Blake Fielder-Civil visits the grave of Amy Winehouse

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Blake Fielder Civil visits Amy Winehouse's grave for the FIRST time nearly THREE YEARS afterGalera se gostarem deixe o like para ajudar o canal, e não se esqueçam de clicar no sininho para receber notificações dos próximos videos! abraçoo!sigo todos de volta

Amy Winehouse Blake Fielder Civil Ex Marido de amy winehouse Visita grave primeira vez três anos túmulo visits wife

You hope to meet Mitch? Two POS asshats that were the pied pipers leading an amazingly talented beautiful soul to her demise. Meet away and find more ways to squeeze $$$ out of her. Disgusting
Alicia R.M.
No le creo nada a este señor. Nunca la amó de verdad, ni siquiera la ayudó. Sólo se aprovechó de su fama. Que lamentable.
Allan Monteiro
Esse maldito que ofereceu as drogas pra ela deveria morrer no lugar dela.
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Bleck es una mierda mato la gallina de los huevos de oro,nadie save lo que tiene asta que lo pierde.No valoro a una mujer que lo tenia todo.pero que el no tenia.......NADA...bleck sin EMy
he littleraly ended the life of hers
Ana Frank
He's pure evil.... he destroyed her. RIP Amy Winehouse
Anto Mella
Maldito hijo de puta :( la mataste!
Barbara Morrison
Pathetic, waste of a space junkie/nonentity... who (along with his ponce/blackmailer of a mother) drained Amy of finances and emotion...what has he ever contributed to society? Thinks the world owes him a favour and the audacity to go to her grave - total w*nker....only thing about this pondlife is that he captured/broke Army's heart, which in turn, she creatively turned into an awesome album
Berta Quintana
Tu la mataste desgraciado
Carmen Luque
Vividor ,te odio.
Cattito Cruz
Que rabia e impotencia con ese imbecil! Todo pasó por su culpa
Cherlandine Perez
Stop blaming him that's wrong, just think just because she died and did this and that she still did it, there both to blame but you only blame him because u guys like amy and are angry but even when they divorced and he told her to get help,and there family tried to tell her to get help she didn't listen and I don't even know amy or blake but this is what I'm getting from documentaries and each persons perspective,so don't tell anyone to die,or they don't deserve until you are put in that position..\nGod bless you all.
This guy is what we 1/2 decent people in the U.S. call \
Daniel Burton
Let's stop romanticizing Amy winehouse and Blake fielder civil. He was verbally, physically, emotionally abusive. Nothing about that is romantic. If she only had been a normal girl nobody would say a good word about their relationship and the ppl would call him scumbag it's just only because she was a star and wrote some painfull songs about him!
Desiré Nana
This guy destroy the live of this excelent singer 😠
Desley Morris
His life was fairly well stuffed up from the drugs n' shit, from the beginning. But since Amy died, his life is definitely not worth living. He was (is?) just another low life junkie who used and abused one of the most rare talents the modern world has seen, and a lot of people think he's responsible for her death. But ultimately, AMY was responsible for Amy. She was her own worst enemy. Amy, God bless her, was one crazy mixed up little girl - from early days. (that however, doesn't make Blake a good guy though; he's still a low life IMO, getting a film crew out to her grave to record his 1st visit - prob to get the money to score his next hit.)
Diana nahsynov
He's guilty of what happened to her. He made her life like that!!!
Doris Teran
Como tiene cara de ir a la tumba de Amy después de lo que el provocó por la culpa de Black Emy esta muerta .
Eliana Villanueva
Por su culpa perdimos a amy
Evil Elvis
I hate it how Blake makes his voice go real quiet when he's talking in documentaries. .It's like he's trying to sound soft so you feel sorry for him.
Fenix Lupe
Este es el hijo de mil puta Que vivia de amy! la término matando de dolor y drogas!! Hijo de puuutaaaa!!
Florzinha 1244
R.i.p amy.💔😔
Gina Crawford
Who takes a friend to film you going to the so called \
Gisela Jara
Ser detestable!!!! El y la llevo a la muerte! basura..
Glenny Ventocilla Chacon
Este desgraciado nunca la quizo y si se siente mal ds por que sabe que ella murio por su culpa el la indujo a la adiccion.
Horseman Secretariat
To anyone still supporting him or defending him..... Amy was broken and vulnerable and Blake used her weaknesses and brought drugs into the equation... She hadn't really come across hard drugs until she met him. If Blake truly loved her, those fist fights wouldn't exist, and he would have never gotten her into drugs. If you're a drug addict and see someone who is damaged, leave them the hell alone. Don't bring your drug problems onto them. Amy was getting cuts a bruised from fights with him.. Definitely not love no matter how much he tries to say it is.
perdón, equivoqué, quise decir -tiene la cara aún...-
Italian Huni Rebelah
He looks like SHITTT ..... RIP Miss Amy Winehouse what a huge loss. I just wish people appreciated you as much as much as they do now when you where alive . It took death for the world to realize how much of an impact you made and on music 🎶 I’m just glad I seen as many as your shows as I did & I’ll never forget you 🙏🏼
Ivan Caceres
Este weon llevo a la muerte a Amy ,,la metio en el mundo del achol y las drogas ,,,,,ahora se aprovecha de su dinero , y lo va a seguir haciendo ,,,,,un vil desquiciado
Ivonne Lajud
regrets about Amy, Blake???....look at yourself, look like a 60 years old man!..All damage you did in the past, you will pay you someday, Blake..
the fact that he went there and we all know it was some type of rehearsal..... just sickens me
JR Ramos
She was one of the best singers, I've ever heard. God bless you. R.I.P.  Love you and miss you Amy.
Janice Corona
I was mad at first blaming you but Amy was responsible for her own actions. You should have not helped it along but life as an addicted drug addict is what it is.. It's horrible sad. I lost my older brother to heroine he was only 34. My hope for you Blake is that Amy's death stops you from ever touching drugs or alcohol again. To raise your son to the best of your ability. I so sorry Amy's gone mays she rest in peace. And may you stay strong.
Watch the Jeremy kyle interview he admits that he was the one that Amy first tried heroin with, he doesn't lie. But it was her choice he never forced anything on her and you have to take responsibility for your own actions. If my partner was doing a drug and I asked for some and willingly took it and died - no one in my family would blame him for my death even though its always easier to have someone to blame. You have to face the facts it was her choice. She actually died from alcohol abuse and had problems with her heart the drugs didn't kill her. People are very judgemental and want someone to blame and should actually just respect the fact it was no one elses fault. RIP Amy
Jessica Connor
Are we suppose to feel bad for this low life? Big ego's explointing people all for ratings. They don't care, it's all about money, haha. It doesn't get any more evil than that.
Jo Path Music
Every day I wish he was dead and not Amy. Her innocent, loving, talented soul deserved to live. Not this bad boyfriend turned husband she had who broke her heart and introduced her to hardcore drugs, crime, and manipulated her emotionally and mentally. The world lost a funny, honest, brave woman to a scumbag who should never forget exactly what he did- killed Amy Winehouse.
Omg it's one thing to hear she died and another to see her grave. I feel that Blake used Amy because she had the money that could buy all the drugs he was providing. But the biggest betrayal she had to endure came from her own father. He used her for publicity, he was a big chancer. I just watched \
He doesn't deserve even to be in a video. He should be charged for Amy's death.
Katherine Thompson
I get it he got her hooked on those drugs but she did not die from am overdose she died of alcohol poisoning so get off his back u can see he feels guilty and really amy wine house killed her self by drinking to much
It's like blaming Bobby Brown for Whitney Houston's death ,,, Not fair. This is what a dangerous CO-DEPENDENCY looks like, no good or bad guy. Too bad it couldnt have worked\nWe miss u Amy xo\n\nHe looks like death.
Leeanne B
its because of him she did realy... he was the worst influence
Lio Lio
Exploitation!!! He doesn't care! That's why he had to have the cameras there! He only loved the lifestyle she provided.
how she end up with him .I never understand that .
Lourdes López Garcia
Hipócrita ojalá se retuerza de dolor cuando estés muriendote.
Lucia Campestrini
Tipo culpable, asesino!! No es justo , el sigue la vida loca.¨ Amy Querida¨
He needs subtitles. I cannot understand a WORD he is saying! UGH.
They were in love. They met before she became famous. They were both on drugs. Amy I love you forever and we all know he’s not the guilty of your death. Addiction kills.
Ma ty
Ahora la llora????? Xq no la saco de la droga???? Del alcohol???? Cara dura hijo de mil puta. El trndria que estar muerto no ella!!!!!
Marcelo Gomes
vai tomar no cu filho da puta canalha puxasse a Amy para o fundo do poço e a deixasse lá Blake satanás esse devia ser teu nome não se preocupe pois você vai carregar essa culpa pro resto de sua miserável vida seu babaca foda-se
Mariana Saldaño
vos deberias estar ahi, y amy viendo tu tumba, arruinaste su vida la arrastraste junto con tus porquerias, la peor mal influencia que ella tuvo, nadie la cuido o la protegió, solo veian un signo $ en su cara, te veo blake, y me repugna, deberias haber muerto en la carcel. te odio, con mmi vida que te odio
Mariano melcocha
Maldito hombre. ..pero to-do se paga
Mark Linn*
God Bless You Amy Winehouse and may you rest in peace.
Mary Ellen
why dosnt he just go away and have respect for her for once a waste of space
Mell Bell
Stop blaming him :( he was addicted too.
Merchu ganesha
Que hipócrita ese tipo .no va a tener suerte...
Michael Ahern
Him and his family ...a bunch of dead beats.
Monsieur Gatsby
this guy.he's the reason period...i don't blame people for blaming his ass.she gained fame and suddenly hes back in her life...this guy and her dad...very sad
Musik Musik
Lucky I wasn't Amy's Dad or Brother. I would of iced this loser. Her Family didn't seem to care enough. Sad shit. We gave her fame, she let us down. What a shame.
Neidiane Magalhães
Esse cara é babaca, otário desgraçado... do mal... morra miserável....
Nicolas Bermond
Amy was in love with him. The question to know is if he was really in love with her? Maybe, we’ll never have the answer. Difficult thing.
Amy loved him and he inspired her to write some great music.Both he and Amy were mixed up,messed up people plus it's not easy to live in the growing shadow of a mega star.Amy and Blake didn't want a divorce it was mostly Amy's parents.All in all I'd say Blake wasn't such a bad guy.
Pilar Graner
Hypocrite, still using her for attention.
Poppy Fields
This should have been done in private.
Pumpkin Girl
Poor Amy, surrounded by Parasites like her Dad & Blake ,\nShe Never had a chance😔\n🙏🏼✝️💐
Rost Red
He doesn't mis her..he's missing her money..
S a d G i r l.
Ay por dios él hizo que ella muriera el la indujo al camino de las drogas,el alcohol \nDescanse en paz amy winehouse
Well Blake looks likd he paid his dues in his life for the guilt of turning hard drugs you can't blame him for everything though but he was responsible for turning Amy Winehouse on to hard drugs....HE LOOKS LIKE DEATH.....
Sandra Roselow
JUST IMAGINE Blake had died and not Amy do you think SHE would go to his grave with a camera team giving an interview posing for photos for MONEY? NEVER. Think about it before you use the like button to support his show.
Sara Montero
No lo entiendo alguien traduce?😅
Sarabjit Dhanoya
Amy was a very intelligent young lady and she knew what she wanted she must have really loved Blake to marry him everything went downhill for her when they broke up RIP Amy
Fue mucha mujer para ti , no siquieras tendrías que mencionar su nombre después de tanto daño que le causaste .
She would have been better off if Blake had never met her. He just sounds so selfish, even the \
Susan Cambert
The most incredible trait of a sociopath is their complete lack of conscience, lack of empathy, remorse, guilt or shame. He thinks only of himself and if he seems to be in sorrow or pain this is only because he has his own agenda to achieve. If he wants something (money and attention in this case) he will make sure that he obtains what he wants by using whatever means he needs to. He wouldn't think about how this would make Amy feel or her loss. All he would be thinking of is achieving his own needs. He only experience regret if his actions have affected his own life and therefore damaged his life. In this circumstance he apologise and say sorry but he isn't sorry for pain that he has caused Amy and her life, it is simply sorry for his own loss of supply. As an psychology student I tell you, he feels sorry for himself not for Amy.
Susan Deane
El la destruyó !!!
Te'a Harris
I feel that it was his fault, and that in a way he should be charged with murder. Because he helped lead her to her death
I hate the drugs that kills all beauty.
Victor Agustin Verdejo Ballina
I only know he is a sociopath
Vinícius Dórea
I don't hate him. To me he's one piece of her, one piece of her music. He's one of the proofs that she really existed in this world
Virgilio Acevedo
Pure scumbag
Viv Saraiva
I hate this guy. Die!!!!
buse ünver
i hate Blake he never loved Amy he's tears cracudile tears
There are a few people out there who understand how this shit works and that this was not Blakes fault. In fact he probably extended her life. Get clean Blake!
cricket 13
why did they turn down her visa for united states? very unusual .
So pathetic. He left her for his ex, then when she released Back to Black and made it big, he came crawling back and got her hooked on drugs. NOW he's milking this whole story for money and fame. So insanely pathetic.
helen tucker
If she hadn’t met him, she’d still be alive.
jan hubbard
I believe they loved each other very much. But it was a destructive relationship. Went to camden square Saturday for the first time. Stood outside amy's house. Felt very very sad. Not sure what to think of Blake but i think she would probably have still gone down the same path anyway. RIP amy x
lina Nicolia
He makes want to cry. He really loved her. He and Amy were attracted to the destructive forces that brought them together. I cannot imagine Blake surviving a very long time after Amy. She died because she could not live without him. I think now, he is a lost soul.
paloma mary faith Wood
it was so nice to see blake visting amys grave cant blaim blake if a person is going to take drugs cant stop them .  amy loved blake if people like it or not blake was amys life
I think its unfair to blame it all on Blake,,,,if you look at the time lines it doesn't even make sense to blame him,, if you must blame someone & absolve Amy of any & all responsibility then her family the press & all the public are to blame, At the end of the day Amy made her choices,
philip kingston
What does this boring, chavy parasite doing for a living other than just be slightly famous for one being married to Amy Winehouse 10 years ago!?
They could be happy but that damn drug just ruined everything!
rosa jimenez
the wrong guy can destroy you
sting ray
now he cares.
susa Deniss
Ese estupido!!-drogadicto fue Mala influencia para amy su perdicion y su muerte
ton jom
Nunca aprecio a la mujer q tanto lo amo payaso
חוה שטיינמץ
Although Blake was a huge influence in Amy's downfall, Mitch milked Amy for honey and fame. He forced her to do shows when she was sick and stopped her from going to rehab