slapped me and didnt talk to me for some hours. when I just asked her. she screamed \
Vanessa Rossi
Why be married if you lare glonna do this? Marriage is sacred!
Vato Loko
No your dead wrong \
Vladimir Steinberg
America UNRAVELING!!!!!
Wahran Ashkinazy
God is utterly mad with this filth and soon those people will get what Sodom and Gomora got !
Let's have a swinger party \n\n-White People
All the Nukes just can't come fast enough for my liking
I like threesomes with 2 women but not with another man there
daniel meehan
Can't stand swingers!
can you PLEASE fix the sound
you are watching history! the Fall of the American empire, years from now our grandchildren in the new dark ages coming will look apon this and be like \
emil toutou
The title should be STD Contraction 101 ,promiscuity and children dysfunction 101
human man
Sick people
Why get married or be in a relationship then? Get a pet and be single.
love my life
Low self-esteem people
ugly dudes, trying to categorize and justify behavior which is actually their desperate and insecure attempt to not feel like ugly dudes!
mr anonymous
These people are gonna burn in hell for eternity.
naruto uzumaki
Man: im sick of u seeing around me..let's kill dis relationship once n for all\nWomen: yuppp!!! Let's do it\n\n\nN they signed up for swinger house n went there
robie may Auditor
Abnormal thinking...
All those bodily fluids....Ewwww
So basically america is gomorrah and sodom?....\
skydiver jim
Where the hell did that Dr. Karen Ruskin get her degree from - Whatsamatter U. Her prejudice is somewhat obvious - quite blatant. People talking from a theological perspective without a holistic view of the alternative lifestyle should get out of that side of the business and let someone with some specialized knowledge be involved. Because she had known one or two couples, does not make her an authority. I have know many, many, more than that. People who end up getting divorced it is not because of that lifestyle, although people like her love to blame it on things they do not understand. It is usually because one of the partners is being dishonest or they have money problems or drug & alcohol issues, or anyone of the things most couples break up for. Hey Karen Ruskin, children do not think like you are suggesting - were you ever a kid? I came from a broken home. They do not walk around and say - gee, if my mom was not good enough to please my dad - then how can I be good enough for my husband. Lady, you need to give up your licenses - I wonder how many people's brains you scrambled with your logic. \n\nOne more thing - all you people who keep referring to the \
I'd rather swing then do the polyamory.....much less hassle.