Amy Winehouse last ever public performance / Mamma Said - Dionne Bromfield

Recorded 20th July 2011 when Amy Winehouse's goddaughter Dionne Bromfield supported The Wanted at iTunes Festival, Roundhouse, North London.

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Abi Keer
Always in my heart love you xxx
She's so great, always supportive,.isn't she cute though..Luv u always,Amy'''''
Adele Inidilba
She's not on drug.. I think she's just having fun. Look how she seems reactive... She can dance in rhythm ! Looks happy ether. Stop saying that it's sad to see cause you're wrong ;)
Amy would have been good mom so sad that she didn't quite see her life that way.
I still can't believe this tallented young woman is no longer with us!! Rip aims!! Xxxx
she looks so good and happy. its still awkward to know that she is gone
Angel Scovens-Thomas
They look like they were having fun. And sounded pretty good.
Anne Marie
How is this a performance? She didn't perform.
Annie Martinez
5 years ago today. Miss you everyday Amy
Ashley Wilkerson
She is such a beautiful soul I still listen to her music and her story is just so sad she just needed better support from family and friends that she didnt have... smh
Athena griego
Bad father. Bad husband Bad people all around her. Wish she was strong and secure with herself. R.I.P. Amy
Bangtan Universe
0:47 1:37 2:45 What a lovely smile ♥
Benymm Johanson
Is Death
Casandra Ybarra
Why do I watch this?? It always makes me cry! Damnit Amy 💔
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that little singer is only riding on amy's coat tails...She doesnt look too happy Amy is getting all the attention lol... Amy is amazing without singing a note \u003c3 Amy.
Crashburn 32
Amy Winehouse looks so happy and confident in the video. I just heard Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow sang by Amy. It's AMAZING! She had a beautiful voice authentic real personality. Gone to soon never forgotten. RIP Amy
still remembered still loved
Diamond Star Vocals
At 1:38 she looks so drugged but, so happy 😭😭😭
Drummer GirlGlamorous
she's better off dead in heaven rather in this sickening world
Erin Smith
Just heartbreaking. She was done. The ones close to her like her Dad, should have helped. She would be here today I think.
Genesys H
they could have gave her a mic tho
Gladas Workman
I do not understand why no one helped her.
at 1:38, look at the beautiful smile.
HoneyPharoah TT
her dad should of made her go rehab he just wanted to perform in \
Howard Manley
He who is without sin, cast the first stone!
Jaira Bivens
This is the cutest thing ever! They're both so completely comfortable up there on stage (especially amy). The dancing, the bond, the smiles. So genuine, I love it.
James Gentry
Is it me or did it seem like she was not really wanting to be there
Julia Carmelo
You know at the end of day when everything is all said and done she still is awesome no one can take that from her she is and will always be a soul singer thank u Amy
Karl Edmark
no performance here
Ken M
dionne does not look 15 i thought she was in her late 20s or early 30s
Kia Brown
Kris Yeppers
I miss her soo much. What am awesome girl. --- She had a heart of gold but let a guy and others tell her what to do how she should think and when she should do it. -- - She should've stayed how she \
Kymiah LeFavor
Love Amy... Always......💟💟
Her last performance was smiling having a good time with the audience she loved. Rest in Peace you poor darling. The sharks of the business got the best of you. You deserved so much more.
Leo's Mum
In the documentary 'Amy', her close friend had said that Amy just didn't think life or performing was 'any fun' without drugs or alcohol . Really sad, given her massive talent.\nThe inability to enjoy life with sobriety was what, I think, took Amy down. If you don't want sobriety, there's little point trying to find it. She didn't want it I don't think, at least not enough..😞
Lisa H
every time i see her i cry it never settles not having her here i have had days where I actually try and figure it out and it just is not an open and closed case.
When you're young you think you're invincible. Had Amy been properly treated for her mental illness and bulimia it's likely she would not have been exposed to the effects of alcohol intoxication like untreated mental illness causes. RIP sweet girl.
We will love you forever! 🙏
Mark Rodgers
Sad for Amy but her goddaughter is hot as hell !!
Medea Agapishvili
Whew.. This felt MUCH better than that damn nightmare at Belgrade. But three days before her death? No!!! This is what you get when you're drunk as hell! Don't even go there!
Melissa Kaizer De Souza
Her story is sad, but what makes it sadder is she just wanted her fathers love and attention and he just exploited her for the money. He pushed her to work even when she was at her worse rather than have her focus on overcoming her demons. He blamed Blake for introducing her to hard drugs, but it's not his fault she took drugs because of how she felt inside, she needed help to deal with her emotional issues not just a detox....she was screaming for help and her dad just ignored it....very sad
Miranda Panda
Awe, she looked like she was getting better here. RIP Amy :(
Why didn't she sing?
Monster Animal
I'll always love her😭
How is this her last, \
She looked really good here!
My3BeautifulAngels steve
She looked healthy in this video,she is missed
Nancy Daniel
Absolutely love Amy. Addiction has taken many lives. R.I.P.
Nathan Apan
What makes me sick on most of these comments is Tyne lack of understanding addiction and mental health. I'm not going to waste time defending why I say this. This world lost another soul because of a person either being under treated or not being treated for the right thing.
Need Boys
Always in my heart
Nicola Roberts
I was lucky enough to see the documentary early and it is a sad story, I get that you can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped but it seemed like she waited for her dads final word and he didn't help her
Ninja Channel
Bah! I wish I'd met her. She just needed a real friend.
Phoebe Ward
She looks like a lil kid.
So sad she's gone. ❤️🙏🏼
Richard Tringali
she started to look good here and then how sad to hear about her death. I wish i knew her because if i was her friend she would still be alive today. you need to help your friends no matter what and thats all it takes to save a life RIP amy you will be missed
Robert Scott
I do belive she did try to bridge the ages ? what do you think ? No matter what she is an entertainer !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sam Levin
No matter Amys problems,she was a girl who needed big love in her life. I can relate. Pain from emotions are hard to deal with , and depression,well no pill from your doctor can fix the spirit of a hurting person. My relationship with God has helped,but its days of hurting still,and i cant explain the depth of it. I cared for Amy even though i am a fan who never met her. May she rest in peace. May my mother whos in heaven also meet up with Amy and share some love between the two. My mother knew how to love people for who they are.
Sam the Straight guy
3 days before she died.
Sammyjane Mitchell
Love you miss you forever Amy 💝
Samuel Ralph Allen
The saying \
Shelley Solomon
Nobody understands and this will be forever....
Amy was mentally ill too...this was not diagnosed until later on and therefore we may surmise that being famous , making money for the ceos .She may have tried to control her illness and the pain by having access to lethal dosesof drug taking which she found dumbed this reality.?\n\nHelp was at hand but she was too deep in it to get back up...touring, promoting, deadlines, parties, interviews, contracts pace and all the time a underlying condition that was not recognised nor diagnosed. \n\nUnless you are in that situation none of us should judge. Nor can we begin to understand the complexities of this situation.\nShe isn't the first and sadly won't be last😢\n\nIt's not uncommon in this manipulative world of fame.\n\nIf your brain is wired that way and your genetics are that way then surely the weakness will be to succumb. Add in that the access to a world of anything your heart desires is mind blowing.\n\nKeeping it in perspective needs good genuine people around you and the right people with good intentions.\n\nA dear soul whose difficulties were apparent because the viper media wallowed in her struggles and went after her in a vengeful execution style which we are all too familiar with- just spun her into depths of confusion and a world of highs n lows. \n\nCould we honestly say we could surmount all of that without some disorientation...Amy was vulnerable and fragile which made her open to all kinds of the wrong things.\n\nIt may have also been her make up as an individual.\n\nShe had her husband- who was stronger but mentally weak-jumped on the band wagon not truly taking responsibility as he was hooked and into drugs. so it wasn't going to end well until the rot had set in.\n\nThe hedonistic lifestyle of endless money, adornment gave them free access to all manner of availability to anything they wanted.\n\nPerhaps daddy could have had a tighter grip from the start.???\n\nLessons are still not being learned from the availability of prescription and recreational drugs.\nWhen people aren't coping it would seem drugs is their get out😢\n\nPerhaps if there had been a situation where she could have literally been isolated and supervised 24 7 in a high security controlled environment to treat her for her illness and addiction this may have saved her..who knows. ❤\n\nI for one thought she was an amazing singer and artist who documented her life in amazing lyrics, through passion and real pain ad did George far my favourite artist of all time ❤.\n\nThis is my personal take on a beautiful woman and another talent gone too soon.\n\nXxxx❤💙💚💜💓💔💕💖💗💝💞
She looked as though she didnt really want to be on that stage. That was Amy's problem she couldnt deal with the performing and fame that is what turned her on to drugs and heavy drink.
Soren Aleksander
wow there was really nothing left in the tank, was there? MISS YOU AMY
Spike EP
She just looks incredibly healthy, well and happy, almost to the point of her just ridiculously so.
Stuart Edwards
what was she doing on stage if she wasn't going to sing?
MAGNIFICENT Amy - what a gift from God she possessed.  REst well, sweet girl.
I'll forever miss her \u003c3
Dionne should have her own singing career. She sounds great
Tyler Thomas
Love love to early for a beautiful soul
Vero Vera
Love Amy but so painfull to watch her not sing 😓
Victoria Hewitt
i love amy, and her music, she is the only person sing at kareoke ...but. .. but. . can this video rally be considered \
Williams Covers
And 3 days later she died... my god I wish someone just stopped her 😓
Yosef ben-shoshan
Yuliyah Mills
I miss her so much.she super
Zo Valentine
I probably would not have given this a thumbs up (she didn't vocalize much), but it was her last performance and I have nothing but respect for this gifted artist gone too soon.
Zsanett Szőke
She finally looked better and happier than before... She would have needed a little more time, I know she could have made it!
colin wilson
God bless she could of been as big as Elvis if she lived a lot longer and that is a compliment she was a legend in the making like a candle in the wind you shone brightly xxxx
gracie chadwick
always in my heart
iulian ispas
She was a true romantic , but this world is not romantic at all
jacques deghorain
Cette jeune femme s'est suicidée doucement , seule au milieu de son immense public et personne , non personne n'est venu à son secours.....ils l'ont tous regardé mourir lentement mais sûrement , avec le sourire et les applaudissements du public , qui pourtant savait !!! Et moi , bête petit homme ordinaire , sans pouvoirs et sans talents , je pense qu'une société qui permet de faire ce qu'Amy a fait sans lever le petit doigt POUR LA SECOURIR , n'est pas digne de survivre . Notre société aujourd'hui est devenue une honte pour l'humanité toute entière et elle mérite de périr si elle continue sur cette voie qui détruit de plus en plus d'hommes , de femmes et même d'enfants sur l'hôtel du profit . Parce que le problème est toujours le même , mes amis .....toute cette merde qui de plus en plus empoisonne nos vies , c'est le dieu FRIC qui en est toujours la cause .......TOUT LE MONDE N'A PAS PERDU A LA MORT DE LA PETITE .....quelques - uns , qui tirent discrêtement les ficelles , s'en sont mis plein les poches , rassurez-vous ! Et personne ne fera jamais rien pour que ce genre de sales petits jeux cesse dans notre merveilleuse civilisation occidentale . Alors , ça continuera , comme d'habitude !!! Amy Winehouse , ma pauvre fille , tu n'es ni la première , ni la dernière , et tu es morte pour rien......................Alors , s'il vous plaît , pendant quelques instants , quelques instants seulement.......réfléchissez.........merci de votre attention
jameka robinson
Amy had the moves
jane oughton
are drugs and alcohol worth it ? why waste a very talented life ?
joan smith
you can tell she's a mess here, but what a talent! we really lot a tremendous artist what a shame way way too young
It's important to have a support system but at the end of the day it has to be up to you to make the change.
libra god
amy is beautiful in every way..her music will always have a special place in my hart i wish that i could have met her in person i had a little crush on her 💘 u amy rip
lucy ford
Amy looks so cute dancing up there, I'll always love her
i love her so much, Amy forever ❤️❤️
Honestly in this video her goddaughter is invisible
Would have loved to see Amy perform \
nicole cameron
Her fans really loved her :( R.I.P x
If only we could turn back time. if only we knew what would\nHappen to her shortly after. It does make me feel better though, she looks like she was in better shape than some of the other vids I saw.
preparing for peace through strength
somebody needed to care for her and found someone to love.
space Anon
rip you beautiful human being.your sorely missed
AMY IS HERSELF HERE PEOPLE ♥️. SHE IS HAPPY. She is with her god daughter supporting her like usual cause she loves Dionne like she is her daughter ♥️
Poor Amy she really blew it. She was bringing the classics back in a big way and that was a huge \naccomplishment. If she could have cleaned up and sobered up her career would have been far reaching\nthen it was.
She's not even singing?