The Legend of Bruce Lee - Episode 21

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Bruce Lee trains to join another tournament and take on his toughest opponent yet. The championship gets Bruce more attention and a Hollywood producer approaches him with a movie offer.Subscribe for more episodes and check out China Hour on Sky UK's Showcase Channel 212!

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Bruce Lee died 😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢
Dielox Vang
Yeah! Go Bruce Lee!
Eric Binayao
Fighter Forever
The God of martial arts 💙🙏master Lee 🙏
Hung Thanh
James Dean
better then all the rest
John Smith
This guy is not Bruce Lee but look almost alike
Joy Strickland
Good film
Nice series ,in which year were they made ?
Paul Polpiboon
holy crap this is super GARBAGE. Bruce Lee would be ashamed
Phil Khamvongsa
Where can I find this series?
Philippe Lesdema
Respect n more love 4 mr lee🙏🏾
Tomasz Pelczar
Our soccer players should try, it is a pity ...
Bruce: I AM FROM CHINA!!!!!! IM CHINESE!!!!!!\nfrom that a meme was born \nMemes: IM SHELDON COPPER!!!!!!! FUN WITH FLAGS!!!!!!!!!!
Young Starz
Your the Best Mr lee
Yu Hern Goh
Why does that guy always eat ice
Is that chuck Norris?
21:18\n\nthey just went full mortal kombat
imala sarfo
bruce lee your the best I rather call you master lee the god of kung fu and wing chun I resepct you
They even replicated the awkward dubbing. Nice.
seveiono caetano gregorio
Nunca haverá outro sou o único como vc sãos