Metal Archives is Cancer

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I said it.

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Adrn Amrfs
Nu metal is the foggiest \
Alen Žižak
Def Leppard is on archives, Kiss is not. Who in the whole freaking world thinks that Def Leppard is heavier than Kiss? Case closed. I, too, had few battles with moderators on archives.
Daniel Jackson
Isn't Pantera groove metal? I'm honestly not familiar with groove metal, to my knowledge. I honestly consider Godsmack hard rock, but I thought they were considered nu metal.\nI also don't get why some fans think just because someone considers a band \
You're cancer
God Mortuus
Honestly, this could be a interesting theme but that was a really autistic
You've got many good points, but I couldn't watch to the end, as your delivery is dismal
According to metallum Rosetta is an Post-Rock band...
Nu-Metal - hard rock riffs with drop tuning, the outside influences don't help at all. NOT METAL!\nGroove Metal - some of it is hard rock, some of it is metal.Most of it is prob metal except the likes of 5FDP.\nMetalcore and Deathcore - some more on the metal side, some more on the core side, ambigous just like groove metal.\nDjent - same note chugging in a complex rhytmic pattern, not metal at all.
Half the video is you figuring out what to say next. Big waste of time watching this video.
Juan Borjas
I have seen multiple deathcore, groove, djent and industrial metal bands in the site recently. I think they are not as strict as the rules make them to appear.
KITTY needzwateerr
According to metal archives, \
Killer Croc
Metal Archives is as bad as
Groove Metal is listed on Metallum.
Martin arguelles
The metal archives guys are totally insane. They banned me simply for being a Trump supporter. They obviously want a sjw circle jerk and ban everyone who doesn't agree with their extreme leftist narrative.
Petra Restituta Pepsilindro de Nazareth
Metal archives threads about which band is metal or not are the cringiest thing
Random Royce
Dude, you have spirits around you. One comes out of your left arm at 0:47
Ruuths Inn
You sir, you suck a lot!
I really only use Metal Archives to find new *(old)* bands. I found out about bands like Helstar, Sanctuary, Forbidden, Heir Apparent, Reverend *(David Wayne's band after leaving Metal Church)*, & the mighty Jag Panzer. So it's pretty useful for that. Anyways great video.
Getting banned for having a different opinion is lame.
Swagsuke Uchiha
maybe deathcore sucks
Swine Brothers
if you actually take the time to ask why bands aren't accepted and why nu metal isn't considdered metal, you'll get a pretty detailed description of how it isn't metal...i don't considder it or industrial metal metal, too many outside influences
Tool 123
The Wikipedia of Heavy Metal
its ok young child no need to be upset c;
Funny how they get to decide what is and isn't metal
mike poole
Skrew is in there and they are industrial metal
the KĪCK AЯSE AussĪe 3.0
Nu metal mallcore post hardcore metalcore deathcore are not metal at all its emo whiney pop with generic breakdowns
Брайан Душ
Learn how to tie a noose? I saw that comment. hahahahaha