The Naked And Famous - Punching In A Dream

Music video by The Naked & Famous performing Punching In A Dream. (C) 2010 Somewhat Damaged Under exclusive license to Polydor Ltd. (UK)

Alternative Dream Famous Fiction In Naked Punching The

I always hear this song on pandora
A HuskywolF
Does anyone else think this song would be perfect for a trailer for the game 'outlast' or is it just me?
A Person...
Pitch perfect and fifa 12..
Adrian Ferrari - Jogos de Esporte
FIFA 12 and Forza Horizon !
Agios Troglis
it make me think the best moments of 2012\n :'(
Alex Garcia
This song is amazing
Alex Jesus
Forza Horizon...\u003c3
I hope they put this song in fifa 16
Asap Phenom
The good ol Fifa 12 days... 😢
Ayy Jay See
Fifa 12? What about Forza Horizon??
The most nostalgic song in the history of history.
Brian89 Minecrafter
Reminds me of my childhood game career of Fifa 12
Sounds like the Missing Persons from the 80s.
Fifa 12\n\n\nYears 2010-2012 great time
Fifa 12 soundtrack was the best, and this song was the best of the bunch!
Haha came here after Marzia's vlog xD
Conveniently Damaged
So awesome it brings a tear to my eye 😢
fifa 12 😔
Courtney C
I get super mad when i try to punch in a dream, and its slow like matrix type stuff!!! Eff you dream punches!
For some reason, when this song plays on Forza Horizon, my skills just seem to enhance like crazy. Haha
+NakedFamousVEVO When are you guys going to come back!?!?!  We need music like this again
Eazis Muzieklabels
FIFA 12 brought me here
Erendira Mendoza
Marzia lmao
Fael Matielo
Forza Horizon!!!!!!!!
Faith Beck
Pitch Perfect anyone?
Felipe Besozzi
fifa 12 how i miss u
Film Dude
Thank you so much Pandora for showing me this band. I can add another to my Indie List.
Forza horizon anyone?
Flop Poppy
They're really good live performance. Very good band.
Gabriel Horowitz
I brought myself here
Gabriela Arana
Sounds similar to MGMT - Kids
Go PackGo
forza horizon anyone?
Greg Lexen
came here cause im a fan
Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 11 brought me hear lmao
Herson Amaya
Fifa 12 \u003c3 :'v
FIFA 12 was so amazing. This was my favorite song on the soundtrack.
And Also when u try to run in a dream but u keep falling down ugh 0_o ......
Jason Bautista
I like the part where she's all like, wayyyyyyayyyyyyyyaiiiiiiiiittttt I don't ever wanna be here!
Jesús FM Lacunza Reche
vampire diaries soundtrack!!
John Santias
FIFA 12 \u003c3 good memories
Jonny Oladunni
Forza horizon was so sick passion pit take a walk Arctic monkeys ru mine man those days 😔 bravo like 🤗
Jordan motyl
driving down the canyon on forza horzion listening to this at night..cant get enough \u003c3
Jordyn Hughes
Vampire diaries anyone ?
Justice Myers
if m83/steve mcqueen chain gang of 1979/sleepwalking lincoln park/numb had a baby this is what it would be
Kensley Ford
Saw this band in concert last night along with nico vega and the IMAGINE DRAGONS! It was amazing!
Kerelle Carranza
Does anyone remember this from Forza Horizon and NOT FIFA 12?
Anyone getting nostalgic listening to this? #fifa12feels
Las Vegas Carnivore
Repost! Catchy as heck!
Liam Geoghegan
Forza Horizon brought me here :D
Lillie Verbsky
That awkward moment when everyone's talking about Fifa and you came here from the Vampire Diaries...
Luis Angel Reynoso
Forza Horizon
Luis Bennett
best forza song \u003c3
Lukeson Gaming
FIFA 12 and fora horizon 1 ☺️
Marzia brought me x
Madison Yosten
Marzia brought me here :)
Matty Davies
Fifa 12, and Kony 2012
Maximilian Starling
This sounds a lot like MGMT
Hmm FIFA 12, good times
Morgan Walsh
Vampire diaries brought me here
This song flows PERFECTLY after their new single, \
Neelesh Singh
The Art of Flight people have to watch it trust very good documentary
This song is enjoyable, but that might be the acid talking.. not sure yet
Damn, now I wanna watch some japanese porn.
Omar Hosein
Memories FIFA 12
used to be my fav song cos of fifa 12
Patrick Nunes
This song moved me literally I got up from my seat lol
Roberto Vasco
Fifa 12 alguém BR que já jogou??
Rowan Williams
FIFA 12 soundtrack was amazing!!! Best fifa soundtrack by a mile. So nostalgic about fifa 12 - it's the best version IMO.
I don't always get chased in my nightgown by men with hockey sticks, but when I do I get away in my paper airplane.
Tanner K
Forza Horizon!!!:D
Tara Buso
fifa let me know many good artists. TNAF are among the m
I came here because of Forza Horizon :D
Tobe Gabriel
My favorite song on FIFA 12. The nostalgia
Trav L
I heard this song in strip club
This song gives you the feeling of leaving home. Anyone else?
Tvd_stelena lover1490
The vampire diaries 2x05 and 3x11 :)
William Roberts
Song similar to this band and kids - mgmt\nBloc party - flux\nfuturehead - beginning of the twist\ndon't look back into the sun - the libertines\nsuperstar -david something...\nChiddy bang - opposite of adults\npassion pitt - sleepyhead
Zanjay Daley
Missing the FIFA 12 soundtracks now :(
anna rose
I'm here because my crush said he likes this band 💙💙
FIFA 12 Nostalgia anyone?
One of the b3st tunes in Forza Horizon - never mind that fifa boredom ..... :)
I saw them live as the opening act for an imagine dragons concert, they are amazing live!
This is a perfect snowboarding song!
fifa 12 \u003c3
gamer pots
Do jumping jacks as hard as you can to this whole song and tell us how it went.
most dangerous virus
😍😘 i love this song so much the first time i heard this song and this band when i was play FiFA 2012 this song make me your fan you guys always in special place in my heart ✌❤🤘 The Naked and Famous ✌❤🤘❤💪
Played Fifa 12 a few weeks ago just cause i wanted to listen do the playlist again its just amazing music:D
nicola disabato
FIFA 12😍❤
it make me think when I played FIFA12
this and call it what you want by foster the people made fifa 12
ryu ikioto
 The Vampire Diaries
This song makes me sad actually. Makes you feel like you're trapped somewhere. Like you're trapped in your own head, subject to your own devices. \n\nI think this song is about a person going crazy, and trying to be okay with it.
slim ben abda
marzia brought me here (y) ! amazing taste haha
tae & kookies
i'm here because i like this band
tam 1340
Vampire diaries anyone?
the best7
Fifa 12 , the flashbacks hurt so much 😢
yaneasha jones
This Is Off Of Getting That Girl Andy And Mandy Forever!!!
I remember fifa12....