I Ran Naked Through The Streets of LA! | Shay Mitchell

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Well, here it is guys. Thanks for 3 million on YouTube! Many more adventures to come... I PROMISE. xoxo - ShayFollow me!YouTube: New videos every week!Hello! I’m Shay Mitchell, best known as Emily Fields in the television series Pretty Little Liars. Subscribe for my fashion, hair, and makeup tips. My favorite food recipes, travels and the fitness routines that keep me healthy! Join me backstage on the Pretty Little Liars set, on photo shoots and my crazy wild adventures!

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I saw something on the internet that shay is colorblind is that true?
Abhishek Patil
She made her family proud.
Aishwarya Moitra
*sees title*\nIt's probably clickbait\n*watches the entire video*\nOk I'm subscribing
Alesha Staten
hahahaha omg i was laughing the whole time!! this is so funny !! i cant velueve you did this!
Ali Z
DAmn. I wish i was one of those woman who actually saw her running naked in person.😂 I probably would've stopped her and asked to take a picture with her.😂 Regardless if i knew it was actually Shay under the mask
Amina Ibrahim
An Knook
That bodyyyyyy🙌🙌
Anna Turquoise
Why does this remind me of GTA so much
That body deserves to be shown off. gah damn
Antònia Maria Vives Caimari Vives
Omg you are my idol 😂😍
Arctic Monkeys
Emily Gone Wild.
Are Alvarez cabello jauregui
Dopee 😍😍😍
She has good running form.
Bella Royce
This is y I love shay so much .. she is the real spirit and the full package
Bms Bursh
This looks not spontaneus at all! ..
Brooke Makenna
Her level of confidence ripping off her clothes how I want to feel my entire life😂😂😂
Caramelicious x
Body and confidence goalssss 😍😍😍🙌
Cee Win
This is why I'm subscribed to you! You go girl! :D
Ciara Tousaint
This was so funny!! I don't know how you do it. Needless to say, that was intense. I would never do anything like that because my parents would freakin kill me. But congrats on the 3 million.
Cora LovesGlam
If this is real then she's such a badass lol
Crimson Kitty
I know who you are Shay Mitchell from 1st April as if you thought you’d ever leave me in rosewood thanks for the treat but I’ll be back \n-A
Duda Coxiinha
Aaaaaaaa I can't believe that actually happened WHAT
Erin Daniels
Omg Shay is too beautiful
Flxwlessmarii O6
OMG I can’t believe she actually did this😂😂😳❤️
Georgina XOX
True dedication to her fans😂😂😂😂😂😂💘💘
Hailey Brown
People need to chill with the negativity. This was funny, I love your channel and videos, Shay! Please do updated drugstore hauls, Whole Foods/farmers market vids, shay’s kitchen, and obviously more makeup tutorials! 😍
Hala’s Castle !!!
Omg 😮
Hannah. T
Not frickin way I would ever do that. I am literally the most self conscious person you would ever meet
Highkey Shook
Im just now on season 7 of Pretty Little Liars. 😂😍
Ichiban Kyle-San
NO WAY I couldn’t believe she actually did it 💀... that takes balls right there MAD RESPECT LOL 🦄🦄👏🏽 this shouldn’t get any hate cause 95% of y’all in the comments would never do it male or female let alone post it on yt
Itza Macedo
Wow you are sooo brave ❤❤
J Hughes
Please no blur
If this was a guy running topless in nothing but underwear, yall wouldn't be reacting this way. so shutup
Jaiden Rollins
More reasons so move to L.A
James Anderson
I love you so much come to MN Minneapolis! Plz
Jazzbo James
You have *3.4million* now............HAHA CHALLENGE ACCEPTED
Johnny raven
She didn't really do it naked. To me, she had underwear on. She had a mask on. To me that's not even fully naked. Just topless!!! people cream themselves over this and be like \
Jorge Davila
Anyways who else is here from pretty little liars
Julia Shea
Kai Kalino
The woman is true to her word 👏🏻👏🏻
What people are doing for money
2:30 😍😍😍😍
Leila Wilkinson
Someone going on there daily walk and then they bump into her😂😂
OMG! I admire you for doing it! My God! Wow! It takes guts to do it!
Lil dancing Doll
Shay you are so beautiful you should go ahead and don’t care what any haters say slay shay slay I would die to meet you. You inspire me so much slay shay
Lion Heart
Jus for 3 mil sub..all women r gold digger on planet Earth guys..They can do Anything 4 money..Even they can Sell their soul
Lucy Pepper
I doubt she was completely shirtless she was probs wearing a nude bra or something she could get arrested for public indecency
Luli Varas
why are people acting like that?! and im not talking about shay, im talking about the people in the comments! she’s only having fun, can u just shut up and leave if u are here only to hate
Luzy Venice
Oh my god, u are so authentic and crazy, love that 😂👌🏻
she should of ben fully naked
Maca Ferre
I wish people wouldnt react like that when seeing a women braless, because they dont when they see a man without a shirt, and it is the exact same thing. Society is so wrong. If men can, why cant women too.
Maria Barrera
amo lindas mentirosas
Marleni Cruz
Like comment if you are subscribed
Marx L.P.
You're the Greatest!!
Medea Medi
You are crazy but i Love it
I really didnt expect that... Especially loved u for pretty little liars... But now the respects gone down to zero percent
Monica Sucic
U go girl!
Ms Rosas
It’s took difficult to run without a bra 😆 it hurts though 😆
Myra Cherryfall
Omg two days ago I looked at your subscribers and you only had about 2,500,000!
Damn badass!
..Wow brave\nShould do Dares LOL
Novonna Grant
What happens when you hit 10
PZ 126
Noooo i can’t look at that
Paola Palafox
OMG, you're so crazy ❤ I can't believe you did it.
Ploppy Squirts-a-lot
The only thing that matters in this world is being a hot chick
Professional Fangööörl
Ri Ranjo
Okay i just loved Shay even more
Roy Johnson
I know that's right keep it moving
Sei figa però! Ti inculerei a sangue 😉
Shelly Z
“ Your doing great sweetie “ 😂
i couldn't run without a bra. It hurts 😅😂
Stealthy Mongoose
When she hits 10 she's going full Kim Kardashian. Ray J better get ready
SuzyQ 13
Lol, thank god it’s blurred
Veronica Goodall
Omg I can’t believe this isn’t click bait like any other video on YouTube I love you shay 😂❤️
Wafaa Jabrane
Wwttff hahaha love you❤
At least she's committed to doing it
Young Breezy16
People: why would she do that, It’s inappropriate?\nMe:why the hell would you blurr it out😪
Who else didn’t know she existed until this video? lmao
Zigzrose Lama
Real guts.\nFreaking awsome!
aria emily
I am soooo subscribing
asaf shahar
*CLICKBAIT* She is not naked. She only goes topless, which is legal for a female to do in California.
wow this is an example of a real deal and not a clickbait
gilbert gutierrez
She is lying. I saw \
I'm only here because I watched pll
Lmaooo all the ppl were like shook lol they havent seen a body in their life??
paige elizabeth
I came to your channel after your audition vid. I saw this. I am not disappointed.
Well, you don’t see that every day.
She doesnt have any pride.. what a shame.\nUnsubscribed.\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nAnd i cringed so hard its not even funny
vera jacobs
You’re crazy😂😂😂😂
wonderwoman tiffany
Great video as always Shay
ziad almohamady
we all know damn well if a man were running in L.A with his balls bouncing he would've been reported by those pedestrians lol
It’s SO FUNNY that all people that were on the street were Females 😱😰😂🤣🤣🤣😂 I’m jealous
Česlovas Runas
Good luck...