The Legend of Bruce Lee - Episode 08

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The Karate master wants to become Bruce Lee’s apprentice. Bruce realises they can learn from one another. He studies for the college entrance exams at the same time. Will he manage to balance it all?Subscribe for more episodes and check out China Hour on Sky UK's Showcase Channel 212!

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Black Hawk
What a down to earth person mr. Japanes
E.Rommel vos van afrika,
hi was good te teckniek ,, he was not profional fighter. he was good acter.
Godfrey Marisa
Bruce Lee is a hero
Breleant fighter
J.Jeremy Bru Jeremy
Bruce Lee i miss you
Myrla Devera
My idol
Nikola Jakovljevic
Brus li mi je bio idol,na žalost sav njegov trud u životu je uzaludan ,protraćio je život .za to ŝto nije upoznao tvorca života I susa hrista,zbog ĉega je sada u paklu.
Raphael Espina
Master bruce lee is a respect man
Rohit Chutelkar
I am big fan
Sugoi Steel Claymore
Mgtow is a philosophy
ddoan 2001
Thanks for the Videos