Moscow Peace Festival - MTV Special

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Skid Row host a MTV special about Moscow Peace Festival. Bon Jovi visits a church, Ozzy is shoplifting, Skid Row visits the Subway, Mötley Crüe at a musicstore.

Bon Cinderella Crüe Jovi MTV Moscow Mötley Ozzy Peace Russia Scorpions Skid Row (American Band) Special

Everybody clries I don't want my eyes burnt out that's not so terrible too funny
Amanda Souza
which that music that plays in the beginning?
Andy Stitch
Bat Levi
yeah i am
Bluesman 78
Bon Jovi 🤘
Ironically they did a lot of drugs backstage lol
Covers by KB
What’s the Rachel and Sebastian messing with their hair count at
много выебона и пизданутых залупайств да и шли бы они нахуй, юмористыхуевы
Ehly HG
Skid Row n' Scorpions lml
Eliana Alejandra
Los mas grandes del hard metal , no hay duda de eso , jajalos adoro locos de mierda 😘😍😎🤗❤👍🤘🤘🤘👌
What is huge farce that was, the festivals purpose was \
Fly lost Fuck of
Rachel is hot
Hanna Tobor
Scotti Hill is just too adorable
Headbangers Ball
Dirty White Boy
Hollywood haunts
SKID ROW Sebastian Bach was at this time legally married to Lavina-Kymille Louise Marie,whom the vocalist legally married in 1985.They never divorced and she was said to of been a ballerina gone wild.
ISAAC - Official
I wish i could sit in this plane with all these legends *~*
Isabella Algar
Anyone watching in 2016?
Jade Shannon
Of course I know these bands u silly..........!Cinderalla,, I forgot 2 invite them 2 my party ,and I've seen so many bands live over the years. I tell u wot.u ask me .However,I still luv u guys,but I still think Janes Addiction would have 2 b my favourite however they were at my party.Yes,I beleive I'm a woman who doesn't like lies.Well we all fall in 2 that trap at times.Give me a break guys u would know that I really am a lovely ,feminine woman!and I mean well.I hope I don't scare u or wotever,do u remember how u arrived at my party!Was it a plane,no think again.I love Skid Row!
Jamie Couch
when metal was king im lucky to have classic concert dvd😀😀😀😀😀😀
The Babushka didn't like Sebastian lol
Kaydence Demers
This video is one of the many reasons I love Skid Row so much.
La Canceriana
Watching in 2018🤘🤘🤘
Midnight Maniac
Mily Martell
Sebastian hasn't changed one bit, lol.
Ms. Eury Foxx
Paz Cancino
Motley Crüe! :3 \nSkid Row! :3
Renato Guns2014
Qual nome dessa música do ozzy 6:59
Sean Morpheus
Bolan was always aloof and acted like \
Shamdy Crook
5:33 All the guys on the plane renamed (Make A Difference Foundation) the “Make Me Another Drink Foundation” 🤣🤣🤣
SoCal Indi
This concert was the beginning of the end of metal at that time. Reading Sebastian's book really disputed the image of these bands for me.
Starr Smith
Motley Crue Skid Row and Bon Jovi \n\n\n\nLove it
No Matter How cool you thought you were back then, Doc McGhee had ALL of those guys in Line. If Doc told you to Jump- you said \
Sweet Dreams
Sebastian is gay?
The Music Junkie
I bet they did so many drugs on that plane lol
Crüe where the coolest band there
Winter Piano
lol scotti is too adorable here
I'm surprised they invited West bands.
f ruiz
Zerkies piercing
katarzyna muszynska
omg music is ok but they didn't realize all this fucking politics out there\n they wouldn't care anyway
I'd fuck Sebastian over and over again.
marcia oliveira
Awn 80's \u003c3
margo Boland
LSHAT = Lauguing so hard at this ...
marina barroscco
i wouldnt mind get high with them\n especially with skid row and fuck each one of them
I have this on a SKY / MTV's Metal Hammer compilation disc from an 11-disc-set. Kicks ass. The 2 Russian bands they played were really cool although they have been cut out of this clip. Can't believe it's been 25 years since the Moscow Music Peace Festival. They NEED to do something like that again with some of those 'oldskool' bands only. That would be AWESOME!
they really arent high at all,honestly PPFFFTT,fucking baked beyond belief,blow by the shovel full
Αγγελική Κουλούρη
woawoaw what's that distant riff at 7:29...It sounds great do you have any idea of that at all???