Amy Winehouse: The Legacy (FULL DOCUMENTARY)

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Amy Winehouse was one of the most discussed singer-songwriters of her generation. Her soulful voice won her critical acclaim, scores of awards and fans from all walks of life, while her turbulent and decadent lifestyle made her an irresistible target for the press. In a time when photographs of Amy Winehouse in many states dominated the front pages, each new picture surpassing the last, as she appeared to incrementally crumble under the cocktail that was the magnitude of her success, it was her unique and heartfelt music that touched the hearts of millions of fans. Share her legacy.

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after watching this, it's tragically clear that this was her destiny. her life was a recipe for disaster.. no one couldve saved her
2 Girls With Green eyes
This is how captivating she was, I wasn't a fan. Never really paid attention to her, then a random vid came up on my feed, a doc not even her music. I was curious and after that she just drew me right in..I love her music, I love jazz and her various influences. She came to me basically and now I think she's just's heartbreaking that the drugs/ heartache/need took her down..
Advik Tripathi
She was an artist who directly communicate to the audience \nWithout any mediator.....\nReal legend\nR.I.P Amy Winehouse
Albert Chehade
Gene Simmons said it all........\nNothing more to say except \
Alex Produções
Thanks u action, Amy i miss u so much ! :(
Alex Wilde
She was being pushed and pressured by the manager/record company wankers to do a third album and to do a european tour even tho she was clearly not up to it. The pressure to come up with something as good if not better than her world wide smash hit second album would have been immense. Even in st lucia they didn't leave her alone. Like avicii, cobain, joplin etc the stress to continue coming up with new material and touring without a decent rest period becomes too much. Throwing blake into the mix and having no one around her who genuinely cared didn't help matters. No one had amy's back, not even her family.
Alexis Thomas
the feels are so real. I just wanna fall in Amy's arms and bawl my eyes out as soon as they showed her statue I know I'd completely lose it. Rest Peacefully Amy 💓
Wow 😚 \n\nLove you Amy 💕
Andrea Youtube
33:40 omg 😮 I think he farted lololol am I right ? On the 2nd second of 40 sec
Annie M.
I can't stand her father.
Armani Versace
The only words I can hear from Amy’s dad is ‘ I I I ....Amy I I I I I I I ‘ 🙁 RIP Amy love you forever and always thanks for your music, beauty and honesty. ❤️❤️❤️
Asad S
It's got lots of lies and Amy would have hated that they were pushing her down until she had nothing left of her 💙💜💛💚💖💟
Bernard Joyce
Rip the queen of soul\nYou help on a daily basis, I feel less alone when I listen to her lyrics xx
Bruno Brizzi
A real artist.\nWe'll miss you.\nYour music and interpretation will be with us forever.\nThank you little big woman.\nA diamond will always shine.
Carlos Huerta
The ending made me so sad
Celeste Frando
Unique and talented...
Celina Lamon
I absolutely love her♡ and looking at her she kinda reminds me of Lauren from 5th harmony, they could be slightly twins. but amy is forever my favourite woman💕
Chan Chan
Back to black Saved my mental. I miss you Miss Winehouse💙💙💙
Cindy Harper
Amy, the original, beautiful icon ❤️
Daniel V
One of the greatest lyricists and vocalists of all time!
she has joined the 27 Club...
Dipannita Ghosh
This man Mitch was an opportunist \nA disgraceful human being
Eleanor Sanchez
only one Amy Winehouse
Elisa Pino
(Sorry, but anyone else notice the unfortunate place of the hand? ....may have been just accidental. ...)\nMaybe a 24-7 watcher should have been employed; so that these artists who are intent on doing drugs like this at least get to be saved from over dosing. But I think I do agree with the dude from Kiss (he commented a lot on Prince's overdose too!) and she should have had someone in her life who said \
Ellie Malcolm
9:02 he says \
Eyla Mei
yeah right! you can always say good things about Amy but you didn't actually help her! evil Industry. stupidity.
Gama Wap
but the way Gene said that made me cry how could someone not have helped her
Garrielee Peck
Her father Amy begged her dad not to tell the press were she was , he told them for money ,he lived off her fame !!!!
Grey Macy
Idk...this is a nice documentary but it could’ve gone without the crappy commentary from critics or whoever these people are.......
She was an empath and Blake and her father were narcissists and in a relationship between an empath and a narcissist the narcissist is the only one who survives. \nIt's so, so sad. You will always be in our souls Amy. Blessed be.
Hopeless Kingdom
I wish Amy never met Blake, she would probably still be here if she didnt meet him
I agree with everything you say
I'm pretty sure that the Back to Black video was meant to represent the death of a relationship/love and not supposed to be taken literally (29:30). Who is this bloke, anyway?
Jack Thecreeper
We miss you Amy! \nYou said said that your biggest fear was dying and having nobody know of your contribution to music and please believe you will be remembered as one of the biggest music legends of our century. I don't know anybody that doesn't love you. Nobody could ever replace you, or even come close. One of a kind. Diamond in the rough. Love you forever. RIP
Jack of All
What's the deal with Amy's mum , she looks a bit wacked out!
15:15 “Apart from two covers, Winehouse co-wrote every song” was co-written if you mean composition and lyrics, but Amy wrote all the lyrics to her songs BY HERSELF!!
Jensen A
Maybe it's me but I don't know who this guy spesking is, bc she did in fact go to rehab a few times!
Joe Wallace
I'm still sadden by her loss... I have been watching her videos and music all week... :'(\n I love you Amy!
Jude Delvoye
Amy foretold her future through music. She was a loving, caring person that adored her family and friends and I don't think it's right to bash the people she loved. It probably hurts her heart knowing people dislike/hate the people she loved most. Her legacy and love will live on forever
Julie Om
That statue is horrible and her dad grabbed its tit
Kathleen Greenlay
Remember he was still her. Dad and lost he's daughter.
Katusha S
Every time I look at her mother she seems a little crazy to me
Kaya Monj
28:50 that guy was the one person who I would not agree with. Back to black was about the breakup of her and her husband. She is expressing jow she feels. Sad, depressed, dark etc. It wasn't like she could be all sassy when she wasn't the person to start the breakup. This guy is wrong about the album and the song.
jesus loves us when no one else will....she was surrounded by takers.....with god of heaven...ALL things are possible....take her back...amen
LISA queen lisa
Amy winhouse 😢😘💕💕💕
Lilly Love
Very talented lady.
Lupita Rodriguez
Why is the dads closing interview disturb me so much? He seems so aware of how to draw anything to do with Amy back to himself. Honestly the parents have a big part in this as much as nobody wants to blame anyone. They watched their child deteriorate in front of their eyes and they just let it happen to cash in and not have to deal with it anymore. Tragic
Maria Dobrinescu
you've got some of the facts wrong... check the facts before you make a documentary
Marrianne Swango
Shes so gorgeous in these videos.. BRAVE Smart get short life but she will inspire future artists...bless her Oxoxox love Frank.
Gene Simmons is right, if you love someone, sometimes you have to put them in jail to help them. I have personal experience and it saved someone who I love from class A drugs that would have killed them.
Matthew Laker
Nice documentary, but the dap kings were not hired on for frank like they just said
Melissa Brzescinski
Mitch described her beautiful childhood when Amy was a young girl. How he fails to see his role in crushing her emotionally. I can only speculate that it happened when he left the family. I can also speculate she suffered from narcissistic abuse based on my own experience. Google the symptoms of narcissistic abuse and you'll see for yourself. We are often diagnosed as bipolar when, in truth, we were programmed as children.
Michele Bedard
I could comment all week on this 34:35 her eyes are just seething with anger, then Blake leans in and she looks like she wants to bolt from him for a second, then gives in. He knew she was pissed. He relished it.\n\nShe obviously wasn't ready for the concert in Belgrade, but that's the greedy music business you. They push you. They don't care if she makes a fool of herself. All they see is dollar signs. Sadly it happens a lot. I don't believe it was her decision like they make it out to be.
..............And the photographer, (and the other people at the shoot), saw Amy carve, \
Mollie Bridge
R.I.P you sweet suffering girl ❤️
Nerea Martínez
Love you forever Amy 💕
I think she was just pulled into success entirely too hard and fast. She really couldn't find her path, so she made herself one, albeit a destructive one. RIP Amy. You were very talented and we will miss you.
Phil Williams
She died way too young imagine where she would be today if she had not fallen into the wrong crowd
Purple Sunflower
Terrible they allowed her to go on stage ! just to humiliate her self, going into public melt in peace Amy. Why didn't her Mother Help ?????? she never says anything ! And Mitch you are part of Amy s Death !
R. Ive
The music business is a dirty, corrupt meat grinder that will use and abuse the artist without consequence to their welfare.
Rosalie A-D
her dad is so full of himself. Screaming shut up to people and claiming that Amy chose a song for him.
Russ Kenny
Amy was lovely, but her father makes my skin crawl...vile creature !\nHe finds it very hard to not talk about himself in any documentary i have seen.
To be honest this documentary is so full of people who didn't actually care about her. I mean if you really try to listen to what Paloma Faith said.. does it really make sense what she says? Not really. You can see she was uncomfortable and didn't really know what to say or seem to have knowledge about celebrities dealing with addiction and eating disorders/depression. She met her ONCE, I mean why not interview people who knew her a lot better? These are interviews I couldn't care less about 'cause they can't say anything about Amy except their first impression of her. No one knows a person very well after meeting once. And then there's Mark Ronson: \
Sabina Agha
Brilliance. Music isn't the same she was unique, and a sweetheart . Rip.
Sad ._.
Rip baby 💖😭
These \
Shaniah B
I'll always love you Amy...I grew up on your music, it will always be a part of in peace darling xx
Shawn Davey
So f'n sad.
Simon Risteski
As always only fakes survive
Amy, unfortunately, could not handle the fame and everything that comes along with it and then once you get caught up with drugs there is never going to be a happy ending. For me, Amy was one of the most talented singer/songwriters to come out of the UK and I, am.sad that her life was so very short.
Tammie Almany
Tammy Young
What a wonderful singer and song writer, she will be missed forever
Tessa Foley
The people that they’ve consulted for their expertise must have gotten paid for their speculative probablys and the fact that Amy Winehouse once walked past them in lavatory queue. Blimey.
The good die young 😢
Thomas Martin
Amy jade winehouse u mermaid
TundraWoman Says
Her parents ... geesh... my parents would physically beat the shit out of me to get me to go get help. My entire family would stalk me to get me help! They don’t seem to be too bothered😢 her dad loves the camera
Vanessa McCreadie
😩😍😚 I love Amy Winehouse songs rest in peace Amy Winehouse
Vickie Lynn
R.I.P. to one of my favorite singers,Amy Winehouse. She made a huge impact on soul and jazz music and she will always be remembered for that. She took it to the another level and the music industry will never be the same without her. Sadly,she died on July 23,2011 and it will always be a very sad day. Amy Winehouse will go down in history as one of the most greatest singers of all time. Once again,rest in peace Amy. I love and miss you. ❤😢😥
W and S
she was addicted to that rubbish blake, more than any drug/liquor. I had the same affliction when I was younger (the bad boy syndrome). that is the root cause of her death. I managed to miraculously get through that stage with the help of therapy and meds. the withdrawal from a bad relation is as hard as the worst withdrawals. I wish I could have helped through that withdrawal. maybe just maybe. I LOVE AND MISS HER SO DAMN MUCH. AND THAT GOUL OF A FATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wolfiegirl 18
She was my sister, not by blood, by heart 💔 🌸🌺❤️
It took my breath away too... Never will I ever stop listening to Amy's music. It actually has changed my life.
RIP Amy I miss you 💞💙
dream catcher 123 long shot
Will be missed r.i.p sweet sweet amy 😪😪😪😢😥
erika t
i knew her father was weird, but in 8:40-9:13 her mom looks suspiciously weird af, i know im not the only one that thinks so.\n(my edit is the time length)
hannah-lee88 Williams
What could be better than your daughter inlaw giving birth to your sons baby???\nMitch.. i know, how about had you sectioned and signed her in for rehab help, wouldn't that be more important because our most beautiful songbird of all time would may have still been here!!!\nShame on you..\nR.I.P AmyJade xxx
This father is just gahhh... man... you're awful
miss farish
I know this was years ago i still want to say this. Thing about her is she never hide her problems, told everything in her music, never hide her drug probs, she even tell her mother about threw up everything after binge eating. People around her just too blind including her own father.. Sad
purple smurf
Bit disappointed with this documentary. Wanted to learn more about Amy Winehouse, but found it mostly full of people pyscho-analysing her, speaking for her after she's gone. Would've liked to hear more of her speaking, see more of her good performances, hear about her childhood. Found this documentary to have a bit of a negative slant, and can already see her Dad has a big ego and relishes attention for himself. R.I.P beautiful young soul.
You can see very clear, what a sweet, sensitive and genuine person she was.
skittz mess
45:30 you can see how much pain she's in and anyone who can \
when they showed her drunk on stage, my eyes watered. she was so broken, i just feel for her.
vince kelly
just imagine if she kept it together , what a waste
Paloma faith is not the smartest or most eloquent, she is here spouting self serving drivel.
yoongles :/
Raw talent + honesty = Amy