Birth of the Dragon Official Trailer #1 (2017) Bruce Lee Biopic Movie HD

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Birth of the Dragon Trailer 1 (2017) Bruce Lee Biopic Movie HD [Official Trailer]

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When Hollywood.made film from true event,its shit .......We love better film about Bruce Lee as IP Man.
Aaron Jackson
The one and only Bruce Lee biopic is DRAGON. That was hands down the greatest movie I've seen when I was a kid, and still holds up today. This new movie is complete garbage.
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Alex Hein
Looks so terrible lol
Alok Ekka
Screaming level in kung fu movie \u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e porn movie.🤡🤡🤡
Andrew St. Wilson
The movie is ABSOLUTELY historically INACCURATE! Bruce whipped his ass in 20 minutes!\nSee the documentary \
Arturo Fuentes
This is disrespectful to Bruce lee
Audial Asphyxiation
This looks like it's going to be a steaming pile of shit. Of course, it's being brought to you by WWE studios, so I guess you can't expect anything less, right? No thanks, I'll pass on the Brucesploitation. If I'm in the mood for a Bruce Lee biopic I'll just pop in Dragon; the 1993 film starring Jason Scott Lee. It's an exceptional piece of art that holds up surprisingly well almost 25 years later.
BalloutDj Tv
Rush hour 8
Bharath Kumar
Brian Lucey
Been a fan since 1972. Not counting watching him in the 60's on the Green Hornet. I am officially done with all attempts at a biographical film on Bruce. \
A movie bout me
Calis 10leafs
Again ? and just in this trailer ... a lot of false things\nThats not bruce lee but LAW of Tekken lol
Calum Sanderson
How about instead we make an anthology film about different people from different cultures, men and women, who in some way are inspired by Bruce Lee? Someone who became a stunt person in films because of him? Someone who changed his/her life around, lost weight and became a kung fu student because of him? Someone who's out of control and listens to his words and interviews and that person's life changes? It doesn't need to be fiction; his philosophy and world view has touched millions, myself included. I'm all for WWE's film company but this does look slapdash, I'm sorry. I may watch it but I'm not holding my breath. Instead, I am water.
Cedar Poplar
Charles Lau
How to ruin a legacy smh
Chocolate Face
this movie would be good if it had no chinamen in it
Chris Weeks
WWE needs to quit making movies... Honestly they're not all that bad but their name brand it's just considered a joke outside of wrestling... As for Bruce Lee... He was a criminal a gangster who got chased out of China came to the US he didn't even complete his training when he was training for Kung Fu... And he picked a fight with a Grandmaster... it says something about how he changed after the fight... His style of fighting his whole philosophy... But before and after the fight he is always been an arrogant ass... The real problem here is you got a bunch of Fanboys who think Bruce Lee was the king of all Kung Fu and he wasn't... He was a great yes... But despite what his wife and daughter and all the Fanboys says... At the time of the fight with be Jackman... he was nowhere near being the level of a Grandmaster... from all I have gathered on it... Jackman smacked some of the arrogance out of Bruce Lee
Cyrus The Great
Is Danny Chan the only realistic Bruce Lee imitator?
This movie is disrespectful to Bruce Lee. He might not have been a humble guy, but the actor portrays a very insecure character. I grew up watching his films, watched countless interviews and biographies enough to see what his true life mission was - to create his own style, without the limitations others had. He was a true mixed martial artist, and if you read his book Tao of Jeet Kun Do, he explains that his technique is efficient and affective.\nAs usual Hollywood whitewashes the protagonist to make a white man the focus of this movie. Linda Lee isnt all mentioned here and the plot is focused around a fight that had no witnesses. For anyone who doesn't know bruce lee and is watching this movie, please do some good research to get a better understanding of who he was. The Chinese were very upset for him teaching non-chinese and women Kung Fu and there was a possibility he was poisoned for breaking barriers, no way he died of an asprin allergy.
Another Bruce Lie Movie. WWE? LOL , What a mockery to THE LEGEND.
Dean Winchester
This a movie can suck on a my ball
Dewa Satria
We'll See The Legend Story!!!
Dhiraj Gawande
is there movie on Kardashians too?😂😂😂
False Advertisement. The white guy is actually the leading role while Bruce Lee is the side character. I remember seeing the trailer.
Evil Neo
I just hope they do the master justice and no offense, take this random white guy and throw that character in the trash. I'm tired of every stinking hero in these movies needing a white man to help save the show. This guy might pull it by himself give him a chance, that's all!
HAcKoFf GrEy
Love Bruce lee but this biopic about him looks shit....
Henry C
Wasn't this movie suppose to come out already? I saw a trailer for this eight months ago.
Despite the hate it is receiving I am looking forward to watching this not as a biopic, but as a martial art action film.
Trust me when i say this...\n\n\n\n\n\nThis whole movie \n\n\n\n\n is trash
John Smith
Plot Twist: It's actually Jackie Chan.
Johnny Thompson
Philip Ng looked like Leonard Nimoy from Star Trek... come on...
birth of the dragon is so bad they are actively blocking bad reviews of it and abusing the takedown action on youtube
Jon_ oVo
This trailer made me wanna fight to kill 😂😂
Josh Scorpion
this guy doesn't look like bruce lee. there is a guy from Afghanistan that he's clone of bruce lee
José Lucas
mídia guys!!!#KDOSBR
LJ Wong
Love the idea but why make Bruce Lee looks like a show off bully?
This is gonna be an awesome movie...I remember the Amazing 1\
Le Fin.
Lord Swoledemort
Another overly dramatic biography movie.
This movie was garbage. Not worth watching. Mad disrespectful. Dragon a Bruce Lee Story with Jason Scott Lee was way better.
Hey WWE, stick to wrestling. Them being involved ensures many people will skip this. Cannot imagine Bruce Lee's family is ok with this.
what's up with the terrible music in the trailer? why people think rap/hip hop is bad ass when it isn't.
Mark Henry
My understanding of the true even was Man was forced into the fight from \
Mark Oszoli
This movie is just make believe the fight they are showing was vital in Bruce Lee's development but lasted maybe 3 minutes. The 25 minute version circulating on the internet is total BS. Think about it. Fighting for 25 minutes non-stop, you need to be in serious shape for that, and neither the challenger or Bruce Lee was in that shape when the fight supposedly took place.
Mazahery Ahmad Reza
FACTUAL TRIVIA:\n\nThere is nothing romantic or spectacular about the fight between Lee and Jackman. And while it did eventually made Lee realize that he needed to make his martial arts more flexible because wing chun had too many fixed positions, Wong did not in anyway went into the fight motivated by deep philosophy about martial arts. Jackman would admit in an interview that the fight was really motivated by youthful arrogance between Lee and Himself. He did not conceive nor suggested in anyway Lee's martial arts philosophy of formlessness. \n\nYes Lee is a legend, but for reasons that are way beyond the fight that took place between him and Wong.
MidoTV Adventure
Lets be Honest here and No Hate please.. This Looks interesting and the Actor has that Lee soul in him somehow.. Oh yeah we KNOW no one can top Bruce BUT this is a MOVIE remember?? Can't wait to watch this i'm thinking its going to be Huge.
This is a disrespectful piece of garbage
Noah Burkett
Doesnt even look like bruce lee what is this world coming to if bruce lee were still here today he'd be ashamed
Omg It's ayaan
Should be called the birth of steve
Original Man
This movie is not a good film. It's about a FICTIONAL CAUCASIAN character and NOT about BRUCE LEE. It also makes the Caucasian the hero; but demonizes Bruce Lee. They make Bruce Lee into a moron, with no honor, in this film
Paparoc _
two thumbs down already for me
Psycho Gaara
His bangs look like a barcode
Rajan Daroch
HAHAHAHA larger than life
Raquel Garcia
Raul C.
When will Hollywood understand.......let a legend rest in peace
Really? You're kidding
Didn't like the movie
Ricardo Pereira
Riffaz Starr
This movie misses eveything about Bruce Lee..\nhi philosophy , his style, his culture, his reality... nothing close to him... simply it's a disrespectful to a great master...\nI see just some cameras work and cable works...
Ryan Oldfield
wow, this looks horrible, and highly inaccurate
Sami Marie
wooooow bruce
Simon Dunsdon
Typical wwe poop , I stick to what u know .
Sly Ny
This guy look like a pre mature bodybuilder lmao. bruce lee was really lean. He didnt have pecks.....
Isn't this the film that has bruce lee as a secondary character to the white guy who is narrating the whole thing?
This entire movie was about Steve, the nobody white guy who had a crush on a girl. Steve ruined the movie.
Steph L
At least they didn't cast a white guy and claim they couldn't find an Asian actor 😂 still, it looks awful.
Suck Nasty
I'm pretty sure Bruce Lee would have never been touched by the other guy because of his speed
Swarly Barkley
DON'T WATCH THIS MOVIE IF YOU EXPECT IT TO BE ABOUT BRUCE LEE! This movie was released in 2016. Basically, the Bruce Lee character is a side-character in his own movie. Birth of the Dragon is about some white guy who masters Kung Fu and NOT about Bruce Lee. Seriously, read the IMDB reviews about his movie.
Everyone is critic-complainers...Haven't you ever heard that movie is also art form? Movie is always a directors vision of person/event/novel. Why you keep whining it isn't just a way you like it? Art is art. Director has right express his views and impression of reality. Even dumbest person realize that movie never is exact way it really happened. It is not suppose to be! It is illusion, an art. Btw Philip Ng is AMAZING talent, his moves on this movie takes breath away.
The Spark
Watched it and it was.... alright. It could have been better though. Of course, the movie does not portray real life accurately but then again, it doesn't look like it was trying to. Bruce Lee is shown to be quite arrogant but that does add to the flare. Again, it's not supposed to be like the real Bruce Lee. \n\nMoreover, they decided to add a white guy in the mix for some reason and made him the protagonist and of course, in the end, he gets the girl. Personally, I hate that kind of shit. On the other hand, I did enjoy the fights but then again, I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff. I might just go watch \
Umut Brasco
I saw it yesterday. The movie was not bad.
Walter Romoli
La ví a esta película y me fascinó
Weapon X
If the directors and producers aren't going to follow the true events and stories then dont make a movie that's going to be lies and disrespectful about legends
Wency Fuentes
why is his voice so high pitched??? did someone clip his balls? everything about him is badass except his voice.
Woody Fruity
bruce lee wins
Birth of the censorship studio\n\nget it because they flag all negative reviews ignoring fair use
YOU BRUCE BANDWAGONS! Bruce Lee is an amazing martial artist without a doubt but I can believe WONG JACK MAN BEAT WING CHUN BRUCE LEE.. People forget that this fight was Wing Chun Bruce Lee and not the JKD Bruce Lee... All you Bruce Lee fans keep seeing is this Movie Star image of him and looking like an undefeatable badass with his JKD.. what about when he only knew Wing Chun? \n\nWhen Wong Jack Man called him out for another fight? Bruce Lee did not respond\n\nBruce Lee intensified his training after the fight with WJM and changed his style to JKD.\n\nBruce Lee's wife even recalls Bruce Lee being winded if you guys can recall in the Bio given by his wife.\n\nOf course it's hard to face the truth, that a great man can be defeated and everyone wants to honor the legacy he left but come on, beyond the big screen, Bruce lee was just a human.
bess allin
Lol! Doubt I'd watch this,although he did come into conflict with his teachings of his art to the west. What's the (C) rap music in it for. Growing up with his original films in the 70's that's all I feel I need to watch,apart from enter the dragon which was awful Westernized rubbish. I vaguely remember watching the other awful film dragon, again a pointless cash in. At least if they try to make a film based on Bruce Lee it should be made in Cantonese and certainly not by the Americans, let's face they've yet to make a factual and correct film yet whether based on history or a famous person.
The movie isn't that bad. They did have to add few extra shite to spice it up!
Tupac and now Bruce lee ...
WWE made this. Of course...
Hollywood took a 2 minute altercation Bruce had with another Gong Fu teacher and turned it into this piece of shit, totally unrealistic depiction of his life. F.U. Hollywood! Should have known WWE was backing this crap.
if Lee family is against this then I see why they used the white guy as storyteller as a loophole to make the movie. wwe had a great chance to make a reputable movie for once and blew it. the actor and tone looks good enough to have been a good Bruce Lee movie. Like I care about a white mans narrative of how he met bruce lee. Bruce Lee is iconic and I cant see how hollywood cant make a good Biopic of him.
This is so cringe.
The preview is good right up until the rap music
its not the same without bruce lee😞
jericho turbo jones
He teaches us to kick ass. \n\nKick ass?\n\nSounds so petty but at the same time, who wouldn't want to kick ass in life? So it actually does make complete sense.
Wow this looks really bad
kelly maye
why is wwe apart of this
monkey kid
People wandered why there aren't any Bruce lee jokes,well it's because Bruce lee is no joke .....but this movie is a total trash joke
mr know all
I know about this Bruce Lee's wife Linda was there, it took only 3 minutes and Bruce won. It was there he started Jeet Kune do he thought the fight took too long and he should've finished him quicker
Mixing RAP music in a movie depicting the life of Bruce Lee is an insult. First of all, this event between another Kung Fu Master and Bruce Lee NEVER happened, it is totally fictional. Hollywood will do anything these days to make a quick buck, even if they have to glorify or make up bullshit about somebody's life.
name not important
Bruce Lee wannabe.. Makes me *CRINGE* D:
Man this shit did not happen at all, but I'm still going to watch it... 😂😂😂
Universally panned for concentrating on a fictional white character instead of Bruce Lee.  Bad, bad film making!
I take a look at the actor and I see nothing in his face that resemble Bruce Lee. How is this going to sell? Seriously. If you're going to make a Bruce Lee movie, the actor must AT LEAST look like him, walk like him, and imitate like him because any slight differences will make people laugh. Everybody knows how Bruce look, act and behaved. At least Jason Scott Lee look a bit like him. So what I think they need to do is they need to somehow reshape the dude's face to make it look like Bruce Lee...i am sure they have all these facial technology that they can used to mold an actor's face to make it look real.
Guys, DO NOT WATCH this movie! I walked out after 40 minutes,....the movie had a dork white guy as the main character, chasing a chinese girl, cliche cliche with Bruce Lee as a secondary character portrayed as an egocentric narcissist who teaches kung fu for fame and beating peope up, while the monk was the good guy, who only teaches kung fu for the soul and peace. Horrendous! I got so angry, I snuck into two other movies so I wouldn't waste my hard earned cash.....
why not.
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