Wu Tang Collection - Dance of the Drunken Mantis

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Director: Yuen Woo Ping.Cast: Yuen Siu Tin, Hwang Jang Lee, Corey Yuen.A superb film! Martial arts master Sam the Seed must face Rubber Legs, who arrives from the north to fight Sam and prove the superiority of his own Drunken Mantis style. Action follows as Rubber Legs and Sam have a lengthy fighting/drinking contest.Subscribe to the Wu Tang Collection now and enjoy the best in Martial Arts Action and Entertainment! Go to

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Thanks.. haven't seen this in a long time
Adrian Quilantan
MMA way ahead of it's time. I'am almost 40 and still love to collect and watch these flicks.
Alfred Ross
Outstanding movie
Andrew Sykes
Anthony Freeman
Rubber legs... barz LOL
Ayoub Cosmas
Noooma saaaaana
Baby Sosa
Wu Tang clan ain't nothing to mess with
Bambie Bautao
its s very amazing movie ilove it martial arts
Barnabas Stanslaus
safi. sana movie nzuri sana lugha. safi. yaan. muluwaaaaaaaa dance of drunk matis
Oh man. I grew up with all these movies.\n30 years later as an old donkey. I still watching them
What was that at the beginning chicken fist or something 😂??
Christopher Iovino
Great ending!!!
Cliff Dukes
Hahahahahahahahaha!!!! old school Kung fu theater
Crioa Cigouave
Love old kung fu movies... always amazing to see grown men dance.
Dana Gordon
Lolz I can't stop laughing when he went off after his father😂😂😂😂 poor Sam seed
Daniel Franco
Sam seed is the man! The old man 🙌🏼💪🏼👴
Dannie Tan
Still excellent kung fu movie till today.
Darth Graggus
I sort of forgotten how \
David Yuen
southern drunken mantis master is good guy and northern drunken masntis master is bad guy.
Diego Garcia
cant believe I've never found this before. All the best classic kung fu stars!!!
Dominic Waters
I'm a huge kungfu fan thanks.
Donna Schur
Those ridiculous American accents are hilarious.
Ebrima Jawara
Great movie
Ericka Jones
Omg that was so fun to watch I love it😍😘😗😗😄💖💖💖💖💖💋
Eugene Bethshire
This one was Hilarious! Good Movie!
Please, do a torrent link of the kung fu movies and save the kung fu oldschool wu tang style \u003c3
Fabien Sterling
One of my top 10 kickers....along with born invincible warriors 2....iron monkey.....prodigal son....the loot....
The choreography was beautiful, the jokes were hilarious, the story was good ....Great movie 👍 🎥
Fenie Evangelista
tnx for sharing awesome movie!
this is one of the greatest movies of all times, world over, in my 60 years...
Hai Si
The ending was crazy but it's still kinda good thou
Har Dev
Nice move
Hasan Rasidi
خیلی\u200cعالیه\u200c \u200c\u200cمرسی
Huxley Giffard
2019 ✌
51:23 there it is. Wushu films never miss the chance to do some - shall we say, 'music borrowing\
Javus Bonmon
Classic ✔
Jay Dubya
This was a lot better when I was 7
John Liu
this respected place not hand out what a line
John Wayne
Dude literally beat his ass in the second fight scene.... lol
John Wilson
Classic!! One of my favorite Kung-fu movie.
June Wang
Konot addict
Nyahaha.. Happy end
Leda Zamora Yamgishi
My favorite movie now I love it
Luciano Guerra
Thank You Loader. Good choice.
So ansomer
Mac McC
Blk ppl especially Jamaicans love kung fu movie's. Most of my peers knew someone who a uncle or cousin, older brother who had a sick collection.
Marcella Mcduffie
These fellas!!!! Be on that mission taking no stuff !!!!from no one!!!.I know about a lot of good . Karate movies . This is how real. M . E. N!!!! Fight!!! Thanks for this upload!!!.
Mark Dent
Base on a true story
Mark Thompson
i really enjoyed this movie - love it
Marx Yuddy
Why no cantonese?
Maurice Andrews
When that guy got up off the floor with out using his hands i was like nooooooooo
Mehadi Hasan
when u will upload any movie please add subtitle in english so that we can understand those movie accurately .
Mick M
I love how they all continuously trash talk each other while they fight. In reality, fighting with your mouth flapping is a good way to get knocked out. Loved it.
Mlchael Wray
Monday Lucky so god
So nice
Mr. Lee
Sam seed was a great actor to bad his son doesn't act anymore
still good in 2018
This brings me back to my days as a kid and teenager, I used to watch a ton of Martial arts movies similar to this.\n\nI would practice different moves daily and read self teaching books from different Martial arts so I could defend myself against bullies in school and outside of school. By high school I developed my own fighting style, but I never fought to much around that time because most people knew not to mess with me by then.
my fav style and my fav actor sam seed rip
Out of many One
Ah; those quirky dubbed Kung-fu oldies are the best !
2019...💪🤜💥💣,,MC Money BaGsz,,,😎💥👘💎🎼💰
Paulsent Mulyata
I like Sam seed movies
Quinn Williams
Great movie...thanks.
Raiken Xion
I like how he actually goes by the name \
Rene Dulnuan
Praying Mantis!
Richard Kager
One of the all-time greats. Thanks for sharing!
Sandy Intia
thanks again for all the Wu Tang collection dance of the druken matis
Sanjay Magar
What is👪😍
Savard Kezubumwe
Thank you so much for this movies
Shawnee Longbow
Ahh, so this is the sequel! Thought I recognized those opening scenes from somewhere.
Simple Mind
Yuen Siu-Tien cracks me up, rest in peace brother
It would of been great to have a movie where Hwang Jang Lee met Kuo Chui
Steven Shields
Old woman is awesome.
Takeese Tucker
Enjoy this so much brought me back to my childhood days in jamaica when kung fu was at its finest
Tezendra Thapa
my favourite kung fu drunken fist(style)
Tony Brown
take me back brother to the days of school.
Tricia MsSenseNSensibility
Tristan Cook
One of the best kung fu flicks ever! Hwang Jang Lee is a ledge! Funny too, old rubber legs lol
Vegeta Prince of all Saiyans
Viking ov Asgard
Your channel is awesome, thank you so much for uploading these classics. Keep up the good work!
William Moore
Amazing! Great movies! Thanks! Movies from when I was a kid!!!
Word Overdose Publications
man... Chinese alcoholics are the best!
one of my favourite...
center builder
There’s was a Kung fu movie where one of guys trains in a water mud pit and jumps out of it to develop extreme jumping abilities. Another guy wraps him self in a Thorne bush to remove it from ground to develop bulletproof body. Another guy picks up boulders. What movie is that? I believe it was on black belt theatre back in the day. Thanks
drjavediqbal channel
Hey wutaung\nYou are great\nYou are Just doing great for Kung Fu\nI appreciate your efforts\nI will teach my son Kung Fu\nAlong with education
fais khan
Rip Sifu Yuen Siu Tien.
A sequel worthy of it's predecessor.
kcire10 10
This takes me back 35, almost 40 years!
kyle noyes
kung fu reading lol
Hold it!
manohar bauskar
Hwang jang Lee is a excellent martial artist. Corey Yuen, Yuen woo ping, hwang jang Lee and Sam the seed totally rocks.
The Drunken Master is 1 of the greatest 💯💪
viper 9555
Hwang Jang Lee is best among the best fighters in kung fu film....although he always playing as a bad character....
this was an awesome movie.. I love martial arts. China is awesome.
wuzei tianxai
yusuf oloyo
Beautiful movie
Ничего Себя
It's so much better with Jackie Chan
ام عليR الحازمي
Hahaha nice movie love it 😘