The Untold Truth Of Amy Roloff's Boyfriend

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Amethyst Perez
I wonder if her average size girl friend are jealous of her relationship.
Andrew Shearin
You guys always reach for a Roloff or a Duggar when you’re desperate for content. It’s weird.
Ann Marie
Matt is an ass hole for divorcing Amy.\nI think Matt had wanted out for a long time to leave her. He is a Bratt.
aways thought they made a cute couple
Be Quiet
Little people BIG drama!
Bertha Hernandez
me en canta emy es una mujer muy luchadora fuerte es un ejemplo para todas las mujeres que luchamos x salir adelante soy mexicana me gusta el programa
Bill Sheffield
If he can get along with her good for him, I know I could not get along with her. Matt is 98% the reason they have what they have she seems to be against doing anything , whereas Matt makes almost all the money.
Cometa 84
Amy has sunk her fangs deep into Chris....we all know he's not with her for her looks.
*Little freaks.*
David Posin
Funny video
Dingle Barry
I think Amy and Matt just came to the conclusion that they had \
Dolly Pérez Hernández
No aplaudo porque lo que Dios ha unido no lo puedseoararseparar ej hombtr
Elaine Lane
Matt seems like a real pain in the ass.
Fiona Douglass Bin Thaneya
Fun Collector
Chris probably here for the money
I like him, he's such a pretty chilled guy
Awful woman-she'd been seeing him before the divorce
Gabor the Blind Guy
I didn’t even realize this show was still on the air… My wife and I stopped watching several years ago when the divorce started. It got kind of annoying and repetitive how every single episode focused on that and nothing else… I understand that was a major part of their lives, but literally every single episode for like 3 seasons was, “We’re getting a divorce, we’re getting a divorce, we’re getting a divorce!“ and I’m just like, “OK, can you go and get that divorce now and quit trying to stretch out and milk this storyline for as much as you can?“ Plus, I thought Jeremy turned into a major douche when he first started dating his current wife.
There is no luxury villas in the PDX aria for $500k, my house worth a little over $400k and it's not even 1000sqft!
Irene Oliveira
Eu gostaria de receber esses vídeos em português não entendo nada do que eles cvs
I am LOVING that you are happy!! LOVE this family! #ALL of y'all! EVERYONE deserves to be HAPPY!❤❤✌✌❤☝️✌❤
JR. Pacer
It works for them....glad Amy is happy
I bet he loves when Amy breaks out her 12\
Joan L
What actually does a full grown person go for a little person? Especially one who on the tv show keeps a dirty home. Sorry, but I just can’t understand the attraction.
Johnny Almeida
Matt, captain control freak, Rolof
I like Amy, but I think Chris has secrets, he is very closed, hardly tells anything, smiles the whole time into the camera. I wonder if the relationship with Matt and his employé will last. That is also a strange combination. And I wonder is Matt now can change his nasty unfriendly character.
Kathy Bartley
I kind of want to know if Caran was the cause of the split. Matt seems to be the kind who would throw his life away if he could attain some since of accomplishment by being with some thing like her.
Ku Nie
Love is blind.
Lilly alyssa
Amy is a fool and Chris is a gold digger.
Linda Solinski
Matt is mature enough, Amy wants a bow but doesn't want Matt to be happy. She likes him to suffer.
Lindsey Elizabeth
I hate to break it to u but he is interested in the money etc cuz he isn't attracted to her and isn't in love with her and u can tell\nHe might be in retail but do your research
Why has he never ever been married? Yet now he suddenly has a famous serious girlfriend.
Chris is super creepy. He’s likely a child molestor, which explains why he’s banging a woman that’s 3 feet tall.
Marylee Macpherson
Actually a bonus Chris gets along w Matt
Millicent Adams
Amy not pretty
Mills J
The short tempered people
Nexx 1
I don’t trust Chris . He creeps me out. He seems disingenuous
Nicki Swift
What are your feelings on Amy's boyfriend?
Opeth Jay
That dude is a tool
Paula Hussaney
This family is something else.
midgets are God's mistake
Rick Patton
Ronald Abel
Amy is so much better off without Matt. So happy for Amy that she is now with her new love. Good pick Amy.
Rosa RS
Adoro todos Eles!!!!
Sandra Sealy
I think Chris is wonderful and makes Amy very 😃
Sharee Clifton
Her husband was a pos
Sharon Wrijil
That man is not genuine imo
Amy looks like a caveman
Steven Newman
I have a pic of someone who looks just like Chris, passing by in NYC by World Trade Center Junre 19. In sunglasses. Don't know, could be . About a couple of years ago or so \
Sulay Cruz
Good for her
Susan Robertson
Couldn’t get into this show !
Tammy Breytenbach
Wants money
Tina Damos
Who really cares..let her live her life. I personally do not find this appealing any longer.MOVE ON..
I bet he's lowkey into kids, considering he is attracted to that midget.
Untainted Indigo
He wouldn't have dated her if she was poor.
Vala Dina
She's glowing, she's truly happy, good for her
Veronica Binns
He’s just like Matt’s girlfriend don’t like him either 💀💀
Vickie Glenn
Love watching the little people big world Amy love her no reason to be put down over her boyfriend as long as her and kids are happy and it doesn't bother them , But as far as Matt doesn't matter he's the one cheated on her
Victoria Jones
Boyfriend? YEAH....'right'
Walking wolf
Drama, Drama, Drama, Society loves to create it, watch it and argue. Thankfully, I don't care about complete strangers lives. If you follow, watch and care seek mental help immediately. You have a problem and need treatment. No one should believe anything these scripted shows say. It's all lies, smoke and mirrors and MADE UP DRAMA. Be a productive member of society, and do something charitable, instead of watching FAKE PEOPLE\u003c FAKE LIVES\u003c AND FAKE SHOWS!
Wendy O'dell
I'm so glad Amy's found happiness ❤
Your Ignorance is their Power .
This won't last long. He's having an affair on the side.
brandon Diggins
So hes a good guy?. Dislike the vid
I am happy for Amy❤️❤️ It is great that Chris gets along with her family😊
carlo orlando
I don't get it.
charlotte barnes
Amy is making a big mistake its too bad that matt and her split up they have a beautiful family 😢
kirstie d
I’m sorry but this women isn’t attractive at all. This man isn’t ugly, why does he want to be with her?
Clearly the guy has some kind of midget fetish, but he must be enjoying those sloppy seconds.
mister piscis
He might be so happy with that Midget
mitzi spicer gilliam
I adore her and think she finally got a man that doesn't make her feel small pardon the pun! I hope they walk down the aisle!
Somethings off with Chris
nancy rios
esa enana roloff cara de caballo fea cree que sera feliz con ese sr tan bello no creo ella humillo mucho a su esposo y no deberia ser feliz
I like Chris
Amy is an amazing woman strong opinionated smart and loving I’m happy for her and Chris they are a beautiful couple real and down to earth. \nI hope they marry and continue this love fest and share their adventures with us.
winter jewels
I don't like Amy or Chris... Sry