The Legend of Bruce Lee - Episode 07

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Bruce Lee shows off Chinese martial arts in his school talent show and tries to entice the Japanese Karate master. Will he get the fight he wants to defend Chinese Kung-Fu and make a name for himself?Subscribe for more episodes and check out China Hour on Sky UK's Showcase Channel 212!

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Bigd765 Ninjastar
Lixialong forever
Eduardo Orama Del Pilar
Fighter Forever
I can't wait to watch episode 8
Franklin Hu
can't believe bruce was that arrogant. does the real bruce lee a grave injustice.
Golden State Warriors
is he danny chan kwok kwan?
Halley Neves
please upload the full series. I loved it. I'm a great fan of Bruce Lee.
Haywood Jablomy
still wondering why the f netflix doesnt has this in eng dub or at leasr sub title. Like wtf man
J.Jeremy Bru Jeremy
Bruce Lee is the best fighter of the world
JameYates Mauriat
A series that’s only purpose of its creation is to gain money for false stories about Bruce Lee, Bruce would never agree to falsify his real life in such a stupid way
Jendraljawara King
Peran Bruce Lee nya kurang pas.
Johnny Jen
RIP Bruce & Brandon Lee u 2 died 2 young.
Jorge Sarduy
This is shameful and a disgrace to those who altér BRUCE LEE real life with all this false perceptions of him
Lihin Unyil
bru Lee kawe
Mark Aguilar
I like the girl singing in filipino song ..
Matthew Wood
Wow! Even on a boring rainy day off work i could barely get through this lol. Simply awful and i hoped it would be decent in my love for Bruce. Keep trying.
Nivan Nair
the worse version of bruce lee
Premsagar Sawant
Chinese martial art comes from indian acient
Raphael Espina
Master bruce lee is my favorite idol
Sugoi Steel Claymore
21:42 lmfao
Omg this was stupid...
katerina giannakoudaki
bruce lee was a great fighter respect
shari he
Rip Bruce Lee😿
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