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90S Eurodance, Eurohouse and bubblegum dance songs
Steve Carrel was the best
Adriana Sparkles
I literally love Rachel McAdams. She literally does her work, on a movie, & doesn’t crave, want, or need attention. She’s very private off screen & doesn’t always act like she’s better then anyone else. I live that. I seriously admire her work & staying out of all the drama & keep her personal life away. She’s literally a huge idol to me for that.
Ahsan Siddiqui
rachel mcadams is really good
Aladdin Loves Jasmin
´jennifer garner looks like my english teacher
Anderson Fidalgo
What????? Scarlett Johanson auditioned for Jumanji??????
Seeing all those Disney kid actors - you only get a certain type looking for those roles. That's why it's hard to find good young actors, even though there's scores of them. I was mentoring one young girl (high school kid), and one day I said to her, \
Ashleigh Matthews
Angelina's was intense and freaky but that's what a great actor is supposed to do, pull you in and make you feel something. \nLove Tom hanks such a class act!
Do you have the audition tape of Ben Affleck auditioning for Batman? You know, the one where he impersonates a plank of wood.
Basil Rodericks
Wow Angelina was putting all that out and that face stayed relaxed and on axis — some people are made for film.
Best of media channel
Watch part 2 here:
Blade Harrison
OMG aww I just noticed what Tom Hanks did, to pretend he forgot his line, to make the kid not to feel so bad ...I'm slow ,still awe ❤
Brenna Morene
these actors and actresses are sooooooooo good at acting!!!!!!. damn I want to that
Brian Smith
Rachel's was an audition? Wow! She was ready.
Caleb Drew
Rename to: \
Casey Walker
McAdams definitely is under appriciated
Ceniz Valle
Rachel McAdams , Rachel McAdams wow
Charry Heart 42
Tom Hanks was very good looking when he was young!
Angelina was crazy af in that scene. The first one is so adorable and of course Jennifer Aniston killed it as usual.
Angelina needs to start acting again, truly a gift please let her not waste it
Claire W
Acting is so awkward
Dan Knight
Damn! never been a fan but Selena Gomez demonstrated some real natural talent there.
Daniel Carvalho
That small kid in the beginning was cute haha.
David Aames
the little boy from sixth sense is adorable!
Derek McAdam
Omg Rachel McAdam is the best . She is so beautiful, good acting, with perfect personality she should win an Oscar , so sad she’s just nominated
Diana Zhamankul
dont really think thats a good acting by Jolie here
Divo Galindra
Some people are born to be in screen
If actresses were cars, Rachel mc Adams would be a formula one.
Emelie Talledo
Angelinas was so good
Angelina creeped me out..
Face Off
Angelina Jolie was definitely born to act
Angelina does best in roles where she plays crazy because it overlaps her persona. I barely recognized her pre-plastic surgery.
Grammatical Erorr
Girls back then without having thick eyebrows and they're still looks pretty.
Hedwig Prewett
Scarlett Johansson's acting skills when she auditioned for Jumanji as a kid was questionable. NO HATE. I'm so glad she learned from her mistakes and improved her acting because I cannot imagine anyone else as black widow. It's great to see her journey through acting because now she is one of the best and highest paid actresses in Hollywood.
Ingri A
Selena and Demi's suuuper Disney-over-excited or over-acted auditions makes me cringe.
Iroshka Bell
Tom Hanks look kind of hot, isn't he?
Isabella Gonzalez
thats why the movie 'girl interrupted' gave angelina jolie her big break. that character is insane and jolie is extremely skilled
It’s Nada
You know you’re a movie junkie when you know you where almost all of these are from.. lmao
Jaymee Renee
Angelinas one was so good omgg
Jennifer DuBois
Angelina was AWFUL, she always looks like she's about to smile or laugh! Forest Gump so cute omg
Larissa Guzman
The last one really sounded like the notebook 😭😂😂
Lauren ____
Personally I think Blake lively is beautiful but a terrible actress
Tom Hanks was and is soooooooooooooo handsome!
Leo Arce
steve carell is a genius. nuff said.
Lina Bdeir
Jesus miss Jolie
Lisa Archie
WOW!!! Now I no why I never made it. Some are just naturally born to act👍💖😊 Me Im just naturally born to be a Mom😄💖😆👍
Mackiie v
Rachel Mcadams did it so real and natrual!\u003c3
Madhumita Khan
Watching Angelina Jolie's audition at 2 am is a bad idea
Mr Chicks Butt
All women here turned out to be great milfs
That Scarlett Johansson tape was for the movie Jumanji which Kirsten Dunst actually ended with the part :-)
MyName IsRamen
Angelina wasn't auditioning...that was an acting class.
Nallah B
I really don't know how to feel about young Angelina's audition lol.
Nani Pocchari
Angelina's clip didn't look like an audition. and jennifer garner and rachel mcadams slayed.
Naomi Maughan
Natasha Trimble
Tom was so good with Haley Joel Osment, when he saw that he forgot some of the words he made him feel better by pretending to forget his own :D
Nazieha Cool
Jennifer Garner was so beautiful
Nikki King
lol steve carrell killed me
Wow Angelina Jolie's performance is very like Hayden Christensen right after Anakin got his legs cut off and burned by lava!
Angelina reminds me of that pink fish from Fishtale
Peanut Butter
Scarlett literaly just sound like her now
Im a guy, but Haley Joel Osment is just the sweetest kid ever. I almost went \
wow. loved Jennifer Gardner and Rachel Mcadams.
Idk what y'all saying angelina clip is cringe tbh its the best. Some comments said \
Rebecca Samuella
rachel mcadams' audition clip is good enough to be the movie itself
Rebekah W
Angelina Jolie's though.. chills down the spine.
Regina Sunset
Jennifer garner is so gorgeous
Rhianna Spear
everybodys saying angelinas creeped them out or made them felt uncomfortable when that was the whole point 💀💀
Rosario Valladares
I really thought Angelina's clip was her audition for girl interrupted. But I realized she was far younger in this clip. But man she was born to act.
Samantha Lacerda
San Dan
I see acting was never Scarlett Johansson's strong suit.
Sol Gonzalez
If you can't figure out if Angelina was acting or not then that's pretty good damb acting
Spencer R
the movie that angelina auditioned for is called \
Teresa Tiger
I get that Angelina is meant to be acting like a crazy/insane person in that video clip of her acting class/stage work/audition, but I ... don't think her acting was very good.... I feel like there's lots of other ways those lines could have been performed that would have made the delivery better.
Angelina Jolie was...just wow.
oh wow angelina jolie looks psychotic!haha
so cute watching ppl work w kids
Wow no shout out for my boy Steve Carrel? All the lame sauce comments below are all in support of either Angelina or Jennifer. Steve's audition in this video was by FAR THE BEST ONE.
Can’t believe Regina George was the best
Varsha Scooby
Scarlet johanson💕💕💕💕💕👌🏾
Viajera Incansa 1
Rachel Macadams is such a an incredible actress, wow ❤️🌟
Wrey Swift
#AngelinaJolie #JenniferGarner 😍😍😍😍😍
Xxxxmoonlightbae X
Why is the first one kind of like asmr to me lol
angelina creeping me out
e mail
Two best were easy Steve Carrell and Rachel Mcadams..
Tom Hanks \u003c3\nRachel McSexylegs \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3!!!
All these snowflakes in the comments doesn't understand Angelina jolie's role or character that she was portraying lol. Living in the world full of sheeps these days hahaha.
ian holden
jolie's was intense man. i felt uncomfortable
mangesh gaikwad
Angie is scary 😅
The Angelina Jolie clip is not from an audition, but from an acting class. The film acting technique is called the Gallardo Method developed by Hollywood actress/teacher Silvana Gallardo. Angelina's clip is an example of the substitution exercise where you imagine the person across from you is somebody from your real life. The discipline is to stick with three phrases \
bruv angelinas was crazy man she lowkey reminded me of jade from victorious
muhammad amin sarabi
Jolie probabely auditioned for exorcism 2
Angelina freaked me out
rockmom h
Jennifer Garner..was that real or just acting? I dont think she got the part, major attitude
roger peet
Being angry is easier than being funny.
Tom Hank and Haley Joe Osment are so cute. 😜
sabrina Iam a HIP-HOP fan since today. Good Lady!!!
Tom Hanks with a Kid?? No keep children away from him!!!! Please
Rachel McAdams nailed it! She was by far the most impressive of the bunch!
trishala padiyachi
Selena so cute
xo lixx
jennifer garner is so gorgeous