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It's the Kylie Quiz, in which Kylie Jenner grills her boyfriend Travis Scott all about herself, their daughter Stormi, and the Jenner-Kardashian clan. Can Travis get all 23 of Kylie's questions right?Check out Kylie and Travis’ GQ cover story here: haven’t subscribed to GQ on YouTube? ►► Kylie Jenner Asks Travis Scott 23 Questions | GQ

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A random old lady
*Kylie* - Baby, how old am I?\n*Travis* - Uhh\n*Kylie* - Come on baby I told you this yesterday..\n*Travis* - 45?\n*Kylie* - BaBy I lOvE YoU! \u003c3
ACE Family
Kylie: How old am I? \n\nTravis: Yes\n\nKylie: OMG BABY I LOVE YOU
Abdullah Abdi
This relationship won’t last more than 3 years
Acid Ghost
Tyga is probably screaming the answers at the top of his lungs
Alaa Atari
So she’s really as uninteresting as I thought.
Alexa Hines
I can feel the Awkwardness lmao
Aliyah Nadeau
kylie- How many tattoos do i have? \ntrav- Yes
Angel Raymundo
Kylie:what is my favorite travis Scott song\nTravis:oh um SiCkO mOdE\nKylie:omg baby ily
Anisa Miah
At 5:05 did anyone notice that he was gonna hug her then she kissed him 😂😂😍
Am I the only one who didn’t know Kylie had tattoos until this video?
Assaaltje_ W13
Why does it looks like Kylie is the interviewer and Travis scott is an IDOL lmfao 😂😂
Ben kerr
Kylie: what's my last name \n\nTravis: kardashian \n\nKylie: OMg I lOvE YoU
Big Chungus
Kylie: What is my favorite song?\nTravis Scott: SiCKo mOde
Billy Surya
Blumen Wiese
Wtf.. he doesn't know her dogs names? For me this would be a serious issue in a relationship! 😶😅
Brogan Rigby
Travis is looking at her and he said there was a tattoo on her lip😂😂💀💀💀
CDTV's edgy cousin
Kylie : what do humans breath? \nTravis : *Oxygen*\nKylie : *omG i LOve YOu*
Carolyn Morrisseau
She is so clueless of how stupid he is😂😂
Cerline Dream
These comments got me dead
Click for Tan
I love how passionately they talked about peanut and jelly sandwiches 😂
Debbie Townsend
I love how they make a 2 min conversation about PB and J. Hehehehehehehehe
Derek Law
Travis: What colour are my eyes?\n*stares into Kylie* \nKylie: Brown?
Kylie: what’s my name\nTravis: james bond
Dominic Diorio
Kylie: *asks question\nTravis: *gets it wrong\nKylie: awww baby I love you
Déjah Pierre
Literally he’s answering questions, I don’t understand how he’s acting dumb 💀 big whoop if he forgets some... WE ALL DO
Eric 33
This first time hearing this dude without the auto tune
School ruined peanut butter and jelly for me
travis scott sounds uncomfortable speaking without autotune lol
This just goes to show how weird extremely rich peoples relationships are
FoRtNiTe PrO
Fuego Diego
Tyga yelling all the right answers 😂😂
this is so weird i’ve literally never seen them talk to each other lol
Gary Winthorpe
they literally act like kinda friend-ish strangers. definitely a weird relationship. feels like their together cause the manager told them it would be nice for business.
Grayson Carr
2:28 that was so awkward omfg...
Haleigh Noelle
I'm confused as to why Kylie was so touched that Travis said her eyes were green because 1) isn't it a given that your boyfriend knows your eye color? and 2) her eyes are clearly brown though.....
I Jace Is Jiggy I
Travis look like a nervous 6th grader talking to his babysitter he has a crush on
Iam tara
*This is my first time actually hearing him talk* 😂
Joseph Porter
Tyga watching this shouting out all the right answers
Kylie: what's our daughter name???\nTravis: uhhhh\nKylie: she is a baby\nTravis: astroworld\nKylie : own I love u baby\nTravis: facts
Kai Alexandria
Kanu Faujdar
Wow...They definitely don't look like a couple who are parents to a planned child.... Its sad.\nAnd what is up with their vocabulary!!!!!!! What do they talk about when they are like....on a date or... Alone? Oh gosh. Its soooo painful to watch
Kasper Iisager Bak
6:35 weird flex but okay
Kate Bonasia
*doesnt know his parent in law’s names*\nKylie: i thought u would get that. Whatever.\n\n*knows kylies EYE COLOUR*\nooomggg bABBY I LOOVE YOOUUU
Kaylia Treck
Her eyes aren't even green....
Krista Fletcher
ok, i get that they are both dumb but they are high key cute
He sounds like a person who has no idea what is happening
Okay now do 23 questions for Kylie.\nTravis: Am I the father?\nKylie: . . .
*This is my first time hearing Travis actually talk*
Maliha Intikhab
They really don't seem like a couple who have a kid together.
Malongo Sindaza
I thought that they would be a bad couple but they are kinda cute
Mariana Gardner
She has light brown eyes wtf
Marinelle Facundo
Marlene Ortega
Looks like kylie really went *sicko mode* with all the questions 🗿🗿🗿
Masha Kondrateva
I alone do not understand what Travis sayed? It’s something like swhshwh😂
Mister G.
Travis is clearly high 😂
Mitsy 2478
*he had a hard time explaining how he likes his PBJ.* 🤗
Morgan Rogers
Green eyes? Where? Am I missing something lol
Naima Ougali
-what color are my eyes?\n-green, and smetimes YELLOW.\n-omg....I ❤ YOUU\nReally????
Nelly Mya
I died when he looked at the camera after he said \
Preesae Waseem
Kylie : * Asks Questions *\nTravis : * confused, has no clue whats going on * \nKylie : Tells the answer\nTravis : oh ye ye ye yeah yeah
Ranch King Of Sauce
less be honest though we are all here because it was in a recommended tab for no dang reason
Revisorywall 80
Travis can’t speak with his grill😂😂
Salome Ragbir
Dude. I’ve never heard Travis talk. This is the first time I’m hearing him have a conversation with someone 😂😂
Sami Schmach
Kylie: ,,he knows my body“\nGirl that the only thing he knows about you
Travis is higher than the empire state bldg lmfao
Sowmika Reddy
Oh, Travis could talk!!
Stephanie Liew
He really knows my body... well yall made a human together
Stuart Hull
Kylie: How many times have I gone under the knife?\nTravis: Kangaroos!
Sunnis Sch
« what’s my name baby”\n“Uhmmmm, kim?”\n“Close baby”\n“Ughhh Kris?”\n“Even closer travibab”\n“Idc”\n\n\n\n\n\nEDIT: OOOOMMMMGGG🥰😍 thanking for all liks
Surajj Chhetri
why do i feel like travis is being treated like a child by kylie
World record egg has joined the chat
Timmy Dee Vidz
*_Who’s here after the egg that beat Kylie_* 🙋🏾\u200d♂️
I know your body more than Travis Scott
Tremaine Bell
Kylie: what is Stormi's name?\nTravis: Stormi?\nKylie: I LOVE YOU
Ukulele Dude
Combined iq of 100
Uzi 1600
Wait these two are a couple with a kid? They look like they’ve known each other for a month? What?
0:19 What color is my toothbrush?\n0:33 What are my dogs names?\n1:28 What are 2 sports I played growing up?\n2:25 What's the biggest scar on my body?\n2:32 How long does it usually take to do my makeup?\n2:55 What's my favorite color?\n3:00 How many cavities have i had?\n3:07 What did I eat the most when i was pregnant?\n3:14 What's my middle name?\n3:22 How many tattoos do I have?\n4:24 What are my parents birth names?\n5:01 What color are my eyes\n5:15 What nickname do we call Stormi?\n2:26 What's one one of the nicknames i call you?\n5:43 What's my astrological sign?\n5:56 What's my favorite flavor of ice cream and brand ?\n6:13 What's my order at mod pizza?\n6:25 What's your favorite food (snack) that I cook for you?\n8:05 Where did we first meet?What did I think of you?\n8:53 Name five Kylie Cosmetics products?\n10:00 What's our favorite show that we watch together?\n10:34 What hospital was I born in?\n10:38 Which of my sisters do I hang out with the most?\n10:44 What is my favorite Travis Scott song?\n11:40 Who came up with the name Stormi?
Valentinaaa tserntanova
*At least he remembers his baby's name...*
Yazmyn Knoll
i feel like they secretly hate each other but they have to play it off for the public
Zomuan Puia
Everytime I watched this, I knew that Travis Scott is not applicable for a baby father ! Dumb Kylie will regret soon . 2019 anyone
Zyn God
Kylie: \
afro curly girl
I have never heard this dude talk so much. I'm kinda shocked tbh.
alexia traduzioni
Physically painful to watch lol.
ben x
When the crust is... cut of there is crust
hes a taurus & shes a leo \n*astrology called & said this aint it*
diana ramos
2:53 who’s car is having trouble starting ?
eMiLy CaBrErA
kylie *asks question*\ntravis: \
idcbt_that t
Travis:when did I marry u\nKylie:u never married me,u took out one night and banged and I've been with u since
khushi kaur
When he said .. TATTOO ON LIP I LOST IT .. its not tattoo its FILLERS LOL
kiko Isaak
Kylie: what’s our daughters name?\nTravis: uhhhh thunder\nKylie: close baby\nTravis: rainstorm\nKylie: awww so close baby!\nTravis: steamy\nKylie: awwww baby I love you!
It's awkward to watch this. They're both so artificial and act like they just met and she can't even fully smile because of all botox and hyaluron in her face...
père lu
She tried to save this so hard. I mean so hard
Homie has a brain cell for every kid him and Kylie have together
i feel kinda awkward watching this
tzwen70 ‘
Who else here after an egg destroyed Kylie?
ur potato chip !
anyone watching in 2019?
They sound like an elementary relationship
zan 3:16
This is my first time hearing Travis speak